The most beautiful gift ideas for female best friends

27. January 2017 - Anika Semmer

10 Special Gift Ideas for Female Best Friends


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Funny, unusual or just beautiful – these 10 gift ideas for female best friends remind her what your friendship means to you.

She is great, special and simply the best – the best female friend is for many women next to partner and family the most important person in life. On a special occasion or just like that, you want to show her not only with words but also with an unusual gift. To give her times not a useful but somehow unimaginative Douglas gift certificate, you will find here 10 really unusual gift ideas for female best friends.

Have you thought about giving your best friend an experience gift alone or as a joint gift with friends? Maybe doing a special cooking class together or going on a snowshoe hike? Then check out tips for these experience gifts for women, these wellness gifts and crime experience gifts at!

The most beautiful gifts come from the heart and fit the recipient like the handbag to the shoes or the fairy lights on the Christmas tree. With these 10 gifts she must certainly often think of you, you are with her even when you are not there and she never forgets how important she is to you. Click through and make her happy all around! 🙂

By the way, these 10 gift ideas for female best friends cost maximum 30 euros – most of them much less – and some of them woman should simply have!

10 Gift Ideas* For the Best Friend

1. Coupon Book Time for Us: 12 Coupons, Because You Are Close to My Heart

Sure, the mentioned Douglas voucher is not so the bringer. But special vouchers for the most valuable thing you can give – time – are totally the bringer.

Everyday life is planned through with appointments and as much as we would like to, we far too rarely take time for shared moments with our best friend. That’s why the voucher book is the perfect gift to forget all the stress and everyday life and let the friendship live high on joint actions. In this book are 12 vouchers to fill out yourself with tips for actions, which you can separate out individually – or give away in a package!

PS: And not only your best friend has what of it – after all, you undertake everything in pairs! 🙂

2. Pocket Mirror With Your Personal Engraving

Practical, high-quality, pretty and she always carries it with her: a beautiful pocket mirror with personal engraving is an original gift idea for the best friend. Up to 5 lines of text you can engrave on the lid.

A woman’s handbag probably reveals more about her than her living room – a pretty pocket mirror with personal engraving fits in wonderfully. The great thing: every time she uses it, your best friend will think of you!

3. Girls Night – The Funny Game for Curious Girls

You know her so well, there’s never, ever any secrets! Sure? At a cozy girls’ night with your best friend – and maybe other girlfriends – there are always 1001 interesting things to learn. And with this game, you’ll come up with questions that probably never occurred to you. That’s where the fun is guaranteed…

Kylskapspoesi KYL43001 AB Spiel Weiberabend XL, P, Bunt
Kylskapspoesi KYL43001 AB Spiel Weiberabend XL, P, Bunt
Breite: 14 cm; Farbe: bunt; Gewicht: 0.275 kg; Hoehe: 4.5 cm; Laenge: 14 cm
21,97 EUR Amazon Prime

If you manage to ask 400 funny, wacky and daring questions in one evening, then you are definitely the greatest! Because with the questions the terrific entertainment only starts and the ex, celebrities, embarrassing mishaps and of course sex bring you unbelievable insights and you ask yourself sooner or later surely: Why did I not know that until now?

4. Princess on Tour Hip Flask

Admittedly, this gift is only something for chicks with a sense of humor. But if your best friend likes to lift one and is into pink, then it’s the perfect gift for her.

Flachmann-Set Tussi on Tour
Flachmann-Set Tussi on Tour
1 Flachmann und 1 Pinnchen mit Kette; Material: Edelstahl

With this hip flask every chick on tour will stand out in the evening – and bet she’ll love it?

5. Chocolate Makes Happy! Chocolate Fondue Set

At the latest since Bridget Jones woman knows how important chocolate is in all situations in life. You can give the chocolate fondue set alone or even better – together with a voucher for a fondue together. Or you can just surprise your best friend with it – in case of heartache, chocolate and your best friend by your side helps better than any medicine.

Tip: Surprise your best friend with a forbidden delicious feast with lots of chocolate, fresh fruits and cookies.

6. Home Spa with Bath Confectionery for Bath Fairies

I wonder if princesses only bathe in confectionery? To pamper the skin and relax properly, there are great, luxurious sets with natural bath additives. Bath cream, bath confectionery… there comes a touch of luxury in the bathroom.

Bomb Cosmetics Luxury Bath, Geschenkset,{ 6 × 30 g }, 6 Stück (1er Pack)
Bomb Cosmetics Luxury Bath, Geschenkset,{ 6 × 30 g }, 6 Stück (1er Pack)
Handgemacht & rein natürlich; Enthält sechs der meistverkauften Kakao- und Sheabutter basierenden Badekonfekte
15,48 EUR Amazon Prime

The bath confection can of course be super combined as a highlight with a wellness gift set. And if your best friend has had a particularly stressful time, you can also combine it wonderfully with a voucher for the sauna or thermal bath.

7. Funny Dress Up Props for a Photo Session

You are young, beautiful and wonderful. And you like to capture that often with your smartphone or photo? With a few funny props like mustaches, funny hats, crazy glasses or a clown nose, you can spice up photo sessions for little money. Brings crazy fun – and as a birthday gift it makes the celebration with crazy, great photos of the party guests immediately unforgettable.

Tip: Surprise your best friend with a fun activity for a gift! Take her to an oldschool photo booth, hand her props there, and then shoot some funny photos right away.

8. Toolbox for Girls Who Know Where the Hammer Hangs

Do-it-yourself, drill holes and swing the hammer: women can do that at least as well as men. But what woman has her own tool set for girls at home? For any best friend who loves to swing a hammer at home, this tool kit is a fun gift that will make her shine.

39 Teiliges Werkzeugset Werkzeugkoffer in Pink
39 Teiliges Werkzeugset Werkzeugkoffer in Pink
39 teiliger Werkzeugkoffer Pink; zum Geburtstag, zur Wohnungseinweihung oder einfach nur so.
24,99 EUR Amazon Prime

9. Best Friends Bucket List in Book Form

100 funny and ingenious ideas, what you should definitely do together!

10. Statement Bag for the Best Friend in the World

Style and fashion are debatable but statement bags and prints are just cool. This way your best friend will always carry your compliment and everyone can read it 🙂

Looking for more Gifts for Friends? Browse Abenteuer Freundschaft just for fun, or why not give your best friend the gift of time and one of these special activities with friends?

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*There are affiliate links in this article. This means that if you order a product from amazon through one of these links, Abenteuer Freundschaft will get a small commission without making the product more expensive for you.


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