The Easter Bunny brings especially funny Easter gifts this year

2. April 2017 - Anika Semmer

10 Funny Easter Gifts - Your Funny Surprise Egg for Easter




It exists, the Easter Bunny with humor! He hides funny Easter gifts that are sometimes practical or just funny. Laughter guaranteed!

When Bux Bunny hides the eggs at Easter, also sometimes a carrot gets lost in the Easter nest. Or between chocolate Easter eggs and sweet Easter bunnies lie stress-relief after-fresh holding and zero-buck motivational chewing gum of the brand quackery. These 10 funny Easter gifts turn a delicious Easter nest into an original gift that ensures good humor and a funny surprise on Easter Sunday!.

10 Funny Easter Gifts* For the Easter Nest

1. Funny Medicines in the Easter Nest

Chocolate lies in every Easter nest. But which Easter bunny brings the sweet remedies that everyone desperately needs in the desert jungle of everyday life? From offline – the Handyentwöhnungsmittel, about a sweet Krisenbewältigunsgpaket to what everyone needs far too often: strong Geduldsfäden!.

2. Funny encouragers and sweet good humor

Funny encouragers that make you laugh and happiness in small doses – you can never get enough of them.

3. Funny wellness set for men

What do most men love? Beer. Why not just fill the Easter nest completely full of funny Easter gifts on the theme of beer. A fun alternative to the classic sweet Easter nest, which can be wonderfully original with some fun items. Including brewing kit for home to brew your own after-work beer..

4. Funny Easter gifts for the toilet

On the throne, the best ideas come to you and they are simply worthy of being in the guestbook. From the emergency roll, jokes to tear off and use, to the indispensable toilet reading items for the quiet little room are guaranteed a funny surprise in the Easter nest..

5. When the Easter Bunny knows your age

The Easter Bunny can also be direct. For example, when he hides a second set of teeth in the Easter nest between sweets, or a bottle of Mummy Stop. And eventually everyone needs a walker….

6. Funny games as a surprise egg

For children, teenagers, partner and family, new games are one of the best gifts. And there are some game novelties with irritating names, which provide laughter when finding the Easter nest – and when playing..

7. Funny & practical – funny USB sticks

Everyone needs them – and with more and more memory. USB sticks are available in all shapes, motifs and now also at affordable prices. As a piece of jewelry to hang around, fake lipstick, tool, joystick – a practical and fun Easter gift that you can also hide well in an Easter egg..

8. Funny slippers for individualists

He loves Homer Simpson – or sometimes just reminds you of the Simpsons star? She just goes weak over cookies and humor is something man or woman likes to wear on their feet? A fancy pair of slippers makes a great Easter nest.

9. Funny Easter Gifts for Cooks

The funny Easter gift for all who love to sizzle and cook – and need the right outfit for it.

10. Hot Easter gifts for barbecue

Easter marks the beginning of the hottest season of the year: the grilling season. From the pretty steak board with funny engraving, a branding iron to mark the meat to funny books and gift sets that every real griller needs, there are plenty of fun Easter gifts.

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Image source Cover photo: Attack of the giant easter bunny by Christ Waits at CC BY 2.0

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