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8. January 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

10 Funny Birthday Gifts That Are 1,000 Times Better Than Chocolates


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Get rid of boring embarrassment gifts: we have 10 tips for unusual and funny birthday gifts for you that you would love to get yourself!

And it’s that time again: it’s your best friend’s birthday / your partner’s birthday / a nice colleague’s birthday / the father-in-law’s birthday / the prickly landlady-with-whom-you-should-be-better-good or someone else’s birthday. And you desperately need a present! Oh, God! you think, buy a box of chocolates in a panic and pray fervently that the others don’t have any original gifts either, so that you don’t have to feel unimaginative at the gift-giving ceremony because the birthday girl unwraps everyone else’s presents with shining eyes and pointed cries of enthusiasm and only mumbles with a sheepish smile at yours: ”Ohhh chocolates. … unfortunately I can’t eat them, allergies and all, but…. uh… thank you very much...” 😉

10 Funny Birthday Gifts Under 30 Euros

Stop it! From now on, shine at every birthday party as the guest with the funniest birthday gift: as the most imaginative, funniest and most loving friend, lover, colleague, tenant, son-in-law! Because these 10 funny birthday gift ideas will definitely provide a massage for the laughing muscles. And in the best case, you’ll meet the birthday boy or girl’s taste and give him or her a funny and personal souvenir.

1. Cuddly Cuddles – Photo Dolls

My favourite cuddly toy is my husband.” If this sentence makes you cringe slightly, at the idea of a woman stuffing her spouse, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Because there is a harmless and funny alternative in the form of a small, cuddly 3D photo doll with a human face. All you need is a high-resolution portrait photo of the person you want to give the birthday boy or girl as a plush companion, e.g. yourself!

However, the photo is not just stuck on the cuddly toy, but really transformed into a three-dimensional face. You can choose between a bear, a bee, a cow, a panda, a bunny, a chick and several other animals as a great animal cuddly body. There is also the variant as a keychain, so that you can always carry your beloved partner, parent, bowling buddy or favourite colleague with you! 🙂

Recommended for: partner, family, close friends and colleagues with a sense of humour.

Not recommended for: Bosses, your own employees (if you give them yourself as a mini boss to cuddle), prickly landlords and people with plush allergies.

2. Inflatable Holiday Happiness – The Floating Water Bar

In summer at the bathing lake, on the beach in Malle or in the swimming pool: whoever is happy about this birthday present can from now on let their own inflatable bar float in the water, together with four floating club chairs. There’s no more stylish way to lounge in the water! Just float and relax…


Recommended for: Everyone who likes a chilly beach holiday.

Not recommended for: Children, water-shy people, people with plastic allergies,.

3. You Are Never Too Big for This – Set for Giant Bubbles

There are simply things whose sight fascinates people of all ages again and again: Fires, waterfalls, thunderstorms, dorky people slipping on banana peels, puppy dogs, sneezing cats, and…. yes, giant iridescent soap bubbles are definitely part of it too!

Keine Produkte gefunden.


Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, an 18th or 80th birthday party or a gag gift in the office: anyone who isn’t happy about soap bubbles with a diameter of at least (!) 50 cm doesn’t have a heart anyway and doesn’t deserve the gift. Everyone else will thank you on their knees for this revelation.

Recommended for: children, parents, big kids, as a party gag.

Not recommended for: dignified gentlemen and fine ladies, with no sense of kids’ stuff.

4. Money Makes the World Go Round – One-Armed Bandit, Money Laundering Spider or Puzzle Box

Money doesn’t stink. Or does it? In any case, giving money as a gift is considered rather impersonal, and not entirely without reason. On the other hand, it leaves it up to the birthday boy or girl to decide what he or she really needs or would like to buy. And in some phases of life, you simply have the most money and are happy about it. Then it also makes sense for the giver to join forces with others and make a joint gift of money.

Keine Produkte gefunden.


To avoid simply handing the birthday boy or girl a wad of notes (or a black briefcase…), you can make the presentation of the cash gift unusual and fun. There are some pretty cool things to craft for this, such as a miniature one-armed bandit, a money laundering spider to which you can attach your cash (washed or dirty) with little clothes pegs or a magical gift box from which the money is not so easy to get out. After all, the recipient is supposed to put in a bit of effort to get his/her money. 🙂

Frau WUNDERVoll® GELDGESCHENK WÄSCHESPINNE/Verpackung, Hochzeit, Hochzeitsgeschenk, Geldverpackung, Geschenkverpackung, Geschenkidee, Holztruhe
Frau WUNDERVoll® GELDGESCHENK WÄSCHESPINNE/Verpackung, Hochzeit, Hochzeitsgeschenk, Geldverpackung, Geschenkverpackung, Geschenkidee, Holztruhe
Frau Wundervoll Wäschespinne aus Holz mit 12 Mini Wäscheklammern; Maße: Ø Fuß 9 cm, Außenmaß Wäscheleine 13 x 13 cm
8,99 EUR

Recommended for: 18th birthdays, ideal as a community gift together with other friends.

Not recommended for: partners (because money is definitely too impersonal, even with funny packaging).

5. The Early Bird Has…. – Alarm Clock as Funny Birthday Gifts 

I hate alarm clocks! I’ve tried all sorts: aggressive, gentle, melodic, shrill, on time, when I have to get up, 10 mins before I have to get up, 30 mins before I have to get up, just before Ultimo when it’s actually already too late…. Having to get up at a certain time (instead of when you feel ready) is guaranteed to be an invention of the devil incarnate! And I am certainly not alone in this assessment, even in punctuality-loving Germany.

If you want to give a notorious not-getting-out-of-the-spring-and-therefore-too-late-comer a very special treat, I recommend a wonderful throwing alarm clock as a birthday surprise. Unlike other alarm clocks (or smartphones), this alarm clock in the design of a football does not resent being thundered against the wall. Thanks to its robust housing, it survives any morning freak-outs and who knows, maybe this little discharge of aggression will help the birthday boy or girl to start the day full of energy!

infactory Wurfwecker Fußball
infactory Wurfwecker Fußball
Zeitanzeige im 24- oder 12-Stunden Format • Gewicht nur ca. 20 g, Durchmesser ca. 9,5 cm
21,99 EUR

Recommended for: Sleepyheads and latecomers with a sense of humour, football fans (throwing alarm clock), everyone who loves funny gadgets.

Not for: Humourless morning grouches, technology grouches, grouches.

Digital or retro?

No question: our world is becoming more digital: anyone reading this is probably doing it on their smartphone, desktop or tablet, in as little as 10 years perhaps on their digital glasses. In our society, there are ultimately two ways of dealing with this (leaving aside the third, namely total denial):

Some celebrate it and can hardly wait for the digital world to become more and more realistic.

The others are rather sceptical, using smartphones, laptops and Facebook, but also mourning a bit the ”good old days” when you couldn’t be called everywhere, there were still dials and you read the newspaper in the morning at breakfast. And not the emoticon-and-selfie-spiked status messages of his 777 Facebook friends. 

For both types, there are funny birthday gifts that fit like a glove:

6. Breakfast Pad

For nerds, hipsters and everyone who loves the digital life, there is finally the FrühstücksPad, the wooden cutting board and breakfast tray in the style of a tablet. These can neither be clicked on nor wiped back and forth, but you can cut up your bread on this tablet without a second thought!


Recommended for: Nerds, fans of this apple company, social media junkies.

Rather not for: People who don’t know what an app is and people who constantly announce on social networks that they will now soon withdraw from all social networks for good.

7. Retro Phone Handsets for Mobile Phones

For the nostalgic sceptic, this would be horror. To be reminded of the digital even on analogue chopping boards – that’s too much of a good thing! Then why not make the new, sleek and stylish a little more homely: with a retro telephone handset that plugs into the mobile phone! Not only does it look whimsical, it also provides better hearing quality than most mobile phones. And: you can use the other functions of the mobile phone at the same time during the phone call, because you don’t have to hold it to your ear!

Keine Produkte gefunden.


Recommended for: Retro look fans, nostalgics and people who like to stand out in the S-Bahn.

Rather not for: Fans of sleek, preppy, modern, minimalist style (see apple company), orthodox futurists and people who ”would be embarrassed by something like that’.

8. Refuel Please – The Bar Butler Petrol Pump

A funny stylish drink dispenser for beer, schnapps and cocktails or… yes well, of course you can also fill it with orange juice. Diluted with vodka or something… 😉

Definitely also a cool community gift if you are invited to a birthday party. Then you can deliver the fuel to fill it and the party is saved!


Recommended for: party animals, 18th birthdays (and all following).

Not recommended for: partners (your partner might misunderstand the message), bosses.

9. The Duck’s Shadow – Funny Shower Curtain

It is already dark outside, when you hear strange sounds coming from the bathroom: splashing water, squeaking and chattering… You creep up step by step, open the door and freeze: a huge squeaking duck is bathing happily in your bathtub, its huge shadow visible through the shower curtain! Or at least that’s what it looks like.


Other beautiful motifs for the shower curtain are the silhouette of a naked woman, bloody handprints or even Norman Bates himself, the notorious murderer from Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Recommended for: friends of hot baths, friends of ducks and friends of black humour.

Not recommended for: everyone who doesn’t have a bathtub (or a bathroom…) and people with an unerring sense of style for good taste who wouldn’t seriously hang ”something like that” up – not even in the bathroom!

10. Wind of Change – Airzooka, the Air Cannon

I guess Donald Trump uses it every day to do his hair. Everyone else uses the Airzooka primarily to pull pranks. Because with this absolutely harmless, but all the funnier super weapon, you can fire balls of air (yes, that’s right!) as a violent gust of wind over a distance of 6 metres!

Files fluttering away from the desk of the annoying colleague, destroyed hairstyles of bitchy sisters, cups tipping over on the terrace of the stupid neighbours as if by magic…. You can’t get out of your dreams anymore…

Mit diesem Tool kann man einen Luftstoß bis zu 6m schießen.; Und seinem Gegner die Haare zu Berge stehen lassen.
35,90 EUR

Recommended for: Small and big children, born chaos-makers, raucous parties.

Not recommended for: Philistines.


Of course there are many more funny birthday gifts than these 10 (actually 15!), not least the ones you simply invent and make yourself. 

You may be asking yourself: But which of these funny birthday gifts is suitable for my grouchy landlady???? None at all, because she certainly doesn’t understand humour. Marzipan chocolates are ok then. 😉

Other than that, there should be a nice surprise here for every birthday boy or girl that will make their diaphragm quiver, right? What was the funniest birthday present you ever got?

Are you looking for more gift ideas? Take a look at our 101 ideas for funny Secret Santa gifts under $ 15, which are not only suitable for Secret Santa! Or you can browse through our overview page for gifts for friends. In addition, you can find lots of leisure time tips for activities with friends, the family and with your partner at Abenteuer Freundschaft.

Image source Cover image: Birthday Cake by Will Clayton at CC BY 2.0.

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