If you would like to make an DIY Easter card that is unique, you can find the instructions on Abenteuer Freundschaft

20. March 2021 - Anika Semmer

DIY Easter Card - Easy and Cute Card With Bunny and Eggs | Tutorial




Surprise your loved ones with a unique Easter greeting. In about 20 minutes you can easily make this cute DIY Easter card.

Easter is coming soon and it’s time to decorate your home with DIY Easter decorations. You also want to send Easter greetings to your loved ones and it’s time to think about the lines to send to friends, acquaintances and family and to gather inspiration for the best Easter quotes. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve been making cards for festive occasions myself, I’ve really acquired a taste for it, so to speak. Self-made cards are simply much more personal and bring great joy – because you just don’t get them often anymore!

This DIY Easter card is quick to make if you have all the materials on hand. I like to order everything I need in advance on the internet or wander around my favourite craft shops full of anticipation to prepare for my crafting projects. You can find all the craft supplies I’ve used or similar products on the materials list. Of course you can also just improvise :-).

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How to Make the DIY Easter Card

With these instructions, anyone can make a beautiful DIY Easter card

Once all the materials are prepared, DIY Easter card making goes quickly

Time: 20-30 minutes

If you want to make an DIY Easter card with a child, simply draw the outline of the large Easter egg and the smaller eggs on cardboard and cut them out. How you design the egg is entirely up to you: but you can provide lots of great craft materials for it. For example, glitter dust, wax crayons, washi tape and stickers and stamps!

Materials List*

Craft an Easter Card and Start With the Easter Eggs

To make this DIY Easter card, it's time to decorate the large Easter egg.

Pull the twine around the large Easter egg tightly at the front and glue it in place at the back!

Choose three different sheets of motif cardstock that are colour coordinated. In my case, the shades of green link the individual elements together.

The large egg should be about 2/3 the size of the card, the medium egg 1/3 the size of the large Easter egg and the smallest egg half the size of the medium egg. Cut out the eggs.

Now wrap the yellow yarn three times around the front of the egg, starting from the back and working towards the front, making sure that the threads lie nicely and overlap once, as this looks nicer. Glue the yarn with the hot glue gun and stick it to the card.

Label, Glue and Glue the Easter Bunny

If you want to make a DIY Easter card that is unique you can find the instructions here

The complete instructions for making an Easter card

Now write “Happy Easter” in curved script at the top of the card. Now stick the light green and dark green Washii tape as a dynamic diagonal line between the lettering and the large egg and at the bottom to finish the card and cut off what sticks out over the edge of the card.

Now stick on the two other eggs. The only thing missing are the bunnies, which you let jump over the big egg and stick on a sitting bunny at the bottom left.

Have fun making your DIY Easter card!

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