The Citygolf Berlin offers real felt lanes like professional minigolf

9. July 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Citygolf Berlin – This Is What to Expect at the Minigolf Course


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Minigolf in Berlin for ambitious players: Anyone looking for a challenging course for minigolfing at a professional level as well as fun will find what they are looking for at Citygolf Berlin in Mahrzahn.

Our Tip #3 for minigolf in Berlin is very different from our recommendations #1 for minigolf in Berlin and #2 blacklight minigolf in Berlin! Because while our other two tips for minigolf in Berlin are mainly characterised by their spectacular design, this time it’s the sport of minigolf itself that takes centre stage and makes the course a real experience!

For us, minigolf is clearly about having fun, we’re both too bad to compete in a serious minigolf tournament anyway… 😀

Nevertheless, as minigolf fans, it appealed to us to play on a real professional course! Measuring one’s own performance under professional conditions is attractive for many mini-golfers and makes for a lot of fun if you are really good at mini-golf.

If you prefer to play mini-golf in Berlin in a classic way and under professional conditions and are looking for a real sporting challenge as well as fun, we recommend going to the east of the city to Mahrzahn-Hellersdorf.

On the mini-golf courses of Citygolf Berlin you can even train professionally for tournaments. This is one of the few minigolf courses in Berlin and Brandenburg that meet the requirements of the Minigolf World Federation.

On the well-maintained and beautifully landscaped course, however, you can also have great fun playing without being a professional player or having ambitions in that direction 😉

Citygolf Berlin – How the Pros Play On Felt Courses

You can play minigolf in Berlin professionally at Citygolf Berlin

© Citygolf Berlin – Minigolfing in the lantern light

Playing on felt courses like the professional mini-golfers for once – that made us curious, even as absolute amateurs and fun mini-golfers!

The felt courses originating from Sweden are a bit more difficult to play on than most minigolf courses, in our group we were almost all used to installations made of smooth materials or crazy courses where certainly nothing conforms to any standard like at the nuture Art Minigolf Course in Berlin.

As our group consisted of a mixture of experienced mini-golfers, notoriously clumsy players (us! :-D) and inexperienced newcomers, we liked the fact that there was a beginner’s and an advanced’s way of playing for each course. Logically, otherwise the winners would have been decided right from the start…
Of course, mini-golf is always about competition and even though it is not important for both of us to win in the first place, we have the ambition to get the best out of ourselves in this sport of skill. Practice makes perfect and the Citygolf course was a perfect place for me to practice minigolf in Berlin under professional conditions.

Minigolf in Berlin – Late Evenings in Summer

In the summer months, the course is open until it is completely dark. When dusk falls, the courses are lit by lanterns and you can then play for a while in the most beautiful evening atmosphere – we were too early for that.

There are also special events throughout the year, such as New Year’s Golf, Carnival Golf, a Children’s Day and a Long Family Night. In October, the so-called Light Ball Golf takes place at the end of the main season. This is played in the dark and without course lighting with a glowing ball.

The course offered a good mix of easier and challenging holes, with all players getting their money’s worth. It is suitable for adults and children – but we recommend it especially for players with sporting ambitions. The big plus of this course are the professional courses!

If you like it more playful and would like to hit your ball into a fridge to make birds chirp or want to immerse yourself in a glowing black light world, you will find all this at our two other recommendations for minigolf in Berlin!

Opening hours:

  • Monday – to Friday: 1pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Open until dark in summer

Prices to play through all 18 holes once:

  • Under 6 years: 0€
  • under 14 years: Monday – Friday 3€, Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and school holidays: € 4, follow-up round: € 2.50
  • Ages 14 and over: Monday – Friday 4€, Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and school holidays: € 5,-, follow-up round: € 3,50
  • from 60 years: € 3,50

For those who play minigolf more often, there are offers for multiple tickets and for members of a minigolf club a training flat rate that allows you to play all day.


  • Wittenberger Str. 50
  • S-Bahn: S7, Ahrensfelde station
  • Tram 8 or 16, Niemegker Str. station

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