This is how to make a rectangular box as a gift box or for bits and pieces.

27. January 2019 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Rectangular Box As a Pretty Gift Box | Tutorial




With this tutorial how to make a rectangular box crafting the box is quick and easy. The paper makes all the difference! With beautiful double-sided printed motif paper, you can use this box wonderfully as a last-minute gift box.

Paper is one of my absolute favourite materials. It is worthwhile to use the right paper for different craft projects. If you want to make this rectangular box, you should definitely use stronger paper, such as clay paper or stronger motif paper, so that the gift box is stable. In craft shops and on amazon* you can find pads with different motif papers, with which you can get great papers for little money.

If you have all the materials on hand, including a hot glue gun, it takes about 15 minutes to make the rectangular box.

Would you like to make this exact rectangular box? All the materials I used are on the materials list.

Materials List*

How to Make a Rectangular Box

What do you want to pack in the box? This question is the starting point for the measurements you determine for the box at the beginning. If you want to make a rectangular box that is larger than 10 cm on its long side, you need to get motif paper that is larger than 30 cm x 30 cm.

I also recommend using strong motif paper to make the box sturdy. I usually work with 250g/m² thick motif paper because it still folds nicely. The thicker the cardboard, the less attractive the folded edges.

Time: about 15 minutes

1. Measure and Draw the Dimensions for the Rectangular Box

When it comes to how to make a rectangular box, you first need to record the measurements

Make a rectangular box measuring 10 cm x 11 cm

If you want to make a rectangular box that looks exactly like this one, you will need double-sided motif paper. The motif paper for my box has the usual dimensions of 30 cm x 30 cm and I used them to the full.

Place the design paper with the side facing upwards, which will be the inside of the rectangular box.

Start at one side, place the triangle vertically and horizontally and mark the measurements with the pencil as shown in the sketch.
Tip: To avoid unsightly pencil marks, I marked the points where two fold lines cross. Simply place the triangle at these connection points and fold the folded edge over the triangle. This way you get nice straight edges.

2. Cut and Glue the Box

If you want to make a rectangular box, don't forget to include the gluing areas.

Cut the squares on the inside with the scissors

Now cut out the outlines along the marked lines. Cut the squares on both sides of the inside at the four corners. Thanks to the pre-folded edges, you can easily shape the rectangular box.

Paperclips help when it comes to how to make a rectangular box - because they fix it.

Use paperclips to pin the glued edges

Use paper clips to pin the four corners inside the box. Use all-purpose glue or a hot glue gun to fix these glued edges inside the box.

You can easily make a rectangular box out of paper

The opened box – now only the ribbon with bow is missing.

At the end you can put a ribbon all around and glue it together at the overlapping end. I used the same ribbon to tie a bow and glued it to the front.

This is how you can make a rectangular box

This is how to make a rectangular box out of motif paper with bows

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