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Test what you remember about chemistry from school in the chemistry quiz.

7. September 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Chemistry Quiz – Got All Electrons on Your Orbital Shell? | Quiz




Quizzing is the pleasure of knowledge – or something like that… 😉 For all those who like to quiz with friends and family and measure their knowledge, we have again material today, this time a chemistry quiz! What was an atomic orbital again and why is the noble gas configuration so special? Test together how far your school knowledge of chemistry still reaches. Have fun!

As a child, I always wanted to be a chemist. At least in elementary school when my image was that you poured brightly colored and smoking liquid to each other and with a big PUFF some insanely great stuff came out of it, something useful, like glow-in-the-dark goo or a medicine against the annoying gravity….

Well, what can I say – later in high school I still found chemistry interesting, but also quite complex! Whoever had to learn to distinguish between different monosaccharides, did stoichiometric calculations and was taught the citrate cycle, knows what I’m talking about… In short: I did something else after all. 🙂

But do you ever wonder what’s left of all that school knowledge that you never use in everyday life? And how much do your friends still know? Which of you is the secret chemistry ace??? Find out together with our chemistry quiz!

And yes: For professional chemists this quiz is of course to easy to be a real challenge. But it’s adressed to lay persons.

The quiz including answers is also available as PDF for download. Enjoy!

Walter White’s Chemistry Quiz

1. How many atoms make up a molecule of water?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 6

2. What color is iodine when dissolved in water?

a) Red

b) Green

c) Yellow

d) Brown

3. What is combustion from a chemical point of view?

a) Substance is split into atoms

b) Substance changes its state of aggregation to gaseous

c) Substance reacts with hydrogen

d) Substance reacts with oxygen

4. Which of the following elements is not a noble gas?

a) Helium

b) Neon

c) Krypton

d) Fluorine

5. After which element is the state of Argentina named?

a) Platinum

b) Gold

c) Silver

d) Iron

6. Which of the following elements is not radioactive?

a) Lutetium

b) Uran

c) Neptunium

d) Plutonium

7. Which element is the most important in organic chemistry?

a) Carbon

b) Hydrogen

c) Nitrogen

d) Oxygen

8. What is the name of the chemical compound NH3?

a) Formaldehyde

b) Ammonia

c) Ethanol

d) Methane

9. What is the chemical formula and scientific name for common table salt?

a) KMnO4 – potassium permanganate

b) AgNO3 – silver nitrate

c) BaSO4 – barium sulphate

d) NaCl – sodium chloride

10. A solution with a pH of 5.0 is…?

a) Strongly alkaline

b) slightly basic

c) neutral

d) slightly acidic

11. What is characteristic of the alcohols group of substances?

a) A double carbon bond

b) An OH group

c) Annular structure

d) Polymeric structure

12. What special form of bonding exists between water molecules, among others?.

a) Hydrogen bonding

b) Ionic bond

c) Metallic bond

d) Coordinative bond

13.Chemically, a diamond is…?

a) Silicon dioxide (SiO2)

b) crystal of pure carbon (C)

c) aluminum trioxide (Al2O3)

d) crystal of pure iron (Fe)

14. In chemistry, what property is called electronegativity?

a) The ability of an atom to attract pairs of electrons to itself in a chemical compound

b) The charge of an electron

c) The sum of the charges of all the electrons on the outermost shell of an atom

d) The number of electrons a positively charged ion lacks to be electrically neutral

15. When was the periodic table of the elements discovered or developed as an ordering scheme?

a) 1698

b) 1733

c) 1869

d) 1902

You can find the correct answers in the PDF version of the chemistry quiz.

You’ve come back to the retort (again)? And now want to brush up on your chemistry knowledge to be well equipped for the next chemistry quiz that comes your way? Then here’s our tip for a good and easy-to-read basic book from the popular For Dummies series:


In the meantime, you can still take our Geography Quiz or Sci Fi Quiz to delight your friends and family 😉

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