100 tips against boredom at home

28. March 2020 - Alexander Schmidt

Boredom at Home Never Again With These 100 Ingenious Ideas #FlattenTheCurve




Together through the Corona crisis: now that means we all stay at home. But what if the ceiling threatens to fall on your head? We stand up against it – with these 100 tips against boredom at home!

Dear readers,

In a very short time, Corona has changed all of our lives: what was normal two weeks ago is no longer possible for an indefinite period of time, and this also applies to many of the leisure activities with friends, partners or family that we write about on Abenteuer Freundschaft.

But now it is about nothing less than saving lives and stopping the virus. That’s why we say: Please stay at home and help to slow down the spread of Corona!.

Maybe some of you are even infected (in which case: get well soon!!!) or quarantined on suspicion, which means that you are temporarily not allowed to leave the house. Others of you have children who now need permanent care. Still others live alone and perhaps feel this more than usual.

Whatever your personal situation, we wish you the best possible passage through this time! And at least against one side effect of the whole thing we know a remedy or two: against boredom!

We’ve collected 100 tips against boredom at home – from innovative ways to keep in touch with friends, to ideas for keeping the kids occupied, to tips for couples, whether they’re living together or just going through an unplanned phase of long-distance relationship…

100 Tips to Combat Boredom at Home

First, we turn our attention to those who live alone and for whom social distancing is thus probably the most difficult. It is fortunate that we live in the 21st century and that there are many means of communication.

25 Tips for Sharing Activities With Friends in Times of Social Distancing

1. Invite to Skype Dinner

Inviting friends over for dinner? Things are looking bad with that right now. But there is an alternative: “invite” friends to Skype dinner! That means: suggest a date and time as usual and arrange to have dinner together via Skype (or other video telephony provider). To make it even more like a usual dinner, just agree on what you will cook so that you have the same food on the plates.

2. Game night via video conference

Yes, this is also possible! Some games are not suitable, e.g. all games where you have to distribute cards. But games like Trivial Pursuit, Ludo or Monopoly work very well. Here, only 1 player needs to own the game and stream the “master view” to you and can bet for you. Also Pantomime is possible with adapted rules via video. 🙂

3. Write letters to each other the old-fashioned way.

Letter and fountain pen - writing is a great way to fight boredom at home

Rediscovering the great art of letter writing…

As is well known, Goethe and Schiller already did this. Handwritten letters are also an art form in themselves and you can also design them creatively with drawings, stickers etc.

4. Film evening with WhatsApp group

If you’re all sitting in front of Netflix and the like anyway: arrange with friends to all watch the same film at the same time, like a film evening. Preferably something funny or trashy. You can then make witty comments about it in a WhatsApp group and let off steam about it 😉

5. Write a joint blog about your everyday life in lockdown or quarantine.

Everyday quarantine life becomes much more exciting when you record it with a sharp pen for your friends and comment on each other.

6. Video diary

Ditto. Only as a vlog 🙂

7. Write a story together.

Use e.g. Google Drive to write a story in which you take turns to add a paragraph. You can even agree on times of day, e.g. Alex writes his new paragraph in the morning, Anika’s appears at noon, and Paul’s in the evening. In this way, the story goes on and on and the others can look forward to seeing what happens next.

8. Make a film together with your mobile phones – each in their own home.

Sounds impossible? Then all the more so! There are already some films where one and the same person is embodied by several actors.

9. For musicians: Jam together via video call.

No, don’t whine, jam! 😉

10. Or give your friends a private concert.

Are you the only musician in your circle of friends? Follow the example of numerous international musicians and cheer up your friends with private concerts.

11. Start an online literary club.

Agree on a book to read during the quarantine period. (Tip: with eBooks there should also be no delivery problems). Agree on the point up to which you will read each day and also a time at which you will discuss it by phone or Skype.

12. Learn a language together and practise speaking on the phone.

Tip: with apps like Duolingo, you can “get into” a language very quickly and playfully. If you like it a bit more competitive, you can also compete directly with your friends there.

13. Do sports together via video call, e.g. yoga.


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14. Finally show your last holiday pictures: TeamViewer makes it possible

15. Learn magic tricks and perform them on Skype.


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Video laden

16. Find a personality test from the internet and ask a friend over the phone.

For example, this one.

17. Craft Challenge.

Give each other topics and present the results to each other via video call.

18. Teach your friends something you know but they don’t, e.g. cooking, knitting or aerobics, via video call.

This is not only a little challenge but also guaranteed to be quite funny…

19. Create a photo story in your own home and share it with your friends.

20. Try your hand at live ASMR.

Do you know ASMR? If so, have you ever wondered if you could? Ask a close friend to be your guinea pig and try live ASMR on the video call. The worst that can happen is that you both can’t stop laughing – and that would be nice! 😀

21. Rehearse a dance performance together with friends.

…and plan to perform it publicly as a flash mob as soon as that is possible again. 🙂

22. Play a game online together.

23. Send each other your latest music discoveries on YouTube and/or Spotify.

24. Do a fashion show via Skype.

Now is the opportunity to show off outfits you would normally consider a little too risqué to your friends! If in doubt, you can always say: I’m only wearing this at home.

25. Have an open ear for each other.

Despite all the fun, it is also important to have someone to talk to about your worries. Lend each other your ear and encourage each other.

25 Tips Against Boredom at Home for Families

1. Craft, craft, craft.

Whether it’s preparing for Easter or just for fun, crafting is a wonderful way to keep kids occupied while adults have fun too. On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find several crafting ideas for different occasions.

2. Do everyday things with the non-dominant hand.

Brush your teeth with your right as a left-handed person or vice versa? Easier said than done.  It can be quite funny for young and old to do everything with the other arm than usual.

3. Modelling figures with modelling clay.

5. Build an adventure cave or castle together in the home.

Father with child doing crafts to fight boredom at home

Being creative together is great fun for kids and parents alike

Whether you make something out of furniture and blankets, old cardboard boxes or you pitch the throw tent in the living room… An adventure cave or adventure castle built with mum and dad stimulates the imagination and makes for fun play.

6. Have a good pillow fight.

7. Record a podcast for grandma and grandpa.

This will not only help you pass the time, but will also do something good for the grandparents, who of course are not immune to boredom at home.

8. Let the children Skype with their friends.

A child sits in front of a laptop and skypes with a friend

Kids also want to meet their best friends, at least digitally

9. Make your own smoothies from fresh fruit.

10. Who am I? – The Game

11. Play pantomime

12. Play board games.

At Adventure Friendship we have lots of game tips, both for store-bought games (which are probably best ordered from amazon in the current climate) and for card and dice games or games that don’t require any game materials at all.

13. Pead something to the children, e.g. the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

14. Play hide and seek.

15. Have a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt in the home.

16. Have a bet to tidy up the children’s room.

Goodbye boredom at home! Goodbye chaos in the children’s room! Killed 2 birds with one stone…. 😀

17. Paint with watercolours.

18. Singing movement songs.


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19. Playing silent mail.

20. Dress up and guess who you are.

21. Play storytelling games

22. singing karaoke.

23. do experiments, e.g. build a baking soda volcano.

Find some great experiments for kids here.

24. Learning together for school / doing homework

25. Cooking or baking with the children.

15 Tips for Couples Living Together

Fighting boredom at home together with your partner is especially good!

1. Surprise your sweetheart with breakfast in bed.

2. Do a home workout together.

100 tips to combat boredom at home - home workout

Instead of gym equipment, sometimes the wall will do

3. Pamper each other with a massage.

4. Learn a classical dance together in your living room, e.g. tango.

But you’d better put away any breakables first… 😉

5. Have a romantic movie night.

6. look at old photo albums together.

7. Travel in the atlas or on the globe.

Sure, you don’t know when you will be able to travel again, but at least in your imagination you can dream yourself to other places. Maybe that’s how one or two travel plans for the future come about…

8. Start spring cleaning together.

9. redesign your flat together.

10. Play a party game again.

By the way, we have tips for the best games for couples.

11. Cook a 3-course meal together.

12. Show each other music you listened to when you were young.

13. Let your love life blossom 😉

14. take turns telling each other things you have never told each other.

15. read a nice book to each other.
10. Tips against boredom at home for couples who are temporarily separated

For couples who have to involuntarily go through a period of long-distance relationship during these times, there are still ways to show your love to each other during this time

1. Surprise your partner(s) at the video call with a new look.

Yes, hairdressers are closed now. But there are plenty of other options. Let your creativity run wild… 😉

2. Write a little poem for your loved one every day, e.g. a Haiku.

Now is the time to hone the right wording

Time to hone the right wording…

3. Record a video podcast for your honey.

4. Make a dream collage for her/him of everything you’ll do when the quarantine period is over.

5. Send your sweetheart a special surprise gift.
If you can’t or don’t want to go out the door yourself, get a friend to do it for you, or arrange purchase and shipping now at amazon.

6. Record an audio book for her/him.

7. Put together music playlists for each other.

8. Practise something to surprise her/him at the video call.

Whether that’s a headstand, a magic trick or a song you perform is up to you….

9. Make an album of your relationship from old photos of the two of you.

Add personal texts and maybe even small drawings to make a very special token of your love that you can send to your partner. Alternatively, create the album digitally from the start and send it online.

10. Collect ideas every day about what you will do after the quarantine.

How often has it happened to you in “normal” times that you as a couple didn’t really know what to do with the long weekend? Often you don’t do anything and the time goes by while you binge on Netflix on the couch. If, as in the current situation, you suddenly don’t have so many options, you suddenly notice what you miss often enough: Concerts, theatre, excursions. Use the time to collect ideas for the time after the crisis!

25 Tips for More Inner Peace

Yoga, gymnastics and mindfulness can bring you down and are great activities to fight boredom at home

Yoga, gymnastics and mindfulness can bring you down

In this time when we all ask ourselves questions every day and everything is suddenly uncertain, we need nothing more than inner calm. Prudence, clarity, serenity – some naturally find this easier than others, but basically just about everyone can use more of it. The following tips not only banish boredom at home, but also ensure more serenity along the way.

1. Meditation

There are many forms of meditation. What they all have in common is the goal of bringing calm to the chaos of thoughts, impulses and feelings in the mind. One of the most common ways to do this is to concentrate fully on your own breath and to breathe slowly, deeply and evenly while sitting or lying relatively motionless.

Tip: If meditation is new territory for you but you’d like to give it a try, experiment a bit first and find out what feels right for you. Don’t be afraid to do it “wrong”. There is no one correct way to meditate.

2. Mindfulness exercises.

Technically also a “kind” of meditation. Mindfulness exercises are mainly about learning to notice and not block rising thoughts and feelings, but to let them “pass by” like clouds, without judging them or attaching to them. This particular type of mediation comes from Therava Buddhism and is also called Vipassana.

3. Do Yoga

YouTuber Adriene, for example, offers a very good introduction for beginners:


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4. Writing a diary

Head buzzing with thoughts? Pour it onto paper! Writing in a diary is an effective way of combating boredom at home, even in “normal” times, as it makes you suddenly realise all the exciting things that happen during the day and thus changes your own perspective.
5. Reading philosophy books.

Whether classics such as Marcus Aurelius’ Reflections on Self or more recent works such as Sophie’s World or Who Am I and if so, How Many – now, when so much is uncertain, is just the right time to pause and ask yourself the fundamental questions of life.

6. Learn origami.

7. Treat yourself to something…

…that you rarely treat yourself to. The thickly spread Nutella bread, the extra hour of sleep in the morning, the glass of wine in the evening – everyone has something that they usually deny themselves or deny themselves. And generally there’s nothing wrong with that: after all, a healthy amount of self-discipline keeps us going. But sometimes the moment has simply come when you should do something good for yourself.

8. Take a hot bath

100 tips against boredom at home - hot bath

Even the Romans knew: a hot bath is pure relaxation

9. Try an ice-cold shower.

It takes some effort at first, but even turning the shower completely cold for a few seconds clears your head and also strengthens your immune system.

10. Make a gratitude list.

Write down all the things you are grateful for. Important: don’t just find things from the past, but above all things for which you are very grateful right now.

11. Sunbathe on the balcony or in the garden.

Or if you don’t have either, in the sunniest place in your flat. (If you are not under explicit quarantine, i.e. allowed to leave the house, a short walk with keeping your distance is of course also ok).

12. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

Doing a puzzle requires concentration, but is also relaxing. If you also like puzzles, try an escape game puzzle. There are still a few tasks to solve after the puzzle.

13. Take a deep breath and just do nothing.

It’s good to set your mind to things. But sometimes it’s also a good idea to do nothing at all: complete idling, white noise.

But: if you notice that you start to brood even more, do something else 😉

14. plant / take care of the balcony or garden.
Anyone who has their own balcony or garden can count themselves lucky these days. You should take advantage of this and spend time there. With proper plant care, time and boredom at home will fly by.

15 Tai Chi


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16. Painting, drawing or collage.

17. Autogenic training


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18. Watch ASMR videos on YouTube.

In case you haven’t heard of it: ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” and refers to a very relaxing feeling accompanied by pleasant tingling sensations on the scalp (called “tingles”). Sounds usually function as triggers: quiet talking and whispering, soft rustling, tapping or crackling. On YouTube, a special section of ASMR channels has developed, all of which aim to trigger this feeling.

Whether you are receptive to it and which triggers work best is something everyone has to find out for themselves. Here is just one of many examples:


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19. Colouring mandalas

There are quite a few mandala colouring books on amazon, both for children and adults:

20. Plant a Zen Garden

ICNBUYS Zen Garten Set Zubehör und Werkzeuge verschiedenen Auswahlmöglichkeiten DIY Eigenen Garten, L
ICNBUYS Zen Garten Set Zubehör und Werkzeuge verschiedenen Auswahlmöglichkeiten DIY Eigenen Garten, L
Verschiedene Auswahlmöglichkeiten; machen Sie Ihren eigenen Garten (DIY).; Für Stressabbbau und Finden des inneren Friedens.
29,99 EUR Amazon Prime

21. Learn / practise a musical instrument.

New purchases are more difficult than usual at the moment, but not impossible either. And there may still be a flute or guitar lying around somewhere or a piano in the flat that hasn’t been played yet or for a long time. Learning a musical instrument can contribute a lot to inner peace.

22. Write a novel

Tips against boredom at home: creative writing

Those who like to write creatively now have even more time to do so

There’s this one vague idea for a truly epic novel that’s been on your mind for years? Wonderful! Now’s your chance to write it down. Even George R.R. Martin is reportedly writing again right now…. So no excuses and get to the white sheet of paper! 😉

23 Tidying up, organising, clearing out

Often you put off such household tasks for a long time. Now is not only a good time to take care of the one or two things that have been left lying around. It is also extremely satisfying to sort your books or films alphabetically (or by cover colour as some prefer).

Likewise, it can be a highly liberating feeling to have a proper clear-out.

24. DIY

DIY can also have an extremely relaxing effect!

25. listen to audio books.

Escapism, yes please! Just lie on the couch, turn on a nice audio book (e.g. Harry Potter) and immerse yourself in another world. It has to be done, doesn’t it? 🙂

Stay healthy, take care of yourselves, stay calm and make the best of the Corona situation! In this sense, have fun using your time at home creatively and productively!

If these 100 tips against boredom at home are still not enough for you…

… then be sure to browse our article What to do at home And especially for families looking for suitable children’s activities, we recommend our ideas for children’s activities in the rain (or Corona quarantine).

In our wide pool of ideas with activities with friends, activities with children and activities for two, you’ll also find plenty of ideas to combat boredom at home.

Keep up to date with our latest posts by following Abenteuer Freundschaft on Facebook and Instagram.

*This article contains so-called affiliate links. That means, if you order a product through it, we get a small commission. And that’s without you paying a single penny more! 🙂


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