Ingenious ideas for the Bachelor party belly tray for men

25. August 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Bachelor Party Belly Tray for Men – Ingenious Ideas for the Filling


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A belly tray is often part of a stag party in Germany, whether it’s for a man or a woman. These are our best tips for a Bachelor party belly tray for men!

Bachelor parties are becoming more and more popular in Germany, where for a long time they were not as common as in the US or the UK. But there is a typically German tradition for the  Bachelor party that has developed in the for Bachelor Parties immensely popular city of Heidelberg: the Bachelor party belly tray!

The basic idea is simple: the bride or groom is given a vendor’s tray full of bits and bobs, sweets, joke items and pick-me-ups. Then their task is to hawk the contents of the vendor’s tray as lucratively as possible to passers-by, thus earning extra money for the wedding fund or the Bachelorette.

Because weddings cost a lot and so it is probably the notoriously cash-strapped students who have come up with this ingenious and funny idea to improve the budget.

The good thing is that this Bachelor party activity not only brings in money, but is also a really fun task. Because those who are getting married have to put in a good effort as market criers and advertise their wares.

To make this especially fun, the organisers of the Bachelor party should provide a wide range of funny and crazy things.

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Bachelor Party Belly Tray for Men – 33 Ideas for the Filling

  1. Knockers / small snaps
  2. Small wine gum bags (e.g. in the shape of a heart)
  3. Individual small chocolate bars
  4. Surprise eggs
  5. Small bags with nuts and other salty snacks
  6. Condoms
  7. Silly glasses
  8. Funny (cheap) sex toys such as plush handcuffs or sex position cubes
  9. Inflatable female doll
  10. Fake moustaches
  11. Clown noses
  12. Beer
  13. Footballer collector’s items
  14. Firecrackers
  15. Homemade muffins
  16. Vodka jello shots in little plastic cups
  17. Cocktails in disposable syringes (without needles, of course)
  18. Fun stickers
  19. Badges
  20. Hooters
  21. Whoopee cushions
  22. Lighters with funny print
  23. Egg cosies
  24. Soap bubbles
  25. Toy cars
  26. Panties and thongs for both sexes
  27. Small bottles of massage oil
  28. Small tubes of lube
  29. Sparklers
  30. Glow sticks
  31. Barrier tape with funny motifs
  32. Corkscrews and / or bottle openers in funny shapes
  33. Small squeaky ducks

Bachelor Party Belly Tray for Men – The Tough Version for “Real Guys”

Especially in summer, when it’s the perfect time for hen parties, the competition on the streets of many a city is tough for Bachelor party squads with belly trays! Passers-by and tourists can’t and don’t want to buy something from every groom, and if they do, it should be worth it.

And since people can be deeply mischievous, there is also a variant for particularly tough bachelors, which can be all the more lucrative for it. In this variant, the Bachelor party belly tray for men contains all kinds of things that are connected with a task that is unpleasant for the bachelor, and passers-by can pay money for him to carry them out or to have them carried out over him.

10 Tips for the Nasty Bachelor Party Belly Tray for Men

  1. Water bombs to throw at the bachelor as a shopper
  2. A selection of roasted insects, pickled worms and other “jungle camp food”. Passers-by pay for the bachelor to eat this or that.
  3. An embarrassing item of clothing such as a borat mankini, thong or brassiere that he has to put on.
  4. Cards with song titles for which you have a karaoke version ready on your smartphone. When someone buys the card, the bachelor has to perform the song. Of course, schmaltzy love songs like “Time of my Life” or “My Heart will go on” are best for maximum laughs ?
  5. Washclothes pegs, which you can clamp to the bachelor’s body (or face for the particularly tough ones). He must endure at least one minute.
  6. Voucher for a spanking with a foam bat for the bachelor.
  7. Cards with topics on which the bachelor must make a public speech of at least 5 minutes. Prepare, of course, only truly serious topics such as “The orgasm of the wide-mouthed frog”, “Love between aliens and humans”, “Plea for the unconditional surrender of the man”, etc.
  8. Cards on which a shoe and a brush are painted: Voucher for one time shoe shining by the bachelor.
  9. Cards with a picture of the groom carrying his bride over the threshold. Of course, he has to practise for this. A woman who buys this card must be carried at least 3 m by the bachelor.
  10. Make-up things, with which one can then “beautify” the bachelor according to his whim.

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find even more bachelor party ideas, wedding ideas for the party and last but not least several tips for cool activities with friends. To never miss an idea from us, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Image source: P4287896 by Crosa at CC BY 2.0

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