Our Bachelor party at Heidelberg with the ENMAZE JGA Fun Tour for Women

17. July 2018 - Anika Semmer

Bachelor Party at Heidelberg - The Enmaze Fun Tour for Women


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6 girls and 1 best man took part in funny tasks at the ENMAZE Fun Tour at the bachelor party in Heidelberg. Many a challenge awaited us in the process!

Heidelberg is a top city for bachelor parties – and you can see that immediately, because we were by far not the only group that made the city unsafe. The groomsmen (our bride had two) organised the ENMAZE Fun Tour as the main programme item in the afternoon for our bachelor party in Heidelberg. All we knew was that we were going on a fun GPS mission through Heidelberg, where the themes of bachelorette, wedding and marriage were on the agenda.

We had even organised a bachelorette task for the bride, which was fun for the whole day. Apart from that, this much in advance: the ENMAZE Fun Tour easily provides a programme for a whole afternoon and saves a lot of organisation! 🙂

Our Bachelor Party Squad – 6 Girls and 1 Guy

Six girls and one guy at the Bachelor party in Heidelberg

Our Fun Tour at the bachelor party at Heidelberg

We came from all over Germany to the bachelor party in Heidelberg and were 6 girls and the best man – so we definitely fell out of the classic pattern, because almost all the other Bachelorette groups were all-female.

And we were also different in our outfit / accessory choice than all the others: While most of the brides and their girls wore uniformly classic bachelorette sashes, same-coloured t-shirts with print or even all the same tulle skirts and tops, our bride came from Duckburg, wore a duck’s bill and a pretty top hat and was equipped with a bag full of thalers. We girls had self-made brooches with Duckburg talers – the background is a personal story, so we personalised our bachelor party. And we stood out! 😀

Bachelor Party at Heidelberg with the ENMAZE Fun Tour for Women

At the start of the ENMAZE JGA Fun Tour at the Bachelor party at Heidelberg, there was a welcome champagne

At the start of the ENMAZE Fun Tour, there was champagne

First we met an ENMAZE employee in the old town and were given a tablet and a shoulder bag with everything we needed for the tour. After a short explanation of how the tour works, everyone was given a glass of champagne. Thus fortified, we then set off!

The Route of the Gps Tour Is Flexible

The ENMAZE Fun Tour at the bachelor party at Heidelberg is totally simple. The bride receives a tablet with a map of Heidelberg open on it. On the map, all the GPS spots are marked – tasks await you there, which you can complete at will or skip and move on to the next one. There is no fixed order, so you are completely flexible and can design your bachelorette tour yourself.

Duration and Scope of the ENMAZE Tour

In total, the GPS tour includes about 50 tasks that you can solve. Without longer stops for food and in the café, the whole tour takes about 3-4 hours. However, you are completely free to solve as many tasks as you like and the only deadline is the return date of the utensils – for us this was no later than 9:30 pm.

The Tasks at the ENMAZE Fun Tour for Women

At the Bachelor party at Heidelberg, you solve tasks on the ENMAZE Tour

For some tasks, passers-by help

Is the bride really ready for marriage? How well does she know about marriage and does she like doing classic bachelor party tasks? With the ENMAZE Fun Tour, the only thing that really matters is that the bride loves interactive tasks (and hires her girls to do them), because that’s what it’s all about. There is no need to be afraid of embarrassing tasks, as the bride can simply skip the tasks that make her uncomfortable.

Three Different Types of Tasks Await You:

There are photo tasks, for which usually all the girls together with the bride take a photo with the iPad to complete – passers-by can of course always be included. For example, at our bachelor party at Heidelberg, we had to write the sentence “Yes, I do!” with our body parts and take a photo of it. Another time we each had to portray an animal (see photo below).

Then there are video tasks for which you record the completion of the task in a video clip with the iPad. For example, our bride was asked to record a video for her future husband in which she gives him some important advice for their marriage together.

At our Bachelor party, we solved tasks during the GPS tour

In this task, we had to find something

And then there are interactive tasks and quizzes on the topic of marriage, where everyone is asked – even the passers-by! We liked the fact that the quiz questions were rather difficult – we couldn’t answer some of them correctly even with the help of the Heidelbergers and were quite surprised by some of the answers. Or what percentage of women in a survey do you think would like a man to propose marriage? Well? We were completely off the mark with our assessment! 😀

So the tasks are definitely a little challenging and often require the bride to approach someone on the street. One task, for example, was to exchange a scrunchie for something of higher value from a passer-by – our bride got hold of a biro after all. 🙂

During our bachelor party at Heidelberg, we took lots of photos and funny video clips as souvenirs on the ENMAZE Fun Tour. After the tour, you get to download everything!

Summary – Our Bachelor Party in Heidelberg

As a souvenir of the Bachelor party at Heidelberg, funny photos and videos are created

As a souvenir, funny memory photos remain

The ENMAZE Fun Tour provides enough programme for a classic bachelor party in Heidelberg with funny photos, nice actions and tasks, especially for the bride but also for the complete troop. The tasks are varied and typical for a bachelor party, such as the exchange of an object and question games about marriage. Luckily, our bride loves interactive games and is extroverted – so no task was embarrassing or uncomfortable for her.
The ENMAZE Tour is especially worthwhile for anyone planning a bachelor party at Heidelberg, where not everyone comes from Heidelberg or the surrounding area, as you automatically move through the beautiful old town of Heidelberg and see a lot of Heidelberg without having to know your way around. And as best man, you save yourself a lot of organisation and headaches – because you are relieved of having to think of lots of tasks yourself beforehand.

Despite this fixed programme item, we were completely flexible at our bachelor party at Heidelberg and could decide freely at any time where to go next or whether we wanted to take a break. A real plus for us girls was that the GPS map also included toilets that we were allowed to use – that was super practical, as it’s not always so easy to find something immediately in a foreign city when things get urgent.

In any case, we had a lot of fun at our bachelor party at Heidelberg and are happy about the funny pictures we took as souvenirs!

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