Who would rather questions...? - this is how you can play the well-known wedding game as a provocative party game

6. October 2017 - Anika Semmer

150 Who Would Rather Questions – Provocative and Insanely Fun




Who would rather…? know many as one of the most popular wedding games. You can easily make the exciting question game a provocative party highlight.

Who would rather…? usually goes like this: a couple, usually the wedding couple, sits back to back on stage and answers personal questions.  Each question begins with Who would rather…? and there are always only 2 possible answers, between which everyone must choose one: he or she? For this, each holds up a sign with the name of the person (or her bridal shoe / his men’s shoe). The two do not see the answer of the other – and it shows for the tense party society, how well the two know each other and where conflict potential after the wedding (or already in the wedding night :-)).

As a party game, Who would rather…? is at least as exciting! Because in this game variant, the entire party company is involved and everyone may ask funny, provocative and personal questions and the inhibitions melt away… Especially with our nasty and provocative questions – bet, there shoots the one or the other the blush in the cheeks?

Looking for provocative party games? Also check out our uninhibitedly nasty questions and tasks for Truth or Dare or Never have I ever for even more inspiration :-).

Who Would Rather…? As a Provocative Party Game

In Who would rather…? as a party game, each player gets a sign that is yellow in the front and blue in the back. In the middle are 2 chairs placed back to back, one of which is marked yellow and the other blue. In turn, couples are formed – and they do not have to be real lovers – and take a seat on the hot chairs. Each couple is asked 5 questions – and the previous couple may choose these from our list of 150 funny, provocative and nasty questions or think of their own spontaneously.

And then the whole party company including the two on the hot chairs is asked: one after the other there are now the 5 questions and after each sounds a countdown, eg 3-2-1- Who would rather…?. There upon all show their colors and indicate with yellow or blue, for whom they vote – including our couple!

If the couple agrees in his answer, so that is the right answer, even if all others see it differently! All those who guessed wrong have to drink a shot. However, if the couple does not agree, the majority vote wins! The most votes for the color indicate the correct answer. Again, the losers must drink a penalty shot – and the couple double!

In this party game, everyone is guaranteed to learn incredible secrets, laugh themselves silly, and work up a sweat sitting in the hot seat! Depending on how uninhibited the party becomes, there is also something to drink ;-).

150 Who Would Rather Questions for the Provocative Party Game

60 Exciting Personal Who Would Rather Questions

  1. … get involved in a celebrity scandal?
  2. … get arrested for causing a public nuisance?
  3. … unexpectedly become a YouTube star?
  4. … have tears in your eyes at the sight of baby animals?
  5. … delete your facebook account?
  6. … make yourself completely embarrassed in the streetcar?
  7. … get into a fight with the staff in a restaurant?
  8. … get kicked out of the club because of his behavior?
  9. … start a fight?
  10. … compliment a complete stranger on the street?
  11. … donate all his property to the poor of this world?
  12. … get along better on a trip through time in the Middle Ages?
  13. … score points with the Pope?
  14. … become German Chancellor?
  15. … emigrate from one day to the next?
  16. … sail around the world?
  17. … become a star on the stages of this world?
  18. … buy a pink plush sofa?
  19. … enter a monastery?
  20. … go to hell than to heaven?
  21. … get along without showers for a week?
  22. … live on convenience food for the rest of your life?
  23. … steal a rare coin from a museum?
  24. … become a crazy cat grandma/ grandpa in old age?
  25. … dye your hair green?
  26. … wear socks with sandals?
  27. … go to a LARP or cosplay event?
  28. … end up on the stake in former times?
  29. … adopt an African child?
  30. … quit your job for the good of your relationship?
  31. … fall into a depression when you lose your iPhone?
  32. … survive a week-long party marathon?
  33. … start your own sect?
  34. … end up in hospital because of a chocolate overdose?
  35. … lie awake all night after watching a horror movie?
  36. … wake up with a tattoo on your butt after a night of drinking?
  37. … storming onto the stage during a lecture and pulling down the speaker’s pants?
  38. … not clean the apartment including bathroom and kitchen for a month?
  39. … try Japanese fugo fish?
  40. … tattoo the name of his treasure over his heart?
  41. … dare to completely misbehave with his parents?
  42. … come home drunk at night and ring the doorbell because he can’t find the key?
  43. … have plastic surgery?
  44. … go through the streets and preach the end of the world and the apocalypse?
  45. … be canonized by the Pope?
  46. … spend the rest of your life traveling?
  47. … let a cactus dry up at home?
  48. … survive in the Australian outback?
  49. … jump from a 10m tower?
  50. … hide money in his mattress for times of need?
  51. … keep snakes as pets?
  52. … boo loudly at a public event?
  53. … live on nothing but sweets for a week?
  54. … drown your sorrows in alcohol?
  55. … accidentally show up at work in pajama pants?
  56. … drop your cell phone in the toilet?
  57. … not look in the mirror for a week?
  58. … win an Olympic medal in shot put?
  59. … kiss a complete stranger just like that?
  60. … perform as a lion tamer in the circus?

30 Nasty Who Would Rather Questions

  1. … join the AFD and become the new figurehead?
  2. … look better than other sex?
  3. … rise to become an international drug lord?
  4. … launder money for the mafia?
  5. … go on a vendetta?
  6. … cheat?
  7. … start something for your career with your boss?
  8. … walk around only in clothes from Primark?
  9. … become fat in old age?
  10. … take a meal from a homeless person when he is hungry?
  11. … eat spaghetti bolognese off the other person’s bare stomach?
  12. … undergo a sex change operation?
  13. … build a museum about yourself?
  14. … have your body carved in stone?
  15. …. Sell his soul for success and wealth?
  16. … succeed as a fairground act?
  17. … sell your sperm / eggs?
  18. … put himself in a box with woodlice for 20 euros?
  19. … be disinherited by his parents?
  20. … spontaneously strip naked now?
  21. … play Russian roulette for a million euros?
  22. … sleep with an ugly but very nice person?
  23. … sleep with a beautiful but stupid, arrogant and characterless person?
  24. … fart loudly in fine company?
  25. … propose to the other person?
  26. … pee your pants in excitement?
  27. … steal a lollipop from a small child?
  28. … throw up in someone’s car in revenge?
  29. … pierce a hole in a condom in order to push through your wish to have a child?
  30. … freak out after a breakup and end up in a psychiatric ward?


40 Dirty Who Would Rather Questions

  1. … have a threesome?
  2. … experiment around with their own sex?
  3. … participate in a sex orgy?
  4. … participate in a porn movie?
  5. … lead a double life?
  6. … sell your body for money on the street?
  7. … go longer without sex?
  8. … last longer without masturbation?
  9. … work at a sex hotline?
  10. … scream the names of cartoon characters during sex?
  11. … suggest to try the complete Kamasutra?
  12. … buy Viagra with foresight?
  13. … marry several partners and keep a harem?
  14. … blush when saying vulgar words?
  15. … get more into the swing of things during dirty talk?
  16. … hold the whip in your hand during SM?
  17. … purchase sex toys?
  18. …. die as a virgin?
  19. … call a sex hotline and get it?
  20. … get peed on during sex?
  21. … have a one night stand?
  22. … put nude photos of yourself on the net?
  23. … go to a swingers club?
  24. … have sex in public?
  25. … have sex with vegetables or fruit?
  26. … keep at least one sex toy in the nightstand drawer?
  27. … earn your pocket money as an escort boy/girl?
  28. … lick caviar off each other’s bodies?
  29. … have sex in front of an audience?
  30. … go out on the street in fetish clothes?
  31. … win the sex contest who can do it the most often?
  32. … put your own satisfaction behind for that of your partner?
  33. … leave the house without underwear?
  34. … have intimate piercings made?
  35. … surprise your partner or lover at work with a quickie in a public toilet?
  36. … sleep with a good friend to comfort him?
  37. … pay for sex?
  38. … turn off the light after a 5-minute quickie and roll to the side?
  39. … participate in an erotic workshop?
  40. … be heard by the neighbors during sex?

20 Questions About Literature, Film and TV

  1.  … Tyrion Lannister’s illegitimate child?… ascend the Iron Throne?
  2. … volunteer to be bitten by a vampire?
  3. … swing through the streets as a superhero and ensure justice?
  4. … make a good James Bond villain?
  5. … carry Frodo up Mount Doom so he can destroy the Ring?
  6. … rise like Walter White from a law-abiding citizen to a meth manufacturer?
  7. … kiss the frog and hope for the prince / princess?
  8. … try to bring the dead back to life in the basement like Dr. Frankenstein?
  9. … celebrated as the new Sherlock Holmes?
  10. … unfold his true talents in the zombie apocalypse?
  11. … travel back to the future and save the world?
  12. … get his own children’s series about her/him like Pipi Longstocking or Michel of Lönneberga?
  13. … host Telebingo on Tele 5?
  14. … cause a talk show scandal?
  15. … become the new teen star?
  16. … win the Supertalent?
  17. … be successful as a TV comedian?
  18. … cry in love movies?
  19. … be seen as a character from Dallas?
  20. … scream and be scared in horror movies like Scream?

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