Witch party games ensure that there is no end to the fun at a witch party for children.

23. April 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

15 Witch Party Games That will Enchant Little Witches




At any good children’s party exciting games ensure that the kids have maximum fun. And if little witches celebrate a real witch party, then of course there have to be witch party games!.

A popular theme for children’s birthday parties are witches, magicians and magic and not only since Harry Potter is written. The world of magic simply stimulates the imagination of children just as fairy tales and legends.

We have already summarized the most important tips for a good witch party for kids. This time, it’s now exclusively about the best witch party games – and there are a lot of them. With great witch games up your sleeve, you’ll make sure the little witches are guaranteed never to get bored and the party fun will last a long time.

15 Witch Party Games for Kids

The following 15 witch party games are suitable for children from 3 to 12 years and are all easy to implement with simple means.

1. Broom ride over the fire

For this witch game you create a fire on the floor or in the garden out of colorful cardboard, wood, paper or yellow, orange and red cloths. The witches have to jump over the fire one after the other, riding on a witch’s broom. Who can manage the dangerous witch ride?

2. The witch’s hat goes around

All witches are on a free dance floor, one of them wears the witch hat. At a birthday witch party, of course, the birthday girl gets to start. The other witches do not wear headgear. Now music is played and while it is playing, all the witches have to dance, passing the hat from head to head. Each time the music stops, the witch who is currently wearing the witch’s hat is eliminated and sits on the edge. She places the witch’s hat on any other child who is still in the game. The game ends when only one child remains.

3. Ball shot with the witches broom

Using a broom, witches try to shoot a ball into a wastebasket, cardboard box, or other target, one after another, from a starting line.

4. Witch Race

Each witch is given a broom. The witches line up either all next to each other or each in pairs on a starting line. Then it’s called: On the brooms… ready… steady… GO! The children / witches ride on their brooms to the finish line or back to the starting line after going around a defined obstacle. When the witches compete in pairs, the winning witches of each pair can compete against each other in the next round. Thus, there is a small tournament with finals and the winning witch is determined at the end.

5. Transformation spell

The host witch or birthday witch (birthday girl) starts and receives a magic wand. She now enchants all the other witches (guests) in turn into different animals. To do this, she touches them with the wand and says the following spell:

Hocus, pocus, toad slime, you shall now be an donkey..

The enchanted child mimics the animal after the transformation and makes the appropriate animal sound. After that, the next guest is transformed.

6. Search game for witches

5 witch items (e.g., witch broom, witch hat, bandana, wand, wooden spoon, bundle of herbs, witch book, witch cauldron, etc.) are painted on a sheet of paper or individual photos of the items are printed on a sheet of paper. The illustrations are needed in duplicate. These 5 things are also hidden in the room or garden as a game preparation without the children seeing it.

Now 2 witch children compete against each other. They each receive the piece of paper with the 5 items. Each witch must now go in search of the items shown. The witches pass all the items they have found to the game leader. The winner is the witch who has found the most items. Witch party games of this type can of course be played with more items, but it is recommended to take an odd number so that there is always a clear winner.

6. frost spell

All party witches dance to music. When the music stops, it must be done quickly. Each witch remains frozen in the movement she just made. Whoever moves first is eliminated. The witch who remains after several rounds wins the game and is crowned ice witch.

7. Black Cat

The children form pairs. One child per pair gets a blindfold and the other half become little tomcats that meow loudly and spread around the room. The blindfolded children must now orient themselves by the meows of their tomcats and find them in the room. The first one to find his cat wins. After that, you can play the game with reversed roles.

8. The great witch test: 3 witch party games in one

Of course, to be able to call yourself a real witch, you first have to qualify. In the great witch exam 3 disciplines are tested, which belong to the witch-universe and which every witch must master:

Witch Exam I: Magic ingredients taste test

Brewing potions is one of the most important skills of a witch, so she must have an impeccable sense of taste and also be able to recognize ingredients blindly by taste.

All that is needed for this test are small food samples (e.g. small cut fruit, cheese cubes, small tomatoes, pickles, mustard, ketchup, spices etc.), a blindfold and a plate.

The aspiring witch is cast a blindfold spell (gets blindfolded) and then is presented with 7 magical ingredients that she must recognize only by taste. For each correctly recognized ingredient, she gets one point. However, the test is already passed if the little witch has guessed at least 3 of the ingredients of the spell.

Witch Exam II: Reaching into the Scary Box

After the sense of taste, the sense of touch of the little witches is now required. The witches have to reach into a spooky box one after the other and describe which spooky witch potion ingredients they can feel in it. An opaque cardboard box with a hole on the side through which a child’s hand can fit is suitable as a spooky box.

Some of the magical ingredients may well feel a bit disgusting in it, e.g.:

  • Toy slime or cold jello (frog slime / snail slime)
  • Stuffed animal mouse (dead mouse)
  • Dragon fruit (dragon egg)
  • Hairnet (cobwebs)
  • cold spaghetti (worms)
  • small sausages (cut fingers)
  • Soaked prunes (crow’s hearts)
  • wet straw (witch hair)
  • ungekochter, harter Mais (Kinderzähne)
  • Oliven (Katzenaugen)
  • Aufgeweichte Weingummitiere (Schleimtiere)

There are no wrong answers in this exam!

Witch Exam III: Broom driving license

Before a witch is allowed to just fly around on her broom, she has to get her broom driving license! One by one, each child must clamp a broom between their legs and complete an obstacle course: for example, through a tight curve, jumping over obstacles with the broom and, of course, parking the broom properly at the end.

When all the witch tests have been passed, the little witches can receive their witch medals. Witch medals can be easily made from colored paper, from which you can cut out the shape of a cat or a raven, for example. On it you can still write in curved writing something like: Witch Order, The little witch (name of the child) or Witch test passed. The children can then attach the witch’s medal to their clothes with a clothespin without damaging them.

9. Witch Karaoke

Who can sing in the scratchiest, creepiest and scariest witch voice? This witch game is great fun for kids, but you should have tolerant neighbors…. 😉

10. Witch story to participate

The game leader reads a witch story (e.g. Hansel and Gretel) or tells one impromptu if he can. The witch children sit in a circle on the floor as this happens. Each time the word witch appears in the story, all the children must jump up. Whoever is the last to react or whoever jumps up in the wrong place is eliminated.

Depending on how old the little witches are, you can also have the children perform different actions on different cues from the story, such as:

  • Witch: ride an imaginary broom
  • Gingerbread: pretend to nibble a gingerbread
  • Enchant: hop on one leg while spinning around

11. The search for the potion

The witches are divided into teams of 2-4 children and each team is given the secret recipe for a potion, the ingredients of which they must now find in a kind of scavenger hunt. This game is best suited for outside on a meadow or in the garden, where you can easily hide small ingredients like Easter eggs. Or you can let the children collect ingredients in the wild, which are available there, for example:

  • Daisies
  • Fir cones
  • Dandelion
  • Cobwebs
  • Blackberries
  • Bark from the south side of a birch tree
  • Water from a stream
  • Rainworms
  • black earth
  • cellar wasps

The team that gets the potion together first wins the witch scavenger hunt. A variation is that each team has to find the same number of ingredients, but different ingredients, so that in the end there are different potions.

12. Dragon’s blood betting

For this game you need red grits, which you fill into two bowls with spoons per round. Now 2 players each sit across from each other at a table, blindfolded, and must feed their counterparts dragon blood by the spoonful.

Of course, this is going to be a huge mess, which is exactly why it’s so much fun for kids! It is therefore advisable, however, to take off the children’s costumes or clothes that must not get dirty beforehand and to put on an apron or even a rain cape as stain protection instead. 🙂

The winner is the witch who first fed her bowl of dragon’s blood to the other and spilled the least.

13. Sleep Awakening

All the children lie down on the floor and pretend to be asleep. The top witch (birthday child/host) may now awaken one of the sleeping witches from sleep. She may tickle, tell jokes, or try anything else except hurting the sleeping witches. As soon as a sleeping witch laughs or moves, she is eliminated.

14. Bewitched!

The most important requirement for this witch game: the children must all be dressed up. Everyone divides into groups of 4 to 6 people.

Each group designates a witch who has particularly sharp eyes, that is, has mastered the magic eye. This one now memorizes exactly how her group members look, how they are dressed and how they stand. Then all witches with the magic eye have to leave the room.

All witches remaining in the room now change some part of their disguise. For example, two change their hats (within a group), take the broom the other way around, take off glasses or put on a scarf, etc.

After this hex, the witches with the sharp magical eye are let back in and must now guess what has changed in the appearance of their witch group. The witch who guesses or recognizes the most changes correctly with the fewest attempts wins.

15. I go to magic school

As witch party games are also suitable all kinds of children’s games that you can modify with a little creativity to fit. An example: the well-known memory game I’m packing my suitcase…, in which each player adds an item to the list, making it increasingly difficult to remember everything.

At the witch party, the game then goes like this:

  • I go to the magic school and take my raven with me.
  • I go to the magic school and take my raven and my magic herb with me.
  • I go to the magic school and take my raven, my magic herb and my cauldron with me. Etc.

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