Winter in Berlin – How to Make the Most of it

Winter in Berlin – The best winter activities in the capital

When the breath rises in white clouds and white snowflakes dance, Berlin in winter is beautiful. These days exist every winter – but the first thought paints a duller picture: gray concrete, icy cold and whistling wind. Both sides are typical of Berlin in winter – and indisputably, the best winter leisure activities in the capital are done indoors. The crowds of visitors stay away in winter – and also like to shift indoors during the vacations.

Winter Activities in the Capital Outdoor

Admittedly, those who venture outdoors to do something in Berlin in winter have to wrap up warm. But then there are many great sites to discover in the capital. Highly recommended is a night hike through the illuminated city, equipped with hot drink and stop at the Maronistand. Or you can arrange with friends to ride the Ringbahn and jump off the train whenever a Christmas market or other spot is interesting. Of course, you can also skate outside in Berlin in the winter – in front of the TV Tower or at Potsdamer Platz, for example. You can shoot curling in the Tiergarten – and there are many more winter activities worth trying.

Winter in Berlin – Recommended Indoor Activities

In Berlin, as in most regions in Germany, there is not snow all winter. The capital often shows its inhospitable side outside and so indoor activities in winter in Berlin are booming. Berlin is known worldwide as a young city where there are new things to discover and experience every day – it is famous for the many start ups that are at home here and represent the fresh spirit and young ideas. So you can always count on Berlin being at the forefront when a new leisure trend is born somewhere in the world. And the range of leisure activities in the capital is diverse and large.

On Adventure Friendship there are different ideas for winter leisure activities in Berlin. The idea pool contains many experience tests of leisure activities that our experience testers have tried out. In the leisure idea finder there are ventures in Berlin like playing laser tag and climbing in indoor climbing parks but also of room escape games that demand brains instead of fitness.

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