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Winter Activities for Friends

Magical Snow and Cuddling by the Fireplace
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The Best Winter Activities for Friends and Trips in Winter

Winter is a great time of year to take winter trips and try new winter activities for friends. Whether it’s snow, bad weather or bright sunshine, winter is probably the most underrated season, it has so much to offer!

You finally have the leisure to spend time with your favorite people, cut back, enjoy the warmth and comfort, and have fun cooking with friends or having a game night. In contrast to the action-packed summer and the upbeat mood of spring, there is a magical atmosphere in winter, with candles, dancing snowflakes and aromatic Christmas smells.

Thus, some of the excursions proposed here are leisure activities in winter, although they can be practiced all year round. However, they are most enjoyable in winter and late autumn, which is why they are included in this category. In addition, there are a number of winter activities for friends, which can be done exclusively in this season.

Location-independent Winter Activities for Friends

There are many location-independent winter activities that can be done anywhere in Germany during the cold season. Even those who live in the countryside can try a variety of winter activities without having to go to a city.

On Abenteuer Freundschaft, there are original ideas for a house rally, creative quiz games and challenges, tips for indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts, crazy trendy sports and much more.

Regional Winter Trips

Since most regions in Germany don’t have snow all winter – in fact, some winters don’t have any, most winter excursions are done indoors. In the city, winter is the season for indoor activities and especially in larger cities there is a wide range of activities that make city trips in winter attractive.

On Abenteuer Freundschaft there are many different ideas for trips in winter and winter activities for friends. Our experience testers regularly try out and report on regional indoor activities in Berlin.

The spectrum ranges from action-packed leisure activities such as playing laser tag and climbing in indoor climbing parks to imaginative Escape Games, for which you need brains. The team of Abenteuer Freundschaft puts an emphasis on special winter activities – at present there are however only experience reports for indoor activities in Berlin.

The Leisure Idea Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

Abenteuer Freundschaft is an ideas portal with leisure ideas and gift tips all year round – including for activities with friends, the partner and the family.

Depending on the season, mood, state of mind and weather, the Leisure Ideas Finder allows you to search specifically for leisure activities and gifts.

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