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13. May 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

Who Am I? – 11 Cool Variations of the Party Game | Game Rules


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Who am I? is one of the most popular games when you meet friends at home. That you are definitly never get bored, we have thought of some cool variants!.

Whether party games or classic party games – there are literally thousands of them. Really funny, however, it becomes when you create your own variants of these games and turn them on the circle of friends. In our series party games times different, we introduce you to some of the coolest party games and give you ideas and suggestions on how to modify them.

Who am I? – Played in 11 Inventive Variations

The Basic Rules:

  • Each writes on a piece of paper the name of a person and sticks it to his left neighbor on the forehead, so that all can read except this himself what is written on it. It is important for this, of course, that no mirrors or reflective objects are in the room!
  • In turn, everyone must now guess who she/he is and may only ask questions that can be answered with YES or NO, so for example: “Am I a woman?”, “Am I prominent?”, “Do I live in Germany?”
  • NOT allowed, however, are questions that require an answer other than YES or NO, such as “How old am I?”, “Where do I live?”, “What do I do for a living?”
  • Each teammate has his turn with questions as long as they are answered by the others with YES. If he gets a NO, the next is the turn.
  • The winner is the one who first guessed who he is, that is, what is written on the piece of paper on his forehead. But basically, this game is less about winning and more about having fun. We usually play it until all friends in the round have figured out who they are.
  • If someone absolutely can not figure out who he is, the others may decide together whether they help her / him with a tip.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when choosing names or terms to use for “Who am I?”. Another way to modify the game is to change the rules a little bit at a time.

1. Play Who am I? in teams of 2

If you are an even number of friends, you can also form teams of 2 people each, so with 8 people, for example, 4 teams. Team 1 then has to find a term or name for team 2, team 2 for team 3 and so on. Since it is then logically rather difficult to stick the name on the head, because the team partner could read it then yes, the names are only revealed briefly at the beginning of the game and shown to everyone in the round, which are not meant by it.

If it is a team’s turn, they may take turns guessing until both have received a NO answer..

2. Who am I? Playing in Teams – More Variants

Either both members of the team have to guess ONE term / name together or else, everyone gets one and the team that got their BOTH identities out first is the winner. Furthermore, you can of course also form teams of 3 or such with even more members..

3. Playing Who am I? in reverse

In this version, everyone writes down for themselves SELF a name or term and puts it face down in front of him on the table. The others must now guess who or what the person is. The YES-NO rule still applies. The winner is the one who remains incognito the longest, i.e. whose identity the others only find out at the last moment. Fairly, however, you should use names and terms that are also known to all players..

4. Draw names

Who am I game

Who wouldn’t want to be Tyrion Lannister in the Who Am I game?

Who doesn’t want to be Tyrion Lannister on “Who am I?”? :-)Each player writes from the outset a fixed number of cards with names or terms on the previously agreed topic full, for example 5. Then the slips are shuffled, each draws one and sticks it to his left neighbor on the forehead. Now, of course, you may have one of your own terms on your forehead. This can make it easier to guess this, but if you are then wrong, you may have given the others a good tip for the next round..

Example to illustrate:

The subject is Historical Figures, Peter has already figured out that he is a woman. He himself has written “Cleopatra” on a piece of paper and doesn’t see it on any of his friends’ heads. So he could be wearing it himself and asks, “Am I Cleopatra?”.

a) He’s right and so he wins immediately.

b) He is wrong, because on his forehead is written “Queen Victoria”. No one in this round has “Cleopatra” on their head, but the others may now make the strong assumption that Peter wrote down Cleopatra’s name.

This variant is particularly suitable for circles of friends who like games a little more tactical or if the aspect of winning / losing should be more in the foreground, for example, because you link rewards or punishments.

From this simple basic idea, countless variations can be derived, by you simply before a motto or a restriction determines what may be written on the name slips.

5. Who am I? with people from the circle of friends

Only people from the circle of friends may be written down, of course those that the others also know. Also people who are present may be written down, a person can even be themselves, so means Martina gets a piece of paper with “Martina” stuck on it..

6. Who am I? with celebrities

This category can of course be further restricted or specified as you wish, depending on the prevailing interests in your circle of friends:

Popstars, movie actors, politicians, presenters, athletes, models, classical composers, visual artists, painters, writers, directors, photographers, etc.

Of course, you should be fair to choose an area with which all friends present can do something. 😉

7. Who am I? for history crackers – Historical figures

Whether Julius Caesar, Elizabeth I or Bismarck – if you are interested in history, historical figures are also a possible category. Of course, depending on your history nerdiness, you can agree on obvious or quite bizarre subcategories like:
Rulers, generals, popes, explorers, inventors, conquerors, famous assassins, condemned heretics, Roman emperors..

8. Who am I? for Phantasts – Fictional Characters

You agree on a fictional cosmos from which all names must come, for example: Greek mythology, Middle Earth / Lord of the Rings, Disney universe, Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones, Star Wars universe, Marvel Comics universe, superheroes, Tarantino movies, Arthurian legends, Grimm’s fairy tales, James Bond movies, Final Fantasy games, Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, characters from manga and anime, etc.

9. Who am I? for nature lovers – animals or plants

I don’t think we have to explain much 😉

In the circle of hobby or professional biologists you can of course play with nerdy subcategories like jellyfish species, marsupials, fruit varieties or conifers.

10. Who am I? for Practical – Items

If you have imagination and “Who am I?” would like to play a little more fancy think about categories of objects, so I mean all material things that are not living beings, for example, clothing, bathroom items (who has never wanted to be a toothbrush? ;-)), furniture, transportation, celestial bodies, sports equipment, buildings, etc.

11. Who am I? for advanced – abstract terms

You want to go into fancy regions for good? No problem, just declare your friends more or less abstract terms. Make sure, however, that you can still ask meaningful questions about them, otherwise it will be almost impossible to guess what you are. With too abstract terms such as attempt, disarmament, balance or opposite can hardly play..

A few terms that I think are more suitable, on the other hand: Winter, joy, vacation, heat, language…

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