The best tips what to do in autumn you can't miss

15. October 2016 - Anika Semmer

20 Colorful Ideas What to Do in Autumn That You Shouldn’t Miss




When is the nature more beautiful and smells the air better than in autumn? So it’s high time to take advantage of beautiful days and good weather and round up your friends or family. Because of these 20 ideas what to do in autumn you should check off at least 5, before the cold winter comes!

Colorful leaves, crackling leaves underfoot and the smell of roasted chestnuts and apple cider. For many, autumn is the most colorful and beautiful season. High time, then, to get out of the house when the weather is nice and try out some outdoor recreational activities that are no longer fun in cold weather.

Looking for action and sporty ventures with friends? In addition to a adult scavenger hunt and a flea market challenge, you’ll also find wacky sports that are trending in the U.S. right now in this list of our favorite fall recreational activities. Ever tried jugger or played cross bocce?

20 Answers to the Question: What to Do in Autumn?

1. Mushroom Hunting – Perfect for Hunters and Gatherers

What to do in autumn? One of the best recreational activities is mushroom hunting

Go mushroom hunting!

Go on a treasure hunt together with a guarantee of rich pickings: porcini, chanterelles and delicious wild mushrooms are the culinary gold of the forest. For everyone who has even a little bit of hunter-gatherer in him, at least one trip to the mushrooms in autumn is an absolute must! And as is so often the case, mushroom picking is even more fun together than alone: whether as a challenge, with professionals on a mushroom excursion or simply as an outing followed by a culinary highlight at home!

2. Gather Autumn Fruits or Have a Leaf Fight – Perfect With Kids

Fall recreational activities like gathering chestnuts are fun and fill your stomach

Park. from Jane at CC BY 2.0

When most of the leaves have fallen, gather 2 mountains of leaves and form 2 teams. For kids, there are few things more awesome in the fall than having a leaf fight outside wrapped up warm. Along the way, collect the prettiest leaves and twigs and later use them to make decorations to brighten up your home in autumn.

Chestnuts, beechnuts, rose hips and brightly colored leaves – collecting and processing autumn fruits is one of the most beautiful ideas what to do in autumn, and not just for kids. Until the first ground frost and sometimes even after that, there are various fruits in nature that are worth collecting!

Autumn fruits.

  • Hips
  • Mistles
  • Berberries
  • Sheep
  • Sweet Chestnuts
  • Beechnuts

3. Walk in Nature – Perfect for Cozy People

Recreational activities in autumn such as walks through a forest or the botanical garden

Autumn walk from Maja Dumat at CC BY 2.0

Make your way to the nearest forest and enjoy the splendor of colors and the special scent during a walk. The forest is never more beautiful than when the warm rays of the sun break through the morning mist and the leaves rustle underfoot.

A trip to the botanical garden is also worthwhile in autumn! In the botanical garden in Berlin-Dahlem, for example, there is a Autumn Trail on which you can experience autumn in different regions of the earth!

  • Are you missing the action? With our free challenge the trip to the Botanical Garden becomes perhaps one of the best ideas what to do in autumn.

4. Forest Rally – For All Adventurous People

Forest rally : Balancing on a tree trunk is part of it.

Balancing act at the forest rally

Experience a real adventure in the forest together with friends or family! Autumn is the perfect season for a forest rally. Not just for kids, a forest rally with competitions, games and tasks is a cool recreational activity that is incredibly fun.

For everyone 18 and up, our Waldmeister forest rally with liquid provisions is an insider tip! When the weather is nice, why don’t you just move your meeting with friends to the forest and surprise them with this rally?

5. Photo Safari – For All Enthusiastic Photographers

Capture the most beautiful moments and take a photo tour with family and friends. Take pictures of each other, stage funny group photos or just capture the beauty of autumn nature!

6. Fly a Kite – For All Sky Stormers

Fall recreational activities like kite flying bring lots of fun

Kites / Kite from Christian Heindel at CC BY-SA 2.0

Put on your windbreaker, let the wind blow through your hair, and fly a kite. With kids or without – on open spaces like the beach, a large meadow or Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin, kite flying is one of the most popular ideas what to do in autumn!

By the way, you can easily make kites from a garbage bag yourself!


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7. Rain Hike – For Those Who Are Not Scared off by Wetness

Fall recreational activities in the rain include rain dances and puddle jumping

Day FIVE Dancing in the rain by Caitlin Doe at CC BY 2.0

It’s raining outside and the ceiling is falling on your head? Don’t let the wet deter you, slip into rain boots and a rain jacket and pack a thermos of warm tea. Jumping through puddles, a rain dance with the kids or just a walk in the rain with good friends is really fun with a thermos of hot tea in your luggage.

8. Night Hike – For All Creepy Fans & Nature Lovers

Watching animals on a night hike

Night hike in the woods

Everything seems different at night – and that’s especially true in the woods! As Halloween approaches, the owl cries, a branch cracks, and the leaves rustle under your feet, the perfect mood sets in. With these 12 ideas for a night hike,  you can experience even more…

9. American Autumn With Campfire – For All Atmospheric

Atmospheric fall recreational activities like stoking campfires are special

alps 50-53 by Ernie Trölf CC BY 2.0

In the fall, it gets dark and chilly early in the evening. Invite your friends over and poke a bonfire in your backyard or in a fire pit on a grill area. With hot tea and grilled marshmallows on a stick, you’ll get into a very special mood….

10.Doing Sports Together – For All Those Who Are Hungry for Movement

Sporting ideas what to do in autumn, such as jogging, mountain bike tours or mountain tours, are immensely fun and action-packed together

Break from Hagbard at CC BY 2.0

Nothing motivates more than doing sports together. So if you’ve been meaning to finally go jogging or do your workout program again – ask a friend! The temperature is perfect in the fall, lots of adrenaline and feelings of happiness are released, and you’ll get fit. We also have some great tips on how to best overcome your inner badass when working out together!

11. Shopping Spree – For all the Shopping Queens & Kings

What to do in autumn - alloween shopping is a good idea

Halloween store display from OxOx by CC BY-SA 2.0

When was the last time you went on a real splurge? Have you shopped for Halloween yet? In autumn, a culinary stroll through the market is also particularly worthwhile. And is your closet already ready for winter?

12. Eat Hot Chestnuts – For All Foodies

If you ask yourself what to do in autumn you can go out and buy some chestnuts

Chestnuts from Axel Hartmann at CC BY-SA 2.0

Chestnuts or sweet chestnuts smell simply delicious when freshly roasted. The hot delicious nuts can be bought fresh on the market and in supermarkets from mid-October. In cities, vendors with small roasting wagons often offer the healthy nuts.

Did you know? The sweet chestnut is a really healthy snack! Chestnuts are full of carbohydrates and have hardly any fat!

13. Go on a Treasure Hunt Together – For All Explorers

Geocaching is one of the coolest fall recreational activities

Geocaching from Luis Pérez at CC BY 2.0

Cracking tricky codes and lifting treasures together – if you’re looking for an adventure, geo-caching is just what you’re looking for. In this modern form of scavenger hunt, you search for messages via GPS and set out for an epic treasure hunt.

14. Lantern Crafting for the Lantern Walk – For All the Atmospheric

Young and old alike walk the streets on November 11, St. Martin’s Day, with lanterns they’ve made themselves. This parade looks beautiful and it’s fun to run along – most of all with a homemade lantern that the kids carry with pride. With the festive procession and the softly glowing lanterns, winter begins for me and for the first time this festive pre-Christmas mood arises.

15. City Tour or Short Trip – For All Sightseeing Fans

Discover new sides to your city or get to know a (old)familiar city anew on a short trip. In autumn, the cities are not crowded and you can still sit outside in the café when the weather is nice.

16. Play Jugger – For Those Who Want to Role-Play Combat

Jugger is one of those fall recreational activities that provides lots of exercise and just as much fun.

Jugger Canberra 9/2/14 by Stephen Dann at CC BY-SA 2.0

What to do in autumn that is completely crazy and fun? Do you know the movie Jugger – Battle of the Best? In the movie, vagabond teams play for a living and engage in competitions. You can play exactly this game from the movie in real life and try to get the ball – the jugg – into the opponent’s goal with your team! The team has foam weapons – so called pompfen – and tries to prevent this. But don’t worry – the game is completely safe!

Read even more about Jugger here!

17. Play Dogdeball – For All Team Sports Fans

Dodgeball is one of the coolest outdoor fall sports activities

Dodgeball from Ben Chun at CC BY-SA 2.0

Dogdeball is a trendy sport in the US and UK. All you need for it are 2 teams, several balls, and a court. Like dodgeball, players throw each other off – but there are many variations and additional rules to make the game more fun!

18. Play Blackminton – For All Who Love Shining Demons

Party, wacky atmosphere and sport in one – all this brings the trend sport Blackminton. There are no limits and no rules when playing speedminton in the dark. Dressed in glow-in-the-dark gear and painted with fluorescent patterns, you’ll be playing neon glow a crazy trend sport.

And this is how wacky blackminton looks!


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19. Crossgolfing – For All Sporty Trendsetters

For crossgolfing you only need clubs and a ball – because you can play this sport everywhere. You determine the game goal and can completely dispense with etiquette. Ideal places to play are empty factory sites, industrial wastelands, etc.

Here you can find a tutorial:


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20. Cross Bocce Play – For All Freestylers

Cross bocce is one of the most recommended recreational activities in autumn

Crossbocce® get FREE! by Dosionair at CC BY 2.0

A few soft game balls and a few people – that’s all you need for one of the best fall recreational activities. In cross bocce, you throw a ball like you would in boules and try to land as close to it as possible with your next throws. But the whole thing in 3D! Because whether you throw the first ball at a wall, a branch fork, or out the window – it’s up to you!

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Image source Cover photo: Release the autumn by Jan Mühldorf at CC BY 2.0

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