What to get my partner for Christmas - 11 ideas that really come from the heart.

9. December 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

What to Get My Partner for Christmas? 11 Unique Ideas




Some Christmas gifts say more than 1,000 words about how much they mean to you. If you ask yourself: What to get my partner for Christmas? you find 11 ideas for personal gifts of love here.

Finding suitable Christmas gifts for your partner is not easy at all. After all, it’s about the person who means the most to you in the world and the gift should naturally reflect that.

That’s why many people dig deep into their pockets, especially at Christmas, and give their sweetheart just such a gift, e.g. in the form of jewellery, fine perfume or other luxury goods. But can material goods, as noble as they may be, really express love?

In my opinion, at least only to a limited extent. But there are also Christmas gifts for your partner that you can’t buy and that are more personal and infinitely more valuable than any Rolex. If you ask yourself what to get my partner fpr Christmas? – This Christmas, give your loved one time together, special moments, personal declarations of love!

What to Get My Partner for Christmas? 11 Gifts That Really Come From the Heart

1. A Love Letter

I’m sorry, love letter?? The last time I wrote something like that was in primary school, you might be thinking. It might sound strange at first, but a real love letter written from the heart is an incredibly beautiful and romantic gift, even among adults!

Maybe you should write love letters especially as an adult, because when, if not now, are you ready to put your feelings into words? Write down everything you love about your partner, why he or she is the best person ever. Feel free to tweak this letter a bit, because it should be something your partner can read again and again in the future.

And then write it in your most beautiful handwriting on fine paper. Or make it special in some other way. I once wrote a love letter in a small notebook and it not only contained text, but also small pictures that I had cut out of magazines or taken from the internet and printed out, which illustrated and complemented my love letter. Or you can create your love story as a picture story, for example as a comic.

A love letter like this is a very special gift that your sweetheart will certainly not expect and that really comes from the bottom of your heart. It doesn’t get any more intimate than this 😉

2. A Year Full of Compliments – Personal Love Calendar

In everyday life, people compliment each other far too rarely. This is the case in almost every relationship and it’s not a bad thing, it’s completely normal. But it would be nice to hear a compliment from your partner more often, of course an honest and sincere one!

Why not create a personal love calendar for the coming year with 52 compliments, one for each week. Or if you’re really good and hard-working: 365 compliments for every day of the year.

If you put real effort into the wording and presentation of such a compliment calendar, your partner is sure to be impressed and flattered. (Even more so if you make 365!).

Be creative with the wording of your compliments: instead of “Your eyes are so beautiful.” write something like “I love to see you blink cutely a few times in the morning after sleeping, and then suddenly life comes into your gaze.” Or something like that… 😉

3. Personal Voucher Lottery

This idea is another one of those Christmas gifts for your partner that he or she will get something out of over a long period of time: a personal voucher lottery. You write a large number of vouchers for personal services.

Again, the number 52 lends itself to this, so one voucher a week for 1 year, but it could also be your lucky number, the number of years (or months) you’ve been together, or just a round number like 100.

A few suggestions for voucher ideas:

  • I will cook for you a romantic dinner of your choice
  • You may let me serve you for one day
  • Voucher for an erotic massage
  • Today you get to decide what we watch on TV
  • I’ll do the dishes today
  • Wash all the windows for once
  • We’ll go to the cinema to a film of your choice
  • here’s 5 more creative voucher ideas for Christmas

Of course, some things may be repeated. However, it is important that you only write things on the vouchers that you can realistically keep later and that you do so.

Write these vouchers in a nice font on small paper rolls, tie little bows around them and collect them all in a large container, e.g. a self-decorated preserving jar or a nice gift box.

Make a rule about how often your sweetheart can access his or her gift voucher lottery (e.g. once a week). You will see that this way you will bring a lot of pizzazz into your relationship for a long time and it will also be exciting for you because you never know which voucher she or he will draw. 😀

4. A Weekly Couple’s Day / Couple’s Evening

Especially in longer relationships and when both are working and/or have children, time as a couple often comes too short. Time in which you really devote yourself to each other, just like in the beginning of every relationship.

Why not give your partner a weekly couple’s day or couple’s evening? It’s best to suggest a fixed day of the week on which you will always have time for him/her. And if that means hiring a babysitter once a week, that’s part of the gift, of course 😉

5. A Romantic Getaway

Alternatively, you can also give your loved one a whole weekend or a few days just with you. Such a romantic getaway is best planned as concretely as possible with dates and organisation (children to grandma and grandpa etc.).

There are many hotels that specialise in couples and also have special offers, e.g. for wellness holidays for couples or romantic city breaks. But maybe you are more of a nature adventurer and a hiking holiday with camping is the best way for you to relax? You certainly know best what your sweetheart would be most excited about.

6. A Personal Review of the Year With Photos

Shared memories are incredibly important for any relationship. Collect photos and memories from the past year and stick them in an album to create your own personal year in review. Or use a digital photo service and put together a photo album on your PC.

For example, you can also stick in torn-off theatre tickets, cut-out figures from brochures or dried plants and write personal texts under the pictures.

7. A Joint Photo Session

Do you have really nice couple pictures of the two of you? Maybe you’re married, in which case you probably do, but even then a photo session as a couple is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for your partner.

Most professional photographers offer classic couples photography, but maybe an erotic photo shoot appeals to you? Or a photo shoot at a special location, in your LARP costumes, with all your pets etc. 😉

8. Change Your Habits for Your Partner

Wow, that’s quite a gift! One thing first: this is not about bending over backwards for your partner or becoming a different person. But surely there’s a habit or fad or two that bothers your partner and isn’t a substantial part of your personality either, but something you can and will willingly give up.

Whether you give up smoking, vow to tidy up more often, or instead of lying in bed half the day on Sunday, go and fetch rolls and make breakfast more often at the weekend – your willingness to change is a great gesture with which you show your partner how important he or she is to you.

However, for this gift it is also true: you have to want it and you have to be able to do it. Because only fulfilled promises are valuable gifts 😉

9. A Joint Project or Hobby

As we all know, you learn best when it’s also fun and when you do it with someone you like. Maybe you’ve both talked about how nice it would be to be able to dance a tango. Or do you both have a soft spot for Japan and love to cook? You both love thrillers and puzzle games, but have never tried geocaching or an room escape game?

So give your sweetheart the gift of time together by taking a dance class, sushi class, playing volleyball, taking Spanish lessons or simply jogging and working out together on a regular basis.

10. Support Your Partner in His or Her Life’s Dream

Can you be a little more specific, you’re asking yourself. Yes, all right. Here’s what I mean: surely your partner has some dreams that you know about. Show your sweetheart that you fully support her or him in this.


  • Your partner dreams of publishing a book one day. Give him a creative writing course and a nice notebook.
  • Your sweetheart’s biggest dream is to become a photographer. Give a year’s subscription to a professional magazine as a gift.
  • Or your partner has been dreaming of the next career leap for a long time… Maybe you can find a suitable coaching or training course that can help him/her perfectly.

11. A Marriage Proposal

But maybe the life dream of the person you love is a completely different one…. That has to do directly with you!

What to get my partner for Christmas? Which of these Christmas gifts for your partner would your sweetheart be most excited about?

For more inspiration, browse our Christmas ideas, as well as our general tips for activities with friends, as a couple or with family.

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