The What do you Meme? game is a popular party game with cards

15. February 2020 - Anika Semmer

What Do You Meme? Game - How Is Your Sense of Humour? | Review


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For the What do you Meme? game you need (black) humour! Bet there’s no one who stays serious with the most successful picture-text combinations?

The meme is a phenomenon from social networks. Everyone knows them – they are pictures under which people post statements that give the picture a disturbing, satirical or socially critical meaning. A meme can be any small media content taken out of context (image, video, animation, etc.) – but the What do you Meme game is exclusively about (montaged) photos and drawings.

What do you Meme? works in exactly the same way – only analogue as a card game. There is a picture and in combination with text it becomes really funny, socio-critical and sometimes crude. What works so well on Facebook and Instagram has the makings of a great party game, thought a clever man in the USA.

How well has What do you meme? actually turned out? Whether it is suitable as a party game? For whom it is worthwhile? We have summarised all this and our pros and cons in the conclusion at the end of the review.

By the way, in our board game tips you’ll find lots of game reviews and complete guides for popular party games with ratings.

Transparency notice: The HUCH! publishing house (Hutter Trade GmbH) kindly sent us a review copy of the What do you Meme? game free of charge. However, this game review is unpaid and reflects our honest opinion.

The  What Do You Meme? Game at a Glance

  • Game type: Party game
  • Age: from 18 years
  • Players: from 3 players
  • Duration: approx. 30-90 min.
  • Publisher: HUCH! Verlag / Hutter Trade
  • Publication year: 2018
  • Game objective: Pair hefty text blocks with pictures – to create the funniest, sickest and most blackly humorous combinations!

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How to Play the What Do You Meme? Game

The What do you Meme game is a party game with cards that is ideal for a bachelor party.

What do you Meme? Which text fits best?

The game consists of large picture cards, an easel to set up the picture cards and text cards and are stored in a handy little box. First shuffle the deck of text cards and deal out 7 cards face down to each player in turn.

Each round, one player takes turns to be the scorekeeper. He starts by looking at the large photo cards and choosing a motif. All players take a good look at the motif, then the scorer places his or her chosen picture card on the easel for all the other players to see.

Which Picture-Text Combination Is the Best?

Now it’s the players’ turn at the same time and their imagination is called upon! Each selects the text card that they think best matches the photo card and hands it face down to the scorer. Once the scorer has received all the cards, he shuffles them and reads them out loud one by one and places them face up in front of the picture cards.

Now the scorer decides which text card forms the crudest, most disturbing or funniest combination with the photo card – i.e. which combination is the most successful. The player who placed this card gets the photo card as a trophy. All remaining text cards are discarded and go into a discard pile. The next round with a new scorer begins.

Sometimes all 7 text cards are crap or do not match the picture card at all. In that case, you may discard your 7 text cards and draw 7 new text cards from the pile.

Playing – Who Has the Most Photo Cards?

You can actually play What do you Meme? for as long as you like. According to the rules of the game, a round is over at the latest when a player has scored 20 points or 20 photo cards.

Freestyle – What do you Meme? Game

The What do you Meme? game translates the viral phenomenon into an analogue card game

Imagination is called for in Freestyle

On some text cards there is no text but Freestyle. If a player receives such a card, he must immediately play it face up and all other players discard their 7 text cards. Everyone is now allowed to think up their own text and unleash all their depraved skills… 😀

Depending on how extroverted you are, you can write your text coyly on a piece of paper and push it blushingly to the scorer. Or you can shout out your congenial line 😉

18+ Text Cards – Not for the Faint-Hearted

Some of the text cards are marked 18+ for a good reason. I’m sure you can imagine why :D. You can sort out the very crude cards before the game starts or shuffle them in – depending on how you like it and who is playing.

Rating and Conclusion

The What do you Meme game is a party game for everyone who thinks memes are awesome

Sh… which text fits like sweet mustard on white sausage?

“Over 2 million copies sold worldwide” boasts the What do you Meme? game. We can see why. Everyone who martens their brains on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and comments snappily on pictures can finally do so together with their dudes & dudines. Celebrating your own congenial text creations while freestyling and laughing in tears at the crude imagination of others is a hell of a lot of fun.
The fun factor of What do you Meme? stands and falls with how comfortable everyone is with hard lyrics and really savouring crude combinations.

Price / Performance

Pro and Con

No game setup, super simple rules, the game principle is immediately clear. On top of that, the little booklet with the rules is also wittily written. A round of play goes quickly, imagination is required each time and both being a scorekeeper and choosing text cards is a lot of fun. Also, there is no waiting, everyone’s turn is practically all the time.

But the best thing about What do you Meme? is that it is really funny. It’s a party game where laughter is inevitable – assuming you’re a fan of crude humour. The game is small enough to fit in your backpack or handbag and you can play it in the park or on the train. And it’s just ideal for a stag party!

Fantasy is a great ingredient for a party game. Freestyle cards let you dream up even better lyrics than those included in the game – we’ve immortalised our best creations on blank playing cards and play with them. (And no, we won’t reveal what we’ve written there :-P)

You can also print individual photos on cards – or the scorer puts his smartphone on the easel with the motif of his choice. Pictures of people from the round, for example of shared legendary almost forgotten party slams, unfold their full potential here. 😀

Individualising” and adding your own texts and motifs is a great way to make What do you Meme? fun for as long as possible. Because, as with all card games, this unfortunately dulls when you know all the cards by heart and also the texts are known.

At amazon, the game currently costs a hefty €27.95, which is quite expensive for a card game.

For Whom Is the What Do You Meme Game Worthwhile?

What do you Meme? is especially worthwhile for small parties with up to 10 people. It’s a great icebreaker when you play with friends who don’t know each other that well. At the same time, close friends who actually know everything about each other also get their money’s worth. The game is perfect for bachelor parties.

All the more squeamish should stay away from it.


Witty, entertaining, instantly grasped and witty. The party game heats up parties, causes a lot of laughter and is perfect as a game for a stag party. Whoever doesn’t laugh at What do you Meme? must be the Pope!

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