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28. May 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

Wellness Day Idea for a Perfect Day at the Spa




Wellness relaxation is exactly what you and your best friend (or boyfriend) urgently needs because he or she is always too down to earth lately? With this wellness day idea you can surprise her / him with a special gift: enjoy galactic wellness relaxation together. 

Do you sometimes feel like this? You just want to take off and leave the earth with its everyday problems behind you. I was extremely stressed for a while from my work at the time, constantly complaining about it. As it happens, I cried most to my best friend about it. But what are (best) friends for, if not to help you.

Then it was my birthday and we actually prefer to give each other vouchers for joint leisure activities. This time she gave me a self-painted voucher for a day of ”Galactic wellness”. On it she had painted us both in spacesuits, floating through space among stars and comets.

My best friend knows that even as a little boy I was enthusiastic about everything to do with space travel and am, for example, a huge fan of science fiction films. With a twinkle in her eye, she asked me to keep the coming Saturday free for the joint flight into space of wellness relaxation” . While I didn’t seriously expect to join her on a real trip into space as a space tourist, I was all the more excited to see what awaited me.

Anika had a great theme wellness day idea for me: take off from Earth and completely relax in Outer Space. Almost like being in weightlessness! We drove to a wellness spa nearby, for which she had got 2 day tickets that included all possible programme points. Of course, Anika is Anika and had thought of a space-related motto for each relaxation option and made a corresponding voucher.

1. Wellness Relaxation With Hot Meteorite Massage

To get a real meteor shower off is probably rather not recommended 😉 But what was hiding behind my meteorites was a hot stone massage, also known by the English term Hot Stone Massage. For me it was the first time I got such a massage and I can only say it is really enormously relaxing.
This form of massage uses flat, round stones that are preheated to about 60° C in a water bath. This kind of treatment to relax muscles has existed since time immemorial in various cultures, the masseuse explained to us. There are different sub-types, depending on whether one uses an Indian, Asian or a modern variant.

First we had to lie on our stomachs on some of these stones, which the masseuse had arranged in such a way that they affect certain muscles. At first it took me a bit of effort not to flinch and stay still on the hot stones, but you get used to the feeling quite quickly.

When the masseuse put hot stones on my back as well, I could really enjoy it. We stayed like that for a while, enjoying the light pressure and warmth emanating from the stones. Then came the actual massage: gently, the masseuse began to move stones in circular motions on my shoulder blades and then worked her way all over my back. Afterwards, we both literally felt like we were on another planet.

2. Wellness Relaxation During a Gentle Bath in the Milky Way

Our next item on the programme was a milk bath. Maybe you know the old classic ”Asterix and Cleopatra” where she bathes in donkey milk. But such a thing also exists in reality. In fact, a milk bath is very good for the skin, except that you don’t bathe completely in milk, it’s rather hot bath water to which a few litres of milk and, in our case, some honey were added.

I was a bit sceptical at first, because as a man I found something like this rather strange and attributed it more to the ”beauty” care of women. However, I often have dry skin myself and must say that it felt pleasant and supple for days after the milk bath. In the milk bath room, the light was pleasantly dim, so we really teased ourselves in between bathing in the Milky Way. In the truest sense of the word a galactic experience! 😉

3. Wellness Relaxation Whilesweating in the Star Sauna

After an almost out-of-this-world good lunch – I chose green asparagus with sweet potatoes and orange sauce – we went to the star sauna announced by Anika! She had been to this spa before and knew that the lighting in the sauna actually consisted of loud little LEDs floating above you like a starry sky.

Because there were only two of us, we could also choose the infusion ourselves. We briefly considered what would be the spaciest aroma and finally chose lemongrass basil. Acoustic accompaniment was also provided: you could switch between a few channels: soft jazz, rainforest sounds, ocean sounds, whale songs and classical piano playing. We opted for the whale songs, which somehow sounded the most alien and therefore best suited our motto for the day Wellness Relaxation in Outer Space.
When taking a sauna, you should take 3 to 4 sauna sessions with rest breaks in between. During the breaks, you can either just chill, sleep or read, for example. Anika of course had the adequate reading with her: a PM article about the latest findings on black holes and a science fiction novel by Stanislaw Lem.

4. Wellness Relaxation While Sweightless Floating Through Space

As we all know, you save the best for last. That’s how Anika had planned it, too. Whether I was now ready to finally drift off into weightlessness, she asked me with a grin. What came next was the most relaxing and beautiful experience of the whole day: Floating*.

You lie in highly concentrated salt water and similar to the Dead Sea, you float and glide in it and really feel weightless. We floated for an hour in the floating pool, and while you’re gliding along, you lose all sense of time! We could choose whether we wanted to listen to meditative music and have light effects. But we opted for the ”classic” version in an isolation tank.

This means: absolute darkness and isolation from all sounds of the outside world! This may sound scary, but it is an incredible and extremely great experience of complete wellness relaxation when you float so freed from all external stimuli.

This is exactly how I imagine it, floating weightlessly in space. You relax all your muscles and incredible feelings of happiness spread through you. My thoughts began to wander and I found myself in a kind of dream or trance-like state without actually falling asleep. An experience that could hardly be more extraordinary!

The Sense of a Wellness Theme Day

Of course, you can use all these wellness relaxation techniques independently and without a motto like Outer Space. But we just like, especially with gifts for special occasions, to personalise them and give the whole thing a thematic context.

In addition, the details of a day of wellness and relaxation together stay in your memory much better and you can live off these moments for a long time. I will always remember the wonderful ”meteor shower” of the warm stone massage, the ”bath in the Milky Way”, the ”star sauna” and, of course, the mystical weightlessness of the float.

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Image source Cover photo: The open University by Kevin Lim at CC BY 2.0

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