A wedding video message is one of the best wedding gifts for friends

24. September 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

How Your Wedding Video Message Gets the Highlight of The Event | Tutorial


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Witty, unusual and guaranteed creative: a video message is the perfect gift for the wedding of good friends. Because when good friends get married, you want to give them something special on their big day on the rocky road of marriage: a funny video message, they remember for a long time! With this script template for your video message, it’s a breeze!

The wedding of a good friend is a very special day in his life. All the more you want to give to the wedding also something personal and contribute something to this most beautiful event in his life.

Why a Video Message Is a Perfect Wedding Gift

Witty, entertaining and creative is the ideal combination for the ideal wedding gift – a self-made video message is all that! In your video message you can wish the bride and groom in a personal and funny way all the best and give something to take with them on their way. And best of all: you can presentyour video messageat the wedding party of your friends as a surprising program item to all wedding guests and provide a highlight! If this is not for you, you can also show your video message to the bride and groom in private. The most important thing is that it is original and personal and comes from the heart!

You can not attend the wedding, but still want to give something? A video message as wedding gift is also a wonderful way to still be at the wedding. So you let your friends know how much they mean to you.

I recently recorded such a video message for two friends whose wedding I could not attend. Making videos is a hobby of mine and one of my favorite pastimes, even though I get to do it far too rarely. So this wedding was for me a welcome occasion for a small film project..

The script for this I would like to provide you here for inspiration. This screenplay template you should not understand, however, as 1:1 template. Because the more personal you make your video and the more you tailor it to your friends who say yes, the better it will go down well with them.

A video message is a gift of lasting value. When your friends watch the message again years later, they will be totally happy about it and remember the day of their wedding.

What You Need for Your Wedding Video Message

  • 2 actors: you and your partner or another friend
  • Equipment: Camera (e.g. a Nikon DSLR camera)*, if possible a tripod, good lighting, editing program (e.g. Magix Video Easy)*.
  • Shooting location: your apartment (or another one where you are allowed to shoot)
  • Time & patience: as much as possible! The minimum is 2 hours of shooting and 2 hours of editing to get 1 minute of really good footage out of it. But of course it depends on how much time you have and how perfectionistic you are… 😉

My Wedding Video Message Script Template

Title Insertion: Marriage – Short Guide in 5 Chapters.

A & B are sitting on the sofa, both of them look at the camera and take turns to recite the greeting.

A: Dear…

B: Dear…

A: You are about to embark on one of the most dangerous journeys you can take!

B: Which one?

A: Marriage!!! B makes a dismayed face

Cut: camera approaches an open washing machine, which welcomes them like an open maw. Dramatic music! The word “marriage” appears in the picture in curved pink letters.

An unique wedding video message is a great personal gift

Marriage – whirlpool of passion or pit of hell?

Tip: As ”maw of marriage” is also suitable an oven, a drain, a burning fireplace etc. 😀

Insert: Chapter 1 – Jealousy

A & B are sitting on the balcony. B is on the phone.

B (into the phone): Do you feel like doing anything?

Cut to A’s worried face

B: Ok, see you later. Bye!

A: Who is that?? Who were you just talking to on the phone??

B: With an old boyfriend/girlfriend? (depending on which sex A would be jealous of).

A (suspiciously): And… what do you want to do with him/her??

B (innocently): Go to the movies…?

A: Without me???

B: Yes… why?

Cut to A’s face, he/she is completely pissed off. Dramatic, ominous music, e.g. ……. from the Kill Bill soundtrack! A hisses dangerously through his/her teeth. Distorting image effect.

Fade In: Chapter 2 – Household

Wedding video message with marriage tips

The daily washing up – A long-term danger for the marriage?

The camera ”flies” through the apartment and pauses on dirty or untidy things, such as laundry lying on the floor, disorganized papers on the desk, dirty dishes, etc. The camera also flies through the apartment and pauses on dirty or untidy things. In the edit, you speed up the whole thing with a time-lapse and add some rushed music, e.g. Vivaldi’s Flight of the Bumblebee. The camera lands on B, who is cooking or doing a similar household task.

B (to the camera): How are you supposed to cook in such a mess!!?

A: What is the most important ingredient in a marriage? Alcohol?

B: Listen!!! (he/she nevertheless takes a deep gulp from a wine bottle).

Insertion: Chapter 3: Romance

The wedding video message - one of the most creative gifts for friends.

Romance in Marriage – A Trace

A & B are sitting together at the table in the dining room with a wonderful delicious meal and wine glasses in front of them. Soft classical music in the background.

A (overly sweet): To our wonderful and always happy relationship!

They toast.

B: Bon appétit.

A: It’s so romantic to eat with you. I wish you bon appétit too. What a nice meal you have prepared again!

Cut: A brings a full fork to his mouth, swallows and makes noises as if he has been poisoned. A sinks away to the side. B continues to eat calmly, as if nothing had happened.

B (calmly, more to himself): Now I finally have my peace.

Tip: To prepare for this, look at Loriot’s complete works 😉

Fade In: Chapter 4 – Problems in Bed

A & B lie next to each other in bed, covered with a single blanket. Musical background with soft classical music, e.g. Moonlight Sonata.

B rolls to the side and pulls the blanket away from A completely. A lies there in his pajamas (preferably embarrassing Mickey Mouse pajamas!) and visibly shivers.

B rolls to the side again and falls out of bed. She/he groans.

Fade In: Chapter 5 – Happy Wedding Day!

A & B are sitting on the couch again like at the beginning of the video message.

B: Dear …

A: And dear …

B: Now you have seen some cliffs you can go around….

A: …you should avoid! To enter safely into the harbor of marriage. In any case, we are convinced that you will succeed and we wish you…

B: …all, all the best….

A: …. a great wedding and a great marriage….

B: … for eternity!!! Oh my goooooood!

(B laughs and gets his face very close to the camera).


How to Vary Your Video Message Script

You can vary this script for a friends wedding video message however you like. You know the wedding couple’s sense of humor best, and you’re bound to have plenty of ideas already! Give your friends your own quick guide to marriage and make them laugh :-).

What would you advise your friends in matters of partnership? What are typical quirks of the bride and groom and which comedian they like the most? Think of 3-5 funny scenes like the ones described above. Be sure to include a few insider and tongue-in-cheek references that only your friends will understand, it will make your video message all the more personal. Is there a special experience or moment as the highlight of your message? 😉

A final piece of advice: for a funny and touching video message, you don’t need to be great actors, nor do you need to know much about making movies. If you have original ideas and are creative, you can give your friends a really unique wedding gift this way, for which they will love you!.

The best gifts are personal and creative! At Adventure Friendship you can find many more ideas for gifts for friends, gifts for your partner or gift ideas for kids.

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Image source Cover image: doggie_wedding by Deb Gray at CC BY SA-2.0

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