This wedding time capsule was a little treasure chest

26. June 2021 - Alexander Schmidt

Wedding Time Capsule With Memories – Best Ideas for a Unique Gift


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Are you Looking for a creative and personal wedding gift? This is how you can surprise the wedding couple with a treasure chest of wedding day memories: a wedding time capsule!

Imagine if there was a day in your life that you could go back to again and again in a time machine! A gateway to the past, a secret passage through time that leads to the most beautiful day of your life, over and over again! Wouldn’t that be the best gift you could ever give someone?

All right, I admit – albeit reluctantly! – that I haven’t invented a time machine, I wish I had! But the next best substitute for a time machine is a time capsule….

What Is a Wedding Time Capsule?

A time capsule is nothing more than a container into which you put objects at a certain time and then only open it again after a very long time. Snore… Doesn’t sound so exciting at first? Wait and see!

But what if this container also contains a letter to you, or rather to your future self? What if it contains photos you have never seen before? Previously unknown impressions of one of the most important days of your life: your wedding day?!? And when, years later, you lift this treasure and, with tears of joy in your eyes, see pictures and read words that your closest friends and relatives and not least your partner and yourself have given you for the future?

Wedding time capsule as a treasure chest of memories makes a great wedding gift

A treasure chest of the most beautiful wedding memories

Honestly, as valuable as designer furniture, china service or other wedding gifts may be, memories are still the most precious! And where better to keep treasures than in a treasure chest?

The Wedding Time Capsule as an Interactive Activity

When I was the best man at my best friend’s wedding (guess who I’m talking about, dear readers ;)) When I was best man at my best friend’s wedding (guess who that means, dear readers ;)), I came up with the concept for our personal wedding time capsule together with the other best man. On the one hand, it was to be one of our gifts and on the other hand, it was to be a playful activity on the wedding day itself and an interactive programme for the wedding guests.

For us it was clear: personal letters to the future selves of bride and groom should definitely be in the time capsule. However, not everyone is good at spontaneously putting lines on paper, so I thought of questions and designed the letters like little questionnaires. There were 3 versions: one for the guests and one each for the bride and groom, who were also allowed to write themselves a letter to the future.

Wedding time capsule with questionnaires

Memory treasure chest with questionnaires for the guests

Questions for the Guests

  • What do you wish for the wedding couple?
  • What was the most beautiful or funniest moment today?
  • If today were a movie, what would be its title?

We have also left space for each guest to make “Personal Comments”.

Questions for Bride and Groom

  • What are you most excited about right now?
  • What was the funniest moment today?
  • If today were a movie, what title would you give it?
  • What advice do you have for your future self in a year’s time?
  • …and what for your self on your 10th wedding anniversary?

On our questionnaires for bride and groom, we have also titled a section “Message to the future self of [name of the other]” and also left some space for personal comments.

Polaroid – The Epitome of the Snapshot

Polaroid camera in a treasure chest as part of a wedding promotion

Nostalgic surprise promotion: Polaroid snapshots

As for the photos, the other best man had an original idea. Since we live in a time of picture overload, where you can take a whole series of photos with just one click on your mobile phone, we wanted to contrast this with something else…

As a reminiscence of times gone by, when photographers could literally run out of film, we put a Polaroid camera in the treasure chest, with which each guest was allowed to take 2 pictures during the day, which then found their way into the treasure chest aka time capsule for the wedding. Together with the “letters to the future”, these snapshots form the treasure chest, which was closed on the evening of the wedding day and may not be opened again by the bride and groom until the 1st wedding day at the earliest!

(Whether the bride and groom are allowed to open their wedding time capsule already on the 1st or only on the 5th, 7th or 12th wedding day is, of course, entirely up to the gift givers).

Wedding time capsule: a treasure chest with letters and photos

A treasure waiting for the bride and groom….

Materials List – What You Need for Our Version of the Wedding Time Capsule


  • Treasure chest or other container
  • Guest Questionnaire, Bride Questionnaire, Groom Questionnaire.
  • Noble paper, e.g. marbled
  • Small envelopes
  • Pens
  • Bows / embellishment
  • Polaroid camera
  • Polaroid film

Good luck making your own version of a wedding time capsule a reality! 🙂

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