The wedding piñata is a wedding game for the wedding couple

26. April 2018 - Anika Semmer

Wedding Piñata - How a Wedding Game Brings Happiness & Wealth


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Inside the wedding piñata lies marital bliss! Will the bride and groom master the first big task of their young marriage together?

Cheering and cheering along for the wedding guests and fun, love, wealth and victory over all evil for the wedding couple. The piñata as a wedding game brings all this along with its pretty packaging. With our 3 ideas for original implementation, you can use the wedding piñata as action-packed entertainment that fits perfectly with the wedding with its symbolic statement. Turn the wedding piñata into a funny knowledge contest or a clever psychological test to see who wears the trousers in marriage and delight the bride and groom and wedding guests.

The wedding piñata is a hollow, colourful papier-mâché figure that can be suspended freely. Now blindfold the wedding couple and give them a piñata stick in their hands so that they both hold it with one hand.

Now the piñata swings back and forth and the newlyweds get to smash the piñata. Of course, they are cheered on by the wedding guests, who call out tips on where the figure is hanging. Symbolically, this stands for the wedding couple’s joint fight against evil – and if they succeed in smashing the piñata and its contents rain out, this guarantees love, wealth and marital bliss.

This custom is still exotic for us – but in Mexico a wedding and a lively fiesta without a piñata is unthinkable. I wonder how long it will take for us to do the same.

We also have tips for an original piñata filling besides sweets and money.

The Wedding Piñata – 3 Variations of the Wedding Game

Is it: together we are strong! Or is there a funny competition between bride and groom? Actually, all wedding games revolve around these two questions – and our 3 variations of the wedding piñata also reveal a lot to the wedding guests about how well the couple harmonises and who wears the trousers in the marriage! 🙂
For all variants, hang the wedding pinata outside or inside at a height that is easy to reach and you will need 2 blindfolds, a stick and for variant 3 a ribbon. Whatever you fill the pinata with, it should include some sweets for the children to pick up when the figure is broken! The rules of the game will tell you exactly how the wedding pinata goes and when the wedding couple is allowed to hit the figurine.

1. Who Is Better Equipped for Marriage? – Wedding Piñata With Quiz Questions

Bride and groom like to quiz? Put them to the test to see who is more knowledgeable about marriage and knows what they’re getting into! Or maybe they’ll pull together from the start – and show how well they complement each other?

Just print out the questions for the marriage quiz and use sleep masks to cover your eyes, as you can slide them up and down quickly.

Then ask the wedding couple the questions one after the other and whoever answers the question first covers their eyes with the sleep mask and gets to hit the wedding piñata with the stick. If the wedding couple answers the question together, they may hit the figure together.

2. Who’s the Boss in Marriage? – Psychological Wedding Game

Who leads, who allows himself to be led? Who gives the instructions? Or does the wedding couple tackle everything together?

Give the wedding couple 1 blindfold and the stick and let the wedding couple decide for themselves who will hit the figure blindfolded and who may give the other instructions such as: to the left, to the right!
To get the wedding guests involved and make the task more difficult, you can also attach an extra string to the wedding piñata that the guests can pull on to make the figure swing back and forth and harder to hit. This way, the bride and groom have to work together as a team to smash the wedding piñata. And while watching, you learn quite a lot about who sets the tone 😉

3. Defeating Evil Together – Bonded Forever

The wedding couple is blindfolded and their wrists are tied with a ribbon so that they are one. The couple are given the stick and take turns or strike the wedding piñata together – symbolically driving out all the hostile feelings that stand in the way of their marital bliss.

Motifs for Wedding Piñatas

Wedding cake, lucky pig, treasure chest – this is a selection of motifs for wedding piñatas that you can order from amazon. In addition to these motifs, figures that symbolically embody something the wedding couple has in common go particularly well! For example, a shared hobby or passion.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find more ideas for piñatas for adults! Plus, of course, more wedding reception ideas and countless tips for activities with friends, partner or family.

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Image source Cover image: Katie and the Pinata by CJ Sorg at CC BY SA-2.0.

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