Cutting a wedding heart out of a large cloth is a popular wedding fixture

24. August 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Cutting Out the Wedding Heart – This Is How the Wedding Custom Works


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Easy to prepare, fun for the wedding couple and guests, and super photogenic too: cutting a wedding heart out of a bed sheet is one of the most beautiful wedding traditions!

A beautiful wedding lives from images that burn themselves into the memory – they come to you immediately when you think back to that day. Apart from the wedding ceremony, it is mostly meaningful and picture-rich wedding actions and wedding games that become such memories. It is not for nothing that there are actions and customs that have appeared at very many weddings for decades: Sawing up a tree trunk, sending heart balloons with good wishes into the sky as a beautiful wedding action – and cutting out a wedding heart from the bed sheet through which the groom symbolically carries the bride into marriage.

We were recently groomsmen and prepared a make-your-own heart piñata, a wedding custom that is still exotic in Germany but is part of every wedding in Latin America and is also very impressive both figuratively and in terms of its message. The wedding piñata as a wedding game was also slightly Europeanised.

The groom’s maid of honour had also prepared several wedding games and activities. One of them took place directly after the wedding ceremony – the Wedding Heart Cutting. As I haven’t been to so many weddings myself, it was my first wedding heart and I loved it.

One of the most traditional wedding games is the Wedding heart

The wedding heart is still intact

By the way, you don’t have to make your own bed sheets with a wedding heart painted on them; you can buy them in wedding shops or on the internet.

Here are a few examples from Amazon*:

Cut Out the Wedding Heart

This wedding heart custom is traditionally done directly after the wedding ceremony, so either after the registry office or the church.

The large cloth with wedding heart was held by 2 women at this wedding, but more people can hold it. This is because the cloth should be stretched tightly so that the wedding heart can be seen clearly on it.

The bride and groom now stand on one side of the cloth and are each given a pair of nail scissors to cut out. The wedding party positions itself on the other side.

On the go, the bride and groom then start cutting simultaneously either at the bottom or the top of the heart (i.e. in the V between the two curves). In this way, each person cuts out one half of the wedding heart.

Cutting the wedding heart

The groom cutting the heart

According to tradition, whoever has cut out his part first also wears the trousers in this relationship! Accordingly, the bride and groom were cheered on by their friends and relatives.

Clearly, the bride was faster! But we could also have predicted that she would be the decider in the marriage… 😀

Cutting open the wedding heart

The bride just had more pace

The Joint Step Into Marriage

Now that this has been cleared up, they can both take the step into marriage. It goes without saying that the groom, as a gentleman, carries the bride through his heart. But don’t stumble, because that brings bad luck!

After walking through the wedding heart

Done! – The marriage can begin

In our case, the groom carried the bride through the heart without a misstep, so the signs are good for a happy marriage!

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