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6. July 2018 - Anika Semmer

Best Wedding Dance Games - 10 Unforgettable Romantic Games


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


A great dance floor and a bomb atmosphere – or a romantic mood and great photo motifs. Wedding dance games lure shy wedding guests onto the dance floor and fill every dance floor.

A lively party where all generations dance on the full dance floor until the early hours of the morning: That is part of a beautiful wedding party. The bride and groom open the dance in the classic way with their wedding dance, the wedding band plays – and the dance floor is empty. This happens more often than you think!

Not every wedding guest confidently jumps onto the dance floor straight away – some need group dynamics, a direct invitation or it’s enough to feel invited: some wedding dance games are ideal for this. And also many of the funniest, most romantic and touching wedding games for the wedding couple are dance games that lighten the mood.

When everyone from grandpa to the toddler is dancing, and ideally with each other, the party atmosphere really takes on a life of its own. I have noticed at many weddings that many classic wedding dance games are still popular. I just say: hardly a wedding without a polonaise and a wedding dance by the bride and groom at the opening! But again and again there were also beautiful wedding games to discover.

The most important thing is what applies to all wedding games: it has to suit the wedding couple and bring them joy! You’d better do without dance games that might embarrass them 😉

10 Unforgettable Wedding Dance Games for Wedding Couple and Guests

Wedding dance games lighten the mood and are lovely wedding games

Unforgettable wedding dance games

Wedding Dance Games Just for the Bride and Groom

1. The Umbrella Dance – Classic That Looks Beautiful

This is what you need:

Apply self-adhesive tape at intervals to the top of the umbrella once it is stretched out. Then you distribute the paper snakes among the wedding guests and ask them to stand around the wedding couple on the dance floor.

The wedding couple is given the umbrella and asked to dance tightly under it – preferably to their favourite song, the song where they met, etc. Now everyone throws the paper streamers onto the dance floor. Now everyone throws the streamers onto the umbrella until the wedding couple disappears under it like in a cave and can enjoy their togetherness.

2. The Veil Dance – Happiness in the Wedding

This is what you need:

The veil dance is a traditional wedding dance for which you please do not use the correct bridal veil: namely, it will be torn.

The wedding couple comes onto the dance floor and stands in the middle. All the (unmarried) guests now spread out around the newlyweds and stretch a veil over the heads of the wedding couple like a roof, which the guests hold in their hands at the edges.  With the music, the wedding couple begins to dance with each other and the guests walk in circles with the veil.

The moment the music stops, all the guests yank on the veil to make it tear. This traditionally brings good luck to the guests – and the person holding the largest piece of the veil is the next to get married.

3. Dance of Lights – Romantic with Sparklers

This is what you need:

Each guest gets 2-3 sparklers and surrounds the wedding couple standing in the middle of the lawn or dance floor.

Play a romantic song to which the wedding couple dances closely embraced. One after the other, the guests light their sparklers. Incredibly atmospheric and romantic!

It’s worth taking this wedding dance game with a photo from above from the frog’s perspective!

Wedding Dance Games for the Wedding Guests (and Wedding Couple)

Wedding dance games for wedding couple or wedding party

Wedding dance games are ideal get-to-know-you games

1. Cinderella – Prince Seeks Lady to Shoe

All Cinderella (women) take off their right shoe and place it in the middle of the dance floor. Single women preferred 😉 Then the men (princes) get to choose a shoe and go in search of their Cinderella.

When a couple has found each other, they go onto the dance floor together and dance with each other.

2. Flash Mob as a Dance Game – When Suddenly Everyone Is Dancing

For this wedding game, you need to write to all the guests well in advance of the wedding and ask them to take part in the flash mob. However, the wedding couple must not find out about it, so that it will be a real surprise!

If you can dance really well, and some of your friends can too, you can practise something yourself, like in the Wedding Flash Mob in the YouTube video above.

Or find a line dance with simple choreography to a party song that the wedding couple will like. You then send this link to all the wedding guests so they can practice the dance at home. It’s especially funny if you also ask everyone to bring a pair of sunglasses, for example. The starting signal for everyone is when the first people get up, put on their sunglasses and then the music starts.

All the wedding guests now dance for the amazed wedding couple. A great group experience, a nice surprise and a dance game for the wedding, after the flash mob many are guaranteed to just keep dancing.

The flshmob is especially personal as a surprise if you choose the wedding couple’s shared song (if they have one), one of their all-time favourites, a song from a musical or a romantic film that the bride, groom and ideally both adore….

3. May I Have the Pleasure? – Wedding Dance Game and Gift

This is what you need:

  • Treasure chest
  • Link chain
  • Padlocks

For this wedding dance game you need a treasure chest and several padlocks with keys and a chain. The treasure chest is for your wedding gift (vouchers or a cash gift are ideal). You wrap the chain around the treasure chest and lock it with the padlocks.

At the wedding, you secretly distribute the keys among the wedding guests. You hand the locked treasure chest to the wedding couple. Your task now is to get all the keys from the wedding guests. Because only after the dance, the bride and groom are allowed to ask the guest if they have a key to their treasure.

Giving the wedding gift together with a wedding game is a great way to give the wedding couple double joy. For this dance game, however, you should not plan a huge wedding gift – an inflatable boat or gazebo for the garden does not fit well into a treasure chest ;-).

4. Wedding Polonaise – A Classic That Always Puts You in a Good Mood

You ask the DJ or the band to play a song that is super suitable for a polonaise. Songs that slowly get faster and faster are ideal.

Then you start with some friends or family. You stand up, stand behind each other, put your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you and dance in line to the music. As you do this, ask wedding guests and the wedding couple to join in – some will immediately join in of their own accord. Once the queue is nice and long and the music picks up speed, the head of the snakes will try to catch their tail.

Tip: While doing this, you can also shout out loud commands such as: Right leg up! Or: turn around yourself once! Because sometimes the wedding polonaise is so much fun for everyone that more polonaises follow…

5. Tango Amor – Funny Balloon Dance

This is what you need:


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You will need inflated heart balloons in red and white and tango music for the Tango Cupid. The wedding couple gets a white balloon, the other guests each get a red balloon. The couples put the balloon between their bodies. When the music starts, the couples also start dancing – preferably a kind of tango. The task is to make sure that the balloon does not touch the floor while dancing. As soon as this happens, the dancing couple is eliminated.

The last couple left has won and receives a prize. For example, a photo of themselves and the bride and groom with the balloons from an instant camera.

The Tango Amor is my variation of the classic balloon dance, which I found a bit boring. If you know how to tango or feel like trying (it’s worth it!) you can take a look at the YouTube tutorial above, it will teach you quickly enough for this fun dance :-). If you don’t mind being in the spotlight, then it doesn’t matter if you can tango. 🙂

6. Memory Dance – Wedding Dance Game for Pot & Lid

This is what you need:

Before the wedding, prepare cards, 2 of which are printed with the same motif. For the motifs, it is best to choose a theme that matches the wedding couple.

Examples: they are passionate about food? Culinary motifs that go together, e.g. wasabi paste & sushi roll. They like to watch films? Famous film couples or Disney character couples. E.g. Daisy and Donald Duck, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Attach a safety pin to each little card to fasten.

When all the guests are seated at the tables – for example, while waiting for dessert – have each guest pull a card out of the bag and ask them to pin it somewhere on their clothing.

After the meal, you ask the guests to find their partner. Once they have found each other, each couple dances together once.

7. Funny Back Dance – Perfect with Children

Again the focus is on the wedding couple standing back to back in the middle of the dance floor. Couples form up and stand back to back so that they can see the wedding couple. The wedding couple now starts to dance and perform funny movements. The more contorted and funny the better. Because all the other dancing couples imitate the wedding couple as best they can.

This is a real highlight for children and creates incomparably funny photos for the wedding album!

Abenteuer Freundschaft is always full of new ideas for wedding games and unique wedding gifts! Plus lots more, including tips on the best activities with kids. So it’s worth checking in from time to time! To make sure you don’t miss an idea, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Juliette & Jonathan-601 by John Hope at CC BY 2.0.

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