Voucher ideas for Christmas that come from the heart

8. December 2017 - Anika Semmer

5 Voucher Ideas for Christmas That You Would Love to Get Yourself




What do all great gift vouchers have in common? Behind them is a personal or creative idea that hits the nail on the head for the recipient. Let yourself be inspired by our brilliant tips and voucher ideas for Christmas!

A voucher under the Christmas tree can be the most awesome gift of a lifetime or even the last resort as an ideal last minute solution. And even the last minute solution can become a wonderful gift with a great idea – especially interesting for men (*cough*), who on 24.12. boiling hot remember that man still has to buy all the gifts, even for the dearest of hearts 😉

What makes the difference? Brilliant Christmas gift ideas all fall into at least one of these two categories: they are personal or they are creative or both! What they aren’t is any number of things, such as a shopping voucher for $ 50. Or even worse: a cosmetics voucher for the lady of your heart, because she is always complaining about her appearance. Bam – unfortunately you’ve just put your foot in your mouth!

Why? Gifts that have a critical flavour – no matter how unintentional or subliminal – are not one hundred percent guarantees of joy. And therefore disqualify themselves for my personal top list of brilliant gift voucher ideas for Christmas. After all, we want our gift voucher to bring joy to our loved ones, a beaming smile and, best of all, an ecstatic cry of joy 😉

Questions to Yourself

  • What interests make up the gift recipient? – Give something that matches the interests
  • What fits the life situation well right now? – Newly separated or newly partnered, moved house, working a lot, finished education etc.?
  • Is the recipient creative? – Creative people also love creative things!
  • What is the recipient passionate about right now?
  • Music / hobby / sporting event etc.?
  • What shared experience would be a) a great surprise b) totally beautiful c) feasible in time and price?
  • Which events does the recipient find totally cool? (Flash mobs / wacky yoga sessions / concert by xy)
  • And finally the most important question: What is the idea behind the voucher?

Or just get inspired by our Top 5 best voucher ideas for Christmas! 😀

5 Brilliant Voucher Ideas for Christmas

Voucher ideas for Christmas bring great joy

Bring great joy with creative vouchers

1. Voucher for a Special Weekend Trip as a Scratch-off Ticket

Hand on heart: Who doesn’t secretly dream of winning a trip in a competition? And what’s more, a trip with your partner, your best friend, your best boyfriend or your beloved sister?
You get a nice gift box, lots of little rubbers and do-it-yourself scratch cards. Write your voucher text on the scratch tickets along with at least 20-50 times “rivet” on other tickets. Roll them up, fix them with the rubber bands and put them in the box!

You can find a great description of how to make scratch-off tickets yourself using acrylic paint, washing-up liquid, cardboard and adhesive foil on this blog.

For bargain hunters, there are cheap offers for city trips with train travel and hotel at Deutsche Bahn and on travel portals. I myself am a big fan of cuddly weekends in special wellness hotels with whirlpools and lots of time for each other or gourmet getaways.

2. Personalised Voucher Booklet or Voucher Calendar

Lots of small and big joys spread throughout the year – that’s the idea behind these voucher ideas for Christmas. The great thing is that depending on the type of voucher you choose, it’s a Christmas gift that your partner, parents, parents-in-law and close friends are sure to love.

There are pretty voucher booklets that you can fill out yourself and that every creative person can design according to their own whim. From vouchers for help in everyday life (man, I wish I had that!), adventure vouchers, vouchers for more fun with crazy activities, or mini-vacations on the balcony, in the park, etc., there is no limit to your imagination. There are no limits to your imagination and of course you can mix and match different types of vouchers: From a voucher for the first ice cream in spring to a crime scene evening in pyjamas.

For the voucher calendar, all you need is a blank DIY calendar, which you can either stick photos on for each month or design creatively. For the parents, for example, with painted pictures of the grandchildren or your personally created recipe ideas for each month. At the top, you attach a small envelope each month with a voucher for small pleasures that simply make everyday life more beautiful.

3. Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella – Fulfil 3 Heart’s Desires

At Christmas, wishes come true. The film Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella is played over and over again on TV and every time, the pretty poor orphan gets her prince thanks to 3 magic nuts and becomes a fabulously rich princess. What are the heart’s desires of the person you want to give a present to? What do they dream of, what do they rave about but never do: a joyride in a Porsche, a fairytale dinner in a castle ruin, finally learning to knit?

Buy three small, beautiful boxes and paint 1 hazelnut on each of them. Or find a nice picture of a nut on the internet, print it out three times and stick it on the boxes. Now fill each box with one type of nut (e.g. peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamia, cashews, etc.) and a handwritten heartfelt wish. Tie a decorative satin ribbon with a bow in a different colour around each box.

4. The Puzzle Basket as a Voucher for an Experience

Put all sorts of mysterious objects in a basket, which together symbolically illustrate the gift of the experience: ideally also some funny and strange things! For a mystery dinner, for example, a Sherlock cap, a handkerchief with the back of a finger bath, a stick-on moustache, a pin-up picture of a beautiful woman from Bravo in the 60s, a few old photos of distant relatives and at the bottom is a dirt-encrusted rough man’s shoe.

For a spa day, for example, bath slippers, a snake cucumber and a package of curd cheese (for the beauty mask), a picture of a pot-bellied lifeguard and chocolates, a funny bathing cap and a gossip magazine. At the bottom, wrap a piece of thick cardboard with Christmas wrapping paper and hide the voucher for a stay at the spa / a day at the spa / disco floatation etc. under this artificial bottom. Then the recipient can happily guess under the tree what it all stands for 😉

Experience Voucher Ideas for Christmas

Solve a tricky murder mystery while feasting, finally learn how to make sushi properly or brew your own beer: and of course do and experience it together! From a knight’s dinner, gin or whisky tasting, escape room game or laser tag, creative workshops such as basic knowledge for magicians and sculptors to sporty adrenaline kicks with bungee jumping or cave trekking, there are lots of brilliant experiences, e.g. at Mydays, where at least 1 is sure to catapult the recipient into paradise.

5. Theatre, Cinema or Musical Tickets in a Popcorn Pot or Champagne Cooler

An absolute classic voucher for Christmas! The creative idea behind it makes it not just 0815. Put the cinema vouchers in a large popcorn pot with a funny film quiz written on a beautifully designed card, which the recipient can solve to guess which film it goes to.

Theatre and musical vouchers can be packed in a champagne cooler filled with glowing ice cubes, a bottle of champagne and 2 champagne flutes. Especially creative people can also design the label of the champagne bottle special.

For inspiration for more Christmas gift ideas, check out our Christmas gift ideas overview page. On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find lots of gift tips and leisure ideas for activities with friends, family and your partner, regardless of the season.

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