A Venetian Masquerade theme party as a glittering theme party for a birthday or wedding

13. January 2018 - Anika Semmer

Venetian Masquerade Theme Party - Host a Lavish Party Like Casanova!




Mysterious, decadent and romantic – no theme party creates a better festive atmosphere and sizzling mood than a Venetian Masquerade theme party. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it!

A darkened room with subdued lighting. An elegantly dressed Casanova smiles at beautiful strangers who hide their faces behind pretty masks. Mysterious and enigmatic encounters, glances and hints and crackling atmosphere. And an opulent feast. At the Venetian carnival, elaborately decorated costumes and masks hide the identity of the guest – this is how rich and poor flirted and celebrated with each other in decadent Venice without knowing who was hiding behind the mask.

Venetian Masquerades are decadent, sprawling, exotic and glamorous! In the old days, a Venetian masquerade ball even featured exotic animals to admire, pompous fireworks exploded over the palazzo and inside, drunken Venetians built pyramids out of people. The tables bent under delicious food, noble wine flowed in streams, hair-raising fortune-tellers interpreted the future to superstitious people and the theatre conquered the hearts of the masses. Venetian Masquerades in the Baroque era were thetralism, passion, decadence and pure excitement!

Whether for New Year’s Eve, a round birthday party or a themed wedding: a Venetian Masquerade theme party is suitable for any party where many people who don’t know each other meet and which should be festive and magnificent.

With the right glamorous decorations, beautiful masks and elegant outfits, the atmosphere for a journey back in time to the magnificent Venice of the 18th century or a modern Venetian carnival party almost creates itself. From fireworks, acrobats, fire-eaters, an impromptu theatre performance with your guests or playing loose – especially for parties on special occasions, a Venetian Masquerade theme party offers ingenious possibilities for a special programme!

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We love theme parties! That’s why you’ll find the ultimate theme party list with 111 themes, as well as many more party ideas.

How to Throw a Glamorous Venetian Masquerade Theme Party

1. Preparation With Checklist

Before you buy decorations and start concrete planning, you should first think about a few points. What time of year should the Venetian masquerade ball take place, how many people do you want to invite and what location is available or do you envisage?

Checklist for the Venetian Masquerade theme party

  • In which location do I celebrate the theme party?
  • What ideally suits my ideas for decoration and flair?
  • Do I want to have a masquerade ball like in the 18th century or a modern Venetian masquerade ball?
  • Do I want to have a masquerade ball like in the 18th century?
  • Do I want to organise a show act that fits the baroque period? Perhaps a fireworks display or spontaneously rehearse a funny theatrical performance with the guests?
  • What decoration do I need for my Venetian Masquerade theme party?
  • Can I borrow suitable costumes and decorations for little money? – This is also a great tip for the guests!
  • What drinks and food will there be at my party to match?
  • What kind of music should there be? Do I prepare playlists, is there a live band and do I want danceable music or is the mood the main focus?
  • What do I have to buy / order by when and what can I borrow where?

2. Invitation to the Venetian Masquerade Theme Party

Magnificent, colourful, elegant, mysterious – give free rein to your creativity when it comes to design. If you have enough time and enjoy crafting, you can make a Venetian mask as an invitation card and write the text on the back.

Or you can take on the role of Casanova and write the elegantly worded invitation text on special parchment in your own handwriting using pen and ink or ink fountain pen. If that’s too much work for you, you can also choose a nice font in Word and print on handmade paper suitable for printing. Now simply roll it up, wrap it with a blue or red silk ribbon about 1 cm thick and seal it with sealing wax and a nice seal.

3. The decorations – Pomp, Tinsel and Elegance

A Venetian Masquerade theme party is bright, colourful, luminous and radiant! Sure, that applies to the outfit first and foremost. Although the decoration serves mainly as a backdrop, it is enormously important to give the room atmosphere and make it work. Dark red or blue drapery panels work well as curtains or room dividers – you can also use drapery panels to hide the ceiling with gently falling cascades.

Shimmering masks on the walls or portraits from the era send guests on a journey back in time to the 18th century.

Candles are indispensable for the atmosphere! And if chandeliers are beyond the budget, you can also use candlesticks, lanterns and lanterns instead. Somewhat unusual, but inexpensive and do-it-yourself, are empty (wine) bottles made of coloured glass as candlesticks. Put in empty Chianti bottles in a raffia basket and green wine bottles, for example, candle holders for dark red candles (see link below) and place lower pillar candles in front of and behind the glass so that the candlelight makes the glass glow.

For a modern Venetian masquerade ball, don’t be afraid: Tinsel, glitter confetti, silver, gold, pageantry and unusual accessories that break with the historical motifs give the masquerade ball its own touch.

4. Venetian Masquerade Theme Party Outfits for Women

Venetian Costume for a Venetian Masquerade theme party

Venice by Gianni at CC BY 2.0

Contessa or Duchessa, Venetian seductress or mysterious stranger: Depending on the type of celebration, there is a huge choice for a beautiful outfit. For a theme wedding or a round birthday, it is advisable to hire a really splendid costume from a costume hire company or order one from amazon, for example.

For a classic Venetian masquerade ball that sends us on a journey back in time to the 17th or 18th century, there are various frilly costumes in all colours that cost from €40 upwards. Or you can opt for a rather plain dress with a mysterious cape together with a beautiful Venetian mask.

If you don’t want to buy a dress separately, it’s best to reach for a plain dress in your wardrobe that accentuates your figure – either in black or in a bold colour. You can also order a beautiful Venetian mask for little money – which can be a little more extravagant. The outfit is rounded off with matching long evening gloves and a noble fan.

5. Outfit for Men

Mask for men for a Venetian masquerade theme party

Anonymous Mask by Luciano Castillo at CC BY 2.0

Casanova, the Phantom of the Opera, nobleman, thief or plague doctor with matching mask: there are great costumes for men from the era of the baroque gentleman. If you decide to buy such a costume, it is best to go for a complete package with matching hat and you can consider completing your outfit with a baroque wig. At a costume rental, you can rent high-quality complete costumes – some even with shoes. These costumes are of high quality and look great – but the rental fee for one day is not cheap either. To compare, it’s worth taking a look at amazon or a costume portal.

Every guest who slips into the role of a wicked thief, smart plague doctor or cloak-and-dagger hero for the Venetian Masquerade theme party will be enthusiastic, because most women like unusual.

If you don’t want to wear a costume, it’s best to go for a simple black outfit – ideally as elegant as possible and combine it with a Venetian mask.

6. Inexpensive Alternative: Accessories for the Venetian Masquerade Theme Party

Mask of a Venetian for a Venetian Masquearde theme party

Carnevale di Venezia 2010 by Giorgio Minguzzi at CC BY-SA 2.0

The Venetian mask – no one can do without it! Every guest should wear such a mask, because it gives the masquerade ball its typical flair. On Halloween or during the carnival season, Venetian masks can be bought cheaply in many normal shops. The internet offers a larger selection for less money.

The selection ranges from splendid to playful to simple: there are filigree embroidered eye masks, half masks studded with rhinestones, fabric flowers and ostrich feathers, swan masks, lace masks, sun masks and simple silk or satin masks. As an alternative to a simple half mask, men can also opt for a mask to match their profession, such as that of a plague doctor.

Matching the dress and the mask, elegant long gloves round off the outfit. Here, women should make sure that the gloves match the style of the mask.
Tip for children and hobbyists: There are also white eye masks that you can paint and design yourself! Buy them in large creative shops such as Idee or simply order the desired stones, feathers, colours, tulle or sequins online and conjure up a stunning creation!

7. Food and Drinks

The buffet should be opulent, rich and tempting. For large parties, it is best to offer the food provided by the caterer on tables. For smaller parties, you can ask guests to bring something to accompany the opulent meal. From salmon rolls in silver bowls, to a brimming bowl of exotic fruits, cold chicken legs and vegetarian skewers arranged on a tray, anything is possible. More important than the WHAT is the HOW: how you present food and drink.

The same applies to drinks. In the 18th century, wine was drunk at a Venetian Masquerade theme party – and it flowed in abundance. So Italian wine, for example Chianti in a raffia basket, goes particularly well. Here, it’s worth dispensing with paper cups – it’s simply more decadent to drink in style from beautifully curved glasses 😉

8. The Music

Choosing the right music for a theme party is always the hardest part. Tastes differ and music is important for the atmosphere of a party. Think about when you need danceable music and when you need background music to create the right atmosphere.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, of course, classical or baroque music was played in Venice. Violin music in particular was popular in the Serenissima and even a Venetian style developed there, whose most famous representative was Antonio Vivaldi, who is still popular today. So you definitely can’t go wrong with his Four Seasons or other of his works. Other great Venetian composers include Claudio Monteverdi, Giovanni Gabrieli and Orlando the Lasso. A modernised form of Venetian classical music is performed by the popular ensemble Rondo Veneziano.

But classical music is not to everyone’s taste and only very few people will dance to it. However, as festive music to welcome the masked guests or during a debauched meal, there is nothing more suitable for a theme party on the theme of a Venetian masked ball. And at a wedding, a classical chamber orchestra during the meal is certainly an absolutely unforgettable highlight.

Furthermore, any theatrical music, e.g. from musicals like the Phantom of the Opera or by Vangelis or even David Garrett, suits a Venetian masquerade ball.

Otherwise: atmospheric, atmospheric and of course danceable!

We hope your Venetian Masquerade theme party ball will be a complete success! 🙂

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Image source Cover image: Commedia dell’Arte by Hernán Piñera at CC BY-SA 2.0.

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