A Valentine's Day scavenger hunt is a wonderful surprise for the day of love.

11. February 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt – How to Plan the Romantic Treasure Hunt




Surprise your favorite person for the day of love with an unusual highlight: a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt!.

A heart-shaped helium balloon floats above a branch to which it is tied; attached to it a small note, the next clue, the next riddle in poetic rhymes that will lead your treasure to the treasure. It could look like this or something similar: a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt, a romantic treasure hunt as an unusual activity for the person you love.

7 Tips for a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

You can make a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt very flexible, depending on how strong your creative streak is, how much preparation time and how much budget you have. For inspiration on what you can do, check out these tips that you can adapt to your needs.

1. Where to Hold the Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt?

In good weather, the scavenger hunt can also take place outside.

Inside or outside? – That’s the big question here! The fact that Valentine’s Day is in February, when it’s still pretty cold, at least in Central Europe, speaks in favor of an indoor location. On the other hand, it also depends on factors like the weather forecast and your possibilities. For example, if you have your own garden, perhaps even with a covered terrace, and sunshine is forecast for February 14, you can plan the Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt outdoors.

It is important for a scavenger hunt that you can prepare the location in peace and that no one removes your clues accidentally or intentionally. This is one point that speaks against public parks.

If you plan the Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt in your / your apartment, house, etc., create the conditions for it beforehand:

  • Prepare thoroughly the day before.
  • Tidy up and, if necessary, move furniture to the side beforehand that could disturb.
  • Decorate the premises for the scavenger hunt with matching Valentine’s Day decorations.


2. Determine the Route and Find Original Hiding Places

Once you are clear about where the scavenger hunt will take place, you can think about a route, as well as stations and hiding places for the clues or tasks.

The classic way to raise a scavenger hunt is to create a chain of clues and hiding places. At the beginning there is a first clue, which leads to a hiding place, where the second clue is located, which in turn leads to the next hiding place and so on. In the very last hiding place the treasure is waiting. As a variation, you can also place a little something in each hiding place as an “appetizer” for the big gift at the end.

A good number of hiding places for a scavenger hunt lasting about half an hour is between 5 and 10, depending on how difficult you make the clues.

3. Clues and Riddles for Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt

Painted pictures are also great as clues in a scavenger hunt.

With a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt, a lot depends on the thematic design. For example, you can write the clues all on beautiful Valentine’s Day cards or self-made love cards. Or you can fold origami boxes in which the clues and possibly small gifts await.

For the clues themselves, you can give free rein to your creativity: little poems, riddles, photos or even painted clues – everything is allowed.

Here are a few examples of rhymed clue puzzles for inspiration:

Example 1:

Where you start your day

with a wake-up drink,

you’ll find a tray

with some words in ink:

have a peak inside,

here a hint might hide!

Solution: the next clue is to be found in a magazine lying on a tray next to the coffee machine.

Example 2:

Where there’s a rose,

follow your nose

find a fine box,

with precious rocks!

Solution: Somewhere in the apartment is a bouquet of roses, next to it is a jewelry box in which the next clue (+ possibly a part of the gift) is to be found.

4. Self designed Treasure Map

A great idea for the final clue that leads to the main gift is to design a treasure map yourself. To do this, draw on paper the layout of the apartment, garden or other premises where you set the scavenger hunt and design the whole thing with colors like a treasure map. It’s best to use special paper that looks like parchment.

5. Items and Gifts

Small gifts like sweets give a foretaste of the main gift.

To mark the clues, it’s best to use matching decorative items, such as:

Partially, the clues themselves can already be small partial gifts of your Valentine’s Day gift. Vouchers, for example, fit just as well as hints in envelopes and jewelry, soap, perfume or even sweets can be perfectly packaged in small boxes together with hints.

6. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Tasks

There are no limits to your creativity when designing the clues.

A wonderful way to lighten up a scavenger hunt is to include small tasks that your partner has to do in this case, in addition to just solving clue puzzles.

This can be, for example:

  • Make me a declaration of love.
  • Give me a kiss.
  • Tell me a secret.
  • Toast with me to Valentine’s Day.
  • Name 3 things you like about me

Only when the task is solved, the next clue may be read.

7. Film and Photography

Show your love in a different way - with an original scavenger hunt

Unless you’ve just gotten together, there’s a good chance you have a lot of photos of each other. You can incorporate these into your Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt by creating little stories that serve as clues to the next stop on the scavenger hunt.

You can also record little movies of yourself with your cell phone beforehand, which will be played at a certain point in the scavenger hunt and provide crucial clues.

Last but not least, it is certainly a super nice memory if you film your partner during the Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt and later cut the whole thing together and add music.

Have fun and good luck planning your Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt!

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