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13. April 2018 - Anika Semmer

10 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas That Bride and Groom Will Love


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


A wedding is just around the corner and the search begins for that very special & perfectly fitting  wedding gift! Whether ingenious ideas to spice up cash gifts or the best community gifts these unique wedding gift ideas, make the bride and groom shine.

A perfect wedding gift fills the wedding couple with huge joy – and they can still do something with it after the wedding. Finding the right gift is not that easy. Because even good friends start thinking about what the bride and groom secretly want or urgently need, but don’t yet own.

Unique wedding gift ideas that the bride and groom will use and cash gifts are therefore a smart choice – because that way you can’t go wrong with your wedding gift.

With the following 10 unusual wedding gifts, the focus is on the original idea with a statement that fits the wedding. Some particularly creative ideas can also be staged as a wedding highlight at the same time. Depending on how expensive the gift may become, you can adapt all gifts to your wallet!

There are still many wedding ideas for the celebration to discover at Abenteuer Freundschaft!

10 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Fine Wines for Connoisseurs

The perfect communal gift if the bride and groom are wine lovers: A wine rack full of the wedding guests’ respective favourite drops. For this, you buy a beautiful wine rack, send a circular email to all wedding guests and ask them to bring a bottle of their favourite wine with an individually designed label for the wedding couple..

Whether the guests simply sign their bottle or give it an original design is up to them. So the wedding couple gets a lavishly filled wine rack with their loved ones’ favourite wines at their wedding – is there a better gift for wine lovers?

2. Special Trips for Lovers

After the honeymoon, everyday life also returns for the bridal couple – and in everyday life, love often comes far too short. An original gift to give the wedding couple time for each other is a voucher for a break from everyday life and some quality time together. There are variously priced voucher boxes for romantic, culinary or unusual short trips, where the wedding couple can choose a weekend trip on their desired date.

3. The Way to a Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

The ideal wedding gift for all hobby cooks and gourmets. The motto of this gift is: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Fill a beautiful basket with exquisite ingredients, food and drinks for the bride and groom. There are many beautifully designed cooking and eating utensils such as breakfast boards or lunch boxes with a personalised engraving, pasta in the shape of a heart and special wedding wine to fill the basket with as you wish. If the gift is a communal gift and accordingly may be more expensive, you can supplement it with a voucher for a candlelit dinner – or fill the lunch box or a beautiful bottle with extra money.

4. Honeymoon Gift Box

A gift box full of items that the wedding couple absolutely need for their honeymoon. From erotic fun ingredients to romantic accessories for quality time together. If the wedding couple is planning a trip to the sea or the mountains, you can add fun products and money for the honeymoon fund to suit him and her.

5. Piñata as a Wedding Highlight

A piñata is the insider tip for a wedding highlight and ensures funny photos and a good mood. Piñatas are papier-mâché figures that are filled with sweets. In Latin America, they are part of every real fiesta! In Mexico, children beat the piñata with sticks until it bursts open and the treasure hidden inside pours out.

As a wedding gift, you can order a piñata of your choice and fill it completely with heart-shaped sweets, lucky cents, banknotes and heart confetti. At the wedding, hang the piñata on a branch outside and call the wedding couple over. Surrounded by the wedding guests, blindfold the couple and give them a piñata stick with which they can now knock the piñata together.

6. Message in a Bottle With Wedding Quiz

Combine your wedding gift with a wedding game for the bride and groom to make it extra personal. For this original wedding quiz, you’ll need 10 hollow bottles to put the quiz questions in. Distribute 9 bottles around the room at the beginning and keep the last one to give to the couple at the end. Now you ask the wedding couple to go on a treasure hunt and to quiz themselves from bottle to bottle until they get the unique wedding gift filled with money as a reward.

Possible Quiz Questions

  • When do you celebrate a silver wedding anniversary? (Answer: after 25 years of marriage)
  • Who can cook better?
  • Who is better at drinking?
  • Who is the lazier at the weekend?
  • In the past, girls collected china, cutlery and bed linen as children. What is this called? (Answer: trousseau)
  • Wer hat den ersten Annäherungsversuch gemacht und wie war das?
  • Wer ist der Verfressenere von euch beiden?
  • Liebe Braut, auf was könnte der Bräutigam nie im Leben verzichten?
  • Lieber Bräutigam, ohne was könnte die Braut niemals leben?
  • War es Liebe auf den ersten Blick?
  • Wessen Familie ist verrückter?
  • Wer wird in der Ehe die Kontrolle haben?

7. Money Gift as a Wedding Game

Fill a children’s paddling pool with at least 50 transparent balloons and hide money notes inside. Everyone involved in the gift carries the filled paddling pool into the room and places it in plain sight for all the guests. Now ask the bride and groom to come forward, join their left and right hands with a velvet ribbon and give them a large pin in their joined hands. The bride and groom now climb into the paddling pool with the balloons and are allowed to pop the balloons together.

8. Travel Suitcase to Happiness

The theme of this gift is the journey together that is about to begin. For this, you need a cardboard suitcase that makes a visual impact. There are also blank suitcases that you can creatively design according to your ideas, e.g. with a Just Married sign. You line this suitcase with a map of the world and fill it with banknotes that you fold into ships and aeroplanes and funny travel accessories: e.g. 2 toothbrushes and mini toothpaste, a small champagne bottle, hygiene hand gels and emergency drops, a Maggi wedding bag soup, etc..

9. Treasure Box to Puzzle Over

Witty and not too elaborate is a magic box as packaging for the gift of money. This box is a puzzle game that the wedding couple has to crack first to get to the treasure inside. There are magic boxes that can be personalised with an engraving and with different motifs that match the wedding.

10. Surprise Money Rain

Unstretch a heart umbrella and place it on the floor upside down with the stick facing upwards. Now fill it with lots of real small notes and play money until it is well filled. Now close it carefully and seal it with a beautiful velvet ribbon on which you hang your greeting card and the request that the couple stand under the umbrella and only then open it. This way they will experience a real shower of money. You can also do this little insert at the wedding!

Discover more unique wedding gift ideas and wedding games for the bride and groom and wedding games for guests on Abenteuer Freundschaft! There is a great treasure trove of ideas with inspiration for occasions, gifts and activities to lift with friends, kids and family!

*There are affiliate links in this article. This means that if you order a product from amazon via one of these links, Abenteuer Freundschaft will receive a small commission without the product becoming more expensive for you.


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