TV show drinking games with friends create a party atmosphere and fun for cosy TV evenings and parties

16. March 2017 - Anika Semmer

TV Show Drinking Games – 5 Badass Games to Party With | Game Rules


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Perfect for party atmosphere: With these 5 TV show drinking games you will get up to speed 100% fast.

The most important thing you need for these funny TV show drinking games is a TV, a remote control, a few friends who like to drink and of course: the alcohol of your choice. It’s best to set out glasses for everyone, move the coffee table far enough away so that there’s room to jump up without knocking anything over, and off you go! Because with these 5 TV show drinking games, speed counts in some drinking games.

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5 Fun TV Show Drinking Games

For just one TV show drinking game, you need an accessory – but it costs next to nothing and you can make it yourself.

1. Fully Served – Random Zapping

In this TV show drinking game, the remote control decides who drinks. You pass the remote control around in a clockwise direction. Each person whose turn it is now zaps 3 times. You decide who has to drink when before you start the drinking game.

All players except the player holding the remote control and zapping must drink whenever he stops at one or more of the following situations.

For example, when…

  • …two people kiss
  • … a shooting takes place
  • …a red car is seen
  • … someone is drinking alcohol…sich zwei Menschen küssen

A variation of the latter rule: Every time someone drinks something on TV, everyone has to finish their glass immediately!

2. Drinking Master – TV Show Drinking Games for Tough Players

This drinking game requires reaction and speed.  Before you start, each player decides on a drinking type and an object and writes both down on a piece of paper. Everyone sticks the piece of paper to their forehead as in the Who Am I game. Drinking types include, for example, the blonde tall, the smart investigator, the nerd, the cutie next door, granny etc. Make sure the items are things that are often seen in films: this allows you to choose the level of toughness in the TV show drinking game itself. Black T-shirts and jeans, for example, are seen all the time and make your drinking game mega hard. Sunglasses, computers and animals, on the other hand, appear less often and are medium hard.

Now turn on the TV and watch one programme for 3-5 minutes, then zap to the next. Every time one of your drinkers is on the screen, you call out their name. The player who was quickest is the drinking champion and quickly pours everyone – they don’t have to drink. If this was not the player whose drinking screen was seen, that player has to drink 2 times.  

When a chosen item appears, the quickest person grabs a pencil lying on the table and draws a line on the slip of paper of the player to whom the item belongs. Depending on how many strokes are already on the slip of paper, that is how many slips he may distribute to his fellow players. So it gets harder and harder in the course of the drinking game!


Luisa has written the subject pan on her piece of paper, which is stuck to her forehead during the game. While zapping, she comes across a cooking show and a pan is in the picture. Jens reacts the quickest, grabs the pen and makes a line on the note on Luisa’s forehead. Now he may distribute a sip to whomever he wants – it doesn’t have to be Luisa!

The next time a pan appears during the zapping, Daniel is the quickest and makes the second line on Luisa’s slip of paper. Daniel now gets to distribute two sips, whether both to one person or each to a different person is up to him. Etc.

3. Talk Show / Teleshopping TV Show Drinking Game

In this drinking game, you watch a talk show or teleshopping and have a glass with alcohol and one with water in front of you. You set a noun at the beginning, where you drink whenever it falls.

In the first round, everyone drinks from the alcohol. The person who was the fastest and drank first may now think of a verb in which additional drinking takes place. In the third round, it is the turn of the fastest drinker to think of a noun, in the fourth a verb, and so on.
Each player can decide whether to drink water or alcohol. However, only the fastest (and the second fastest) drinker may drink water with impunity. If two other players precede him in drinking, they must drink two sips of alcohol as a punishment. 

4. Moustache TV Show Drinking Game

For this drinking game you need a moustache to glue on – or you make one and glue it on. Stick this moustache somewhere on the TV – preferably in the middle on the left or right. Now start watching your series or film. Whenever a person on the screen has a moustache, everyone drinks. The moustache should always be exactly between the lips and the nose.

If you want to drink two drinks, you can always drink one of the drinks with bearded women and the second with men who wear a funny moustache. If an animal wears a beard, it is then quickly called: Bottoms up!

This drinking game is particularly hard on programmes that often use the same setting. For example Who wants to be a millionaire?, talk shows, cooking shows etc.

5. Binge Sports – Cheers Lewandowski!

In this TV show drinking game you watch a sports broadcast – for example soccer. Each player chooses a player at the beginning. Every time the presenter calls the name of this player out loud, the player has to drink. If the soccer player scores a goal, then all the other players must toast the player who chose the scorer and drink their glass. If my soccer player faults, I must drink a penalty sip.

The drinking game booze sports can be transferred to all kinds of team sports and the rules adapted. For example, hockey, handball or American football.

When it comes to TV show drinking games, a good mood and rising levels are definitely guaranteed. We also have 5 TV drinking games for popular cult series!

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