Our time travel game with friends is a nice game for all nostalgics

19. May 2016 - Anika Semmer

Time Travel Game – How to Go Back in Time With Your Friends


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Have you always wanted to travel back in time and relive all those great experiences with friends? OK, we can’t do magic either and we don’t have a real time machine either… But with this time travel game you can at least travel back in time with your friends and reminisce together!

Do you remember how and why your best friendships came about? How did you meet and what did you like best about each other right away? When I think about these questions, it’s not at all easy for me to come up with answers. How are you doing?

Time Travel Game – A Journey Back in Time

I don’t take my closest friends for granted but I rarely think about our shared past. In fact, I only reminisce about old memories with friends I rarely see. The top 10 of my favourite memories has looked the same for years: crazy shared experiences and unique moments, as well as emotional lows and highs in which the people who mean the most to me have been there for me.

The more extraordinary and unique our shared moment was, the more deeply it was imprinted in my memory. It is these moments that still give me strength today, make me smile or shake my head. With this realisation, I came up with a brilliant idea for a very special evening at home with some good friends: A trip back in time. The evening turned out to be so great that more time travels followed in our own four walls. Here are our special tips for your time travel with friends:.

Nostalgia at Its Best: Children’s Pictures and Ancient Memorabilia

A package full of memories when playing the time travel game

A package full of memories

Do your friends know your craziest fashion sins and weirdest hairstyles? Do they know what you looked like as a baby and at school? A true classic for your evening is the good old photo album. Back in the days before the digital age – the older ones among you might remember 😉 – people used to take photos of special milestones in their lives such as birthdays, celebrations, their first steps, their first day at school or outings. Like my best friend, I was born in the 80s: You can imagine what incredible fashion shockers caused a lot of schadenfreude and laughter.

Fantastic Time Travel Game

Our time travel game with friends is a nice game for all nostalgic people

Take a trip back in time

What if? Who doesn’t know them: the big unanswerable questions that are always the same: What if you had (not) done this and that back then? It’s the big question when it comes to past loves, decisions that in retrospect should shape your entire life and when you ponder about the past. That’s how the game came about: “Would you have…? Would you have…? If you…?”

This Is How the Time Travel Begins

If you have friends as guests who don’t know each other that well, you start with a short version of your life story. You tell how you know whom and at which milestone in your lives you met. Now you ask one of your friends a question about your shared past, i.e. a question that begins, for example, with the words: “What if… had happened?”, “Would you have… if we…?”, or “If you…, what would have happened…?”.

The answer to this question may be realistic, unrealistic, funny, absurd or thoughtful – let your imagination run wild! Now it’s the turn of the friend in question. He also gives a short summary of his life and asks a friend of his choice a question in the subjunctive. Apart from its nostalgic potential, this game is also wonderfully suitable for your friends to get to know each other better and have plenty of material for conversations beyond small talk!

10 Questions for Time Travel

  • What would you have done if you had failed your A-levels?
  • What would have happened if we had never met?
  • How would you be today if you had married your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • How would you have reacted if I had suddenly written you letters from prison?
  • And how would you have reacted if I had written you a declaration of love when we first met?
  • If you could turn back time… Which moment (with me) would you want to relive again and again?
  • If I had asked you if we were going to elope and run away together. What would you have done then?
  • If you could travel back in time with me again, what would you do with me?
  • What would you be like today if you had been given up for adoption as a baby?
  • How would you be if you had been born as the opposite sex?

Took Your Friends Into Your Past With a Time Travel Game

Preparation time: 20 minutes (+ shopping and cooking food)

  • Beforehand, I challenged my friends to think of something they would associate with me. Whether it was a game, fun, an anecdote or my favourite drink, the more imaginative and outlandish the better.
  • I deposited a photo album or a pile of old photos, postcards and letters in all rooms (even on the toilet)
  • There was the favourite drink and food of my childhood and youth
  • I printed out a few of the most interesting photos in advance via express printing, labelled each of them on the back with a question about my life and stuck them on the room doors (photo machines can be found, for example, in every DM drugstore or Saturn/Mediamarkt)
  • Now the fun really began: each of my friends was allowed to take their favourite photo from the door. Of course, the most embarrassing and crazy photos went down best. My best friend complained a bit that I hadn’t chosen any pictures of a shared experience but only photos that showed me alone: of course that was intentional!
  • I challenged my friends to travel with me into my past tonight and experience a moment in my skin. Each of them was to slip into the me depicted in the photo, mentally beam themselves back to that time and tell what happened then and led to this photo. To make this creative task easier for them, everyone was allowed to ask me three questions.
  • If no one had wanted to play this game, I got a few films in advance that had to do with time travel, a journey into another world or growing up. These films shaped my youth and were my plan B:

a) Back to the Future*

b) Alice in Wonderland*

c)The Neverending Story*

d) The Wizard of Oz*

Since the first playful time travel into the past went down well and my friends like to try out my creative game ideas, we played a few more rounds of the “What if?” game.

More Ideas for the Time Travel Game

  1. Memory with photos from the past. Here you can print your photos online quickly and in super quality on memory cards.
  2. City, country, river in a different way: childhood, youth, studies, job, grandma.
  3. Write a letter or postcard together, put it in the drawer and send it to one of your friends after 20 years.

Have fun playing the time travel game!

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