The Tear Down This Wall Escape Room is Escape Game about the Fall of the Berlin Wall

13. May 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Tear Down This Wall! - Escape Room About a Milestone of German History




In the Tear down this wall Escape Room you slip into the role of East German agents of the West German secret service. Your not entirely insignificant mission: to bring about the fall of the Wall!

Cool Berlin escape rooms abound – on topics like Sherlock Holmes, Space Escape or the agent mission Jackpot. This time, however, we were in an Escape Room for the first time that explicitly has something to do with the city of Berlin, or more precisely with one of the most important (and most beautiful) historical events: the fall of the Wall on 9 November 1989.

In this Escape Game, the team travels back to that fateful day. The future of the country lies in your hands: will you manage to bring about the fall of the Wall and thus lay the foundation for a reunited Germany?

Note on transparency: We were allowed to test the Tear down this wall! Escape Room for free. However, this report is not paid for and reflects our independent opinion.

Tear Down This Wall Escape Room – The Story

In the Tear Down This Wall Escape Room, you smuggle secret info from East to West Berlin

A mysterious billboard in West Berlin – November 1989

It’s 9 November 1989: we are citizens of the GDR who have been demonstrating for weeks for freedom of travel and other rights – in vain. The Berlin Wall, the symbol of a state that imprisons its citizens, stands seemingly unshakeable.

But then suddenly, unexpectedly, we are offered a chance to make history and simply change everything! An agent of the West German Federal Intelligence Service contacts us (in our case it was a nice game leader).

She instructs us to issue false orders to the East German border guards on duty. However, we only have 60 minutes left until the communication channels of the GDR border guards are blocked!

Our task: In this time we are to find secret documents, smuggle them from East to West Berlin, decipher codes and operate technical communication equipment.

Do we feel up to this delicate mission? – Sure! 😀

Game Experience and Puzzles in Tear Down This Wall

Tear Down This Wall Escape Room - first room

In Tear Down This Wall we had to crack numerous puzzles

So we plunged into the adventure: first we were in a narrow room full of nostalgic GDR paraphernalia. Here we heard all the instructions for the mission over loudspeakers. Fortunately, however, these are also available in writing, so that we could look up what to do next in between.

After we had cleared the first hurdle and made it further into the second room, which we had already spotted through the bars, it was time to find hidden objects that we would still need on our mission and to open a mysterious suitcase.

And finally we discovered the secret way to West Berlin! But to get there, we first had to crack a few codes…

Finally we were in the West – on the other side of the Wall! But wait, this mission was not only about our freedom, but that of all GDR citizens.
So the most important step was still to come: Making radio contact with the East German guards and giving the order to open the border.

When we finally made radio contact and said the magic words “Let the Wall fall” or “Tear Down This Wall”, a stone fell from our hearts. Our mission was accomplished!
We now know: whatever others may claim, it was neither Helmut Kohl, Gorbachev, Reagan, Günter Schabowski or even David Hasselhoff who brought about the fall of the Wall – it was us! ?

Evaluation and Conclusion

Winning Photo

The wall is gone!

What we particularly liked about Tear Down This Wall was the overall storyline. The idea of making an Escape Game on the theme of the fall of the Wall is really well implemented and the numerous furnishings in the Escape Room transport you to the time of the last days of the GDR.

The fact that you are in semi-darkness most of the time and can only find things with a torch helps to create an exciting atmosphere. In our opinion, the overall design of the rooms is very successful.

We found the puzzles in the Tear Down the Wall Escape Room easy to moderately difficult. What particularly struck me: this is the first Escape Game where (historical) general knowledge also helped us! However, if you were bad at history in school, you can still master this Escape Room.

As with all Escape Games, the game leader gives the team tips if they get stuck. However, we found it a pity that they came a bit too quickly here, and from our point of view it would have been better to be able to decide for ourselves whether we wanted a hint now.

In the end, we theoretically still had 17 minutes left after completing the mission and we would certainly have found the solution to one or two of the puzzles ourselves.


Overall, we liked the Escape Game Tear Down This Wall!, a big plus being the story and the atmospheric décor. We recommend Tear Down this Wall especially to Berliners and tourists who are interested in the history of the city, especially of course the fall of the Wall.

Tear Down This Wall Escape Room at Make a Break – Facts

Shelf in Escape Room Tear Down This Wall

Escape Rooms are often like Russian dolls: Puzzles within puzzles within puzzles

  • Website:
  • Address: Make a Break – Müggelstraße 8, 10247 Berlin
  • Contact: Phone: 030 – 31171383 (Mon-Sat, 12:00-20:00) // Email: [email protected]
  • Number of players: 2 – 6
  • Playing time: 60 min.
  • Price: € 19,00 – 28,00 per person (depending on group size)

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