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Make your own chocolate crossies with a simple choco crossies recipe

Choco Crossies Recipe - How to Make the Delicious Treat | Recipe

A sweet greeting from the kitchen for all chocolate lovers. This is how the delicious little gift in the sustainable jar makes a big impression.

With a Christmas party checklist your Christmas party is guaranteed to be unforgettably beautiful

Christmas Party Checklist for Families – Santa's Cheat Sheet

With this Christmas party checklist you can keep track of everything and the preparation of the Christmas party will run like clockwork!

Cover picture for a Christmas raffle

Christmas Raffle - Fun Raffle Ideas for the Christmas Party

Everyone loves to win! Combined with creative wordplay, a raffle can be the highlight of a Christmas party.

ent calendar vouchers for men - ideas for nice surpr

48 Advent Calendar Vouchers for Men - The Best Ideas

Bringing great joy on a small piece of paper. 48 times inspiration for beautiful surprises in the Advent calendar.

Advent calendar with quotes and compliments to recreate

Advent Calendar With Quotes and Compliments - How to Do It Yourself | Tutorial

The complete tutorial for making a personal advent calendar for adults.

24 Advent calendar quotes that are meant to inspire and are funny

24 Advent Calendar Quotes, That Put a Smile on Your Face

Sweeten 24 times the Advent season - without chocolate. A personal Best Of with a mixture of humorous and inspiring Advent calendar quotes and sayings.

You can make a DIY round gift box out of a Pringels tin

DIY Round Gift Box – How to Make It From a Pringles Can | Tutorial

Try out this creative upcycling idea how to convert a Pringels tin into a pretty gift box.

This is how to make a rectangular box as a gift box or for bits and pieces.

How to Make a Rectangular Box As a Pretty Gift Box | Tutorial

It also works last minute: The instructions show you how to make a box in 15 minutes.

Finished Origami Christmas Star

How to Make a Origami Christmas Star | Tutorial

You can make great Advent decorations out of music paper, such as this five-pointed origami Christmas star.

You can make your own beautiful cork Christmas ornaments

Cork Christmas Ornaments - How to Craft Pretty Snowflakes | Tutorial

It's so easy to make beautiful Christmas ornaments from corks in no time at all.

You can create your own DIY Christmas gift tags with a star made from a toilet roll.

How to Make DIY Christmas Gift Tags with Toilet Paper Roll Stars | Tutorial

The step by step instructions for making Christmas upcycled gift tags.

In just a few minutes you can make a toilet roll gift box.

How to Make a Toilet Roll Gift Box - Quick and Easy DIY | Tutorial

Upcycling rocks! From a disposable object you can quickly make a small gift box for jewelry or Mitbringel!

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