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Bachelor party activities don't have to be embarrassing

10 Bachelor Party Activities, That Won't Embarrass Anyone

These 10 stag party activities are a lot of fun and (almost) not embarrassing at all!

Our Bachelor party at Heidelberg with the ENMAZE JGA Fun Tour for Women

Bachelor Party at Heidelberg - The Enmaze Fun Tour for Women

The Fun Tour by ENMAZE in Heidelberg ensures fun tasks and lots of fun at the bachelor party!

Karting on the kart track in Berlin at Kart Eventcenter Spielmann

Almost Like Mariokart! The E-Kart Track in Berlin at Kart Eventcenter Spielmann | Test

We were at the electric kart track in Berlin at Eventcenter Spielmann and put the e-power runabouts through their paces. Here is our report!

Play lasertag at Lasertag Berlin in Berlin Neukölln

Playing Lasertag at Laserstar Berlin - Action-Packed Missions at the Arena

Is playing laser tag at Laserstar Berlin worth it? Read our experience test report!

Labyrintoom Cube's Cabinet the mysterious Escape Room in Berlin

Labyrintoom Cube’s Cabinet – Maddening Emptiness in a Futuristic Berlin Exit Room

An empty, white room full of secrets! The clock is ticking. Who will manage to escape from this Kafkaesque science fiction scenario in 60 minutes?

The Labyrintoom Wizard's Cabinet is a Escape Room in Berlin

Labyrintoom Wizard's Cabinet – Magical Escape Room in Berlin

In Labyrintoom's Wizard's Cabinet, visitors can expect magic, puzzles and a fight against a demon.

The Tear Down This Wall Escape Room is Escape Game about the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Tear Down This Wall! - Escape Room About a Milestone of German History

In this exit game you slip into the role of East German BND agents. Your not entirely insignificant mission: to bring about the fall of the Wall!

We had a lot of fun when playing lasertag at Lasertec Berlin

Lasertag at Lasertec Berlin - What Can You Expect There?

Heart racing in the semi-darkness. Adrenalin pumps through the body. Who will catch who first? Laser tag is an action sport par excellence!

In search of Grandma Uschi's heritage in the Escape Room Würzburg at Exitrooms Würzburg

Grandma Uschi’s Heritage at Teamescape Würzburg – What to Expect

Put a spoke in Peter's wheel and secure Grandma Uschi's inheritance in this Escape Game.

Escape Room Leonardo Da Vinci's Cabinet - 60 minutes of puzzles and fun.

Escape Room Leonardo Da Vinci’s Cabinet – Puzzles From the Universal Genius

Tricky puzzles, secret doors and ingenious inventions - follow Da Vinci to the Holy Grail!

Fill your own piñata with these pinata filling ideas that suit the occasion

Ingenious Piñata Filling Ideas for Kids, Adults and a Wedding

What to put inside? Fancy piñata filling ideas for different occasions.

Piñata for adults - a perfect surprise for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or stag party

Piñata for Adults – Let's Get Smash The Ultimate Party Gift

Smash the party! The highlight with surprise inside at the Bacholerette, birthday party or wedding.

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