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20. August 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Superhero Quiz - How Well Do You Know Your Superheroes? | Quiz


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What is the name of Batman’s sidekick? Who is Clark Kent? And who is really turning green with rage? Test your knowledge in the superhero quiz!

Ok, that was easy for you? Then 15 more questions about superheroes await you and maybe your friends, who not only populate comics and pulp magazines, but also take up the fight against evil in several films, series and games.

Superheroes have long since fought their way out of the realm of nerdy subculture, straight into the hearts of the mass public and have become part of modern culture. If you look far into the future for something like a genuine mythology of the 20th century, then the various superhero universes are certainly hot contenders for this title!

If you’re a real fan of Marvel and DC comics, you won’t have much trouble with our superhero quiz – will you?

The Superhero Quiz is also great to play together with a group of friends and is the ideal game for a Superhero theme party!

The complete superhero quiz with all the questions and answers can be downloaded for free as a PDF at the end of the article!

Superhero Quiz – How Well Do You Know the Saviors of the Universe?

1. Which comic publishers are considered the Big Two of superhero comics?

a) Marvel & DC

b) DC & Wildstorm

c) Wildstorm & Dark Horse

d) Dark Horse & Marvel

2. Who is not an opponent of Batman?

a) Ra’s al Ghul

b) Green Goblin

c) Two-Face

d) Bane

3. Which superhero was already being read about in 1933?

a) Spiderman

b) Flash

c) Batman

d) Superman

4. What is Spiderman’s profession in real life?

a) Photographer

b) Policeman

c) Nuclear physicist

d) Lawyer

5. Who was the first female superhero?

a) Catwoman

b) Super Girl

c) Wonder Woman

d) Elektra

6. Captain America was originally invented for the purpose of propaganda against enemies of the USA – which enemies were they?

a) Soviet Union

b) Nazi Germany

c) North Vietnam

d) Islamist terrorists

7. What are the names of the inventors of Superman?

a) Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

b) Bob Kane and Bill Finger

c) Jack Kirby and Joe Simon

d) Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

8. Who was the first african-american superhero?

a) The Falcon

b) Black Panther

c) Storm

d) Blade

9. What is Hulk’s real name?

a) Bruce Wayne

b) Peter Parker

c) Bruce Banner

d) Steve Rogers

10. Which superhero team do both Batman and Superman belong to?

a) Justice League of America

b) X-Men

c) Watchmen

d) The Avengers

11. What is the most successful superhero film at the box office to date (July 2017)?

a) The Dark Knight (2008)

b) Spider-Man 3 (2007)

c) The Avengers (2012)

d) Iron Man 3 (2013)

12. Who doesn’t belong to the X-Men group?

a) Rogue

b) Nightcrawler

c) Prestige

d) Nick Fury

13. What is the name of the substance that is the only thing capable of weakening Superman’s superpowers?

a) Krypton

b) Corbomit

c) Corydit

d) Kryptonite

14. Which superheroine has the ability to take the form of other people and superheroes?

a) Jean Grey

b) Mystique

c) Rogue

d) Psylocke

15. Which superhero was actually summoned as a demonic antichrist by Rasputin, but rejects this role and fights evil?

a) Ghost Rider

b) Hellboy

c) Spawn

d) Simon Dark

You can find the correct Superhero Quiz answers here in the PDF version of the superhero quiz.

How many answers did you know? And what absolutely essential question did we forget in our superhero quiz? Write us at Facebook and Instagram! 🙂

Quiz games are your thing? With our game tips you’ll always be up to date on worthwhile new games. All year round, you can get ideas for activities with friends, partner and family at Abenteuer Freundschaft!


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