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22. January 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

66 Hot Summer Tips You Shouldn't Miss This Summer


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Summer is here! And with it almost endless possibilities for leisure activities: we present our top summer tips!

It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s finally here: summer, the time of year when the thermometer, ice cream consumption and high spirits soar! There is hardly anyone who does not enjoy summer – but everyone does it in their own way. Some lie in the sun all day, others have fun in the pool and still others feast on all the ice cream parlours in the area. Time for variety and adventure!

To help you make the most of this summer, we’ve collected 66 of the hottest summer tips for you.

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66 Summer Tips – You Can’t Miss Them!

  1. Explore your city or area in a whole new way, as if you were a tourist
  2. Take a night hike under the stars
  3. Get up really early and see a sunrise
  4. Collect as many sunsets as possible and capture them photographically
  5. Spend a sunny Sunday
  6. Try out a totally crazy fun sport, e.g. zorbing, blobbing or crunning
  7. Create your own cocktails
  8. Have a real summer party
  9. Take a spontaneous road trip with no fixed destination
  10. Create your own personal summer soundtrack
  11. Go to the water as often as you can
  12. And learn a new water sport
  13. Build a sandcastle on the beach
  14. Feel the sand between your toes
  15. Make your own ice cream
  16. Take to the streets on a longboard
  17. Grab your camera and go on a photo safari in your neighbourhood
  18. Kiss for all you’re worth
  19. Eat strawberries till you drop
  20. Try 10 foods you’ve never eaten before
  21. Surprise someone with a picnic in the countryside
  22. Invite your friends to a melon eating contest
  23. Sit around the campfire with friends and philosophise about God and the world
  24. Make flower wreaths with your friends and be a hippie for a day
  25. Go to the open air cinema with your partner or date
  26. Dance your heart out at an open air concert or festival
  27. Plant a herb garden on your balcony
  28. Or try urban gardening
  29. Explore the flea markets in your area
  30. Get out of your comfort zone at least 3 times
  31. Spend an evening on a roof terrace
  32. Stand in the warm summer rain and feel every drop on your skin
  33. Pick ripe fruit straight from the tree
  34. Go skinny dipping with your best friends
  35. Have a water balloon fight in the garden
  36. Or a battle with water pistols
  37. Take an outdoor yoga class
  38. Go mini golfing with your friends
  39. Try your hand at slacklining, diabolo or hacky sack*.
  40. Sleep outdoors for at least one night
  41. For example, go on a camping trip
  42. Go to the high ropes course with your friends
  43. Get drunk outside on a warm summer evening with your best friend
  44. Visit a street fair and try everything out
  45. Play an outdoor throwing game with friends or family in the park
  46. Take a trip to the butterfly or tropical house
  47. Explore the nearest botanical garden with friends
  48. Hire a pedal boat and go for a few laps
  49. Climb a tree and feel nature
  50. Practice riding a bike hands-free
  51. Go white water rafting with friends
  52. Listen to a cricket concert in the countryside
  53. Make a date with your friends for a guerrilla barbecue
  54. Pack a jukebox on your bike and cruise around your hood with your friends
  55. Make a walk through rose garden
  56. Eat summer-ripe tomatoes and vegetables fresh from the bush
  57. Gather elderflowers to make your own make your own elderflower syrup
  58. Enjoy the cool semi-darkness of the forest on a hot summer’s day
  59. Set off on a voyage of discovery with no fixed destination by paddle boat, inflatable boat or canoe
  60. Seduce your loved one outdoors on a balmy summer night
  61. Rent a convertible and let the summer wind blow through your hair as you drive
  62. Get a whole new summer hairstyle and feel sexy
  63. Organise a get-together with your old school friends
  64. Watch ladybirds, butterflies and other insects
  65. Surprise a loved one with a bouquet of flowers you picked yourself
  66. Watch the clouds with someone while lying in the grass and colour in what you see in them

So what are your summer tips? 🙂

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