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5. April 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Stone Age Theme Party - 7 Mammothly Good Ideas From Fred Flintstone




Swinging a club in the wild, roasting mammoth steaks over the fire and trying your hand at cave painting – travel back to the dawn of mankind at your own Stone Age theme party!

Fred Flintstone and Barney Geröllheimer have always been your heroes? Are you fascinated by the Stone Age? Or you just don’t want to be the only one at a party who only makes guttural sounds? All these are damn good reasons to throw your own Stone Age theme party!

Did you know that the Stone Age basically covers almost the entire history of mankind, namely nearly 3.4 million years? Compared to that, the 4 to 5,000 years of non-Stone Age history are no more than the blink of an eye.

My tip: ditch all the newfangled bells and whistles called “civilisation” (pfft!) and invite your friends to a truly rustic Stone Age theme party!

Check out our ultimate theme parties list for even more theme inspiration. It’s also worth browsing the home party ideas for legendary celebrations!

7 Tips for a Mammothly Good Stone Age Theme Party

1. Location – Welcome to My Cave

Set up your party location as a rustic cave. To do this, hang beige or terracotta-coloured cloths or sheets on the walls and décor of your party room. Ideally, you should spread out furs (or blankets) on the floor to give your venue that rustic caveman feel (see point 2).

If it’s warm enough and you have the means, you should definitely move your Stone Age theme party partly outside and light a proper campfire there plus a barbecue if necessary (See point 5).

2. Stone Age Theme Party Decoration

(Artificial) skins are actually obligatory: whether laid out on the floor or as a wall hanging. And then of course stones, stones, stones, the name Stone Age does not come by chance. It’s best to collect pebbles beforehand. You might even find some that look like the hand axes that hunters used to use for hunting.

Another typical Stone Age decorative element is bones. Getting real animal bones is firstly difficult and secondly also somewhat macabre. Fortunately, however, you can get plastic bones in any size you want in decoration and costume shops or online.

Note: If you order a product through one of the affiliate links in this article, we receive a small commission and you support Adventure Friendship without it costing you a cent more.
A good wall decoration for your Stone Age theme party is a reproduction of a cave painting, e.g. in the form of a poster. Posters of mammoths and dinos are also ideal. The dinosaurs were actually long extinct by the time humans appeared, but who takes that so seriously? ?

3. Stone Age Costumes for Women

Studies of skeletal remains prove that it was not only Stone Age men who could swing a club. According to these, women back then had on average about 10% more strength in their upper arms than today’s top rowers!

From the comic-like Wilma Flintstone to the sexy leopard skin look, there is a wide range of costumes to buy.
But you can also simply combine a costume yourself from garments with fur patterns or from leather. And the hair should be really nice and tousled! 😀

4. Stone Age Costumes for Men

The same applies to men, of course, although a shaggy beard is an unmistakable sign of good Stone Age taste. You don’t have to grow a beard, you can get one in the costume shop, as well as matching tousled wigs.

The same applies to both sexes: Bone jewellery and a pretty plastic club are extremely stylish accessories!

5. Food and Drink – Paleo Things

Stone Age food has long since returned to the centre of society: Keyword paleo diet! What kind of thing? Anyway, there are now good cookbooks for Stone Age cuisine and you can also find many a recipe on this website.

You want the short version? OK: Meat, fish, eggs, berries, fruits, nuts, roots, mushrooms. Basically anything you could either hunt or gather.

Agriculture was not practised until the end of the Stone Age, which means that most grains were not cultivated until much later. Grains known in the Stone Age were emmer and einkorn. But rye and spelt are also clear because of their age.

My tip: Lots of grilled food and fresh salads and original grain bread. Typical meat would be game, but of course that’s a bit more expensive nowadays. If you want to make it really “rustic”, grill the meat on wooden skewers directly over the embers of a campfire.

6. Music – When Ötzi becomes a DJ

Yes, music has been around since the Stone Age, experts agree! Some even think that music has been around longer than spoken language and was the first means of communication used by humans.

But how we imagine this primitive music is left to the imagination; the oldest song in the world is only 3,400 years old, by which time antiquity had long since dawned.

What a huge advantage: free choice of music! 🙂

And if you’re looking for music that sounds vaguely like the Stone Age, you can’t go wrong with drum music. Or with the soundtrack of the Flintstones.

Flintstones! Meeeeeet the Flintstones! They’re a modern stoneage family!

7. Games – Reinvent the Wheel!

Yes, ok, this would be rather difficult and also redundant, but instead there are other creative games for your Stone Age theme party:

  • Cave painting contest: Who can draw the most beautiful hunting scene with chalk on stone?
  • Stone Age boccia with pebbles
  • Hunt a mammoth with a club and “Mammoth- Piñata for adults

Ready for a Stone Age theme party? Yabba Dabba Dooooooo!

Check out even more tips for theme parties! You can find even more ideas for nice gifts and all about brilliant leisure activities and activities with friends, family and partner on our leisure ideas portal!

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Image source Cover photo: Clan of the Caveman by Jennifer at CC BY-SA 2.0.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you order products through them, we will receive a commission, but the price will not change.


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