35 great St Nicholas gifts for men up to 20 euros

12. November 2017 - Anika Semmer

St Nicholas Gifts for Men – 35 Funny and Great Suprises




Hand on heart: which man is not happy about a funny, unusual or beautiful surprise in his boot on St. Nicholas Day? These are the 35 best St Nicholas gifts for men.

The 6th of December is made for delighting your loved one with a funny little surprise. Of course, it shouldn’t cost as much as the Christmas present – which rules out a joyride in a Lamborghini or the latest Bosch impact drill ;-). But there are a number of ingenious Santa gifts for men that only cost a maximum of 20 euros and give him a huge amount of pleasure.

From Father Christmas salami to a snowball catapult to practical Santa gifts that every man needs, these are our 35 favourites. 🙂

By the way, we also have a best list of St Nicholas gifts for women.

The 35 Best St Nicholas Gifts for Men

Witty St Nicholas Gifts for Men

1. The beer tree you don’t have to water.


2. Barbecue branding iron – because as we all know, the fun (doesn’t) stop at the barbecue!

3. Everything a man needs to eat.

4. … or rather a man’s praline made of sausage on a cable drum.

5. Leather beer holster.

6. The bible for wood lovers – a bestseller.

7. Singing, unicycling Father Christmas for good cheer.

8. Carnivorous plant to grow yourself.

9. Star Wars biscuit tin with galactic sounds.

Nicolaus Gifts for Gamers and Tinkerers

10. controller for retro gaming fun with over 200 games

11. Magnetic dart game with crown caps.

12. Snowball cannon for an advanced snowball fight.

13. Snowball shaper for a real snowball fight.

14. Mini foosball table for the office or home.

15. …or rather a mini pool set.

16. remote-controlled helicopter to take off.

17. Steering your own yacht across the lake.

St Nicolaus gifts for sporty men

18. Multifunctional torch for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

19. Powerbank with solar energy – never again without a battery.

20. Snow trip map for all passionate winter sports enthusiasts.

Practical Santa gifts

21. Stylish USB lighter that works without gas or petrol.

22. Beanie with integrated Blutooth headphones.

23. Wireless headphones for jogging or turning up the music full blast.

24. Touchscreen gloves for cold winter days.

25. Never look for screws again: Magnetic wristband for craftsmen.

26. Handy multi-tool for DIYers.

27. Notitz note burger to hold thoughts.

28. Back shaver for beauty-conscious men.

29. Shot glasses made of ice to enjoy ice cold.

30. Sushi Bazooka for delicious perfect rolls.

Nicolaus gifts for husband, boyfriend or lover

31. Beard care set with everything a man needs.

32. Wooden beer mug with his name.

33. Personalised Whiskey Glass.

34. The calendar for all creative messes.

35. A coupon book that will make him wishful.

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