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18. November 2017 - Anika Semmer

St Nicholas Day Gifts for Kids – 10 Best Ideas for the Boot




Advent calendar, St. Nicholas Day and Christmas – the Christmas season is full of little surprises and joys for children. The most beautiful St. Nicholas day gifts for kids usually cost no money at all, but only a little time and help to make the pre-Christmas season a very special time together.

Is there a more magical time for children than the run-up to Christmas? All the smells, the festive atmosphere, atmospheric Christmas markets full of little wonders to marvel at, the taste of roasted almonds, hot chestnuts and the promising flickering light of candles. It’s a whole special time of year when it’s dark and chilly outside, atmospheric candles and fairy lights glow and an exciting surprise awaits in the Advent calendar every day.

When I was a child, I could hardly wait for St. Nicholas Day. There were nuts, mandarins, sometimes an exotic, mysterious fruit and for me and my sister something very special from our creative mother: something to do together, to experience, to work on. Even in the homemade Advent calendar there were rarely material things – heartfelt wishes were under the Christmas tree on the 24th – but imaginative, special wonders that my mother gave us.

Today I appreciate that even more than I did then, because she gave us children unforgettable hours in the stressful pre-Christmas period with special games, creative handicrafts with special materials and all kinds of experiences that made Advent a wonderful time filled with miracles for us. For me, all of the surrounding and especially experiencing this magical time together with special games, helping to bake favourite biscuits, making Christmas decorations and listening to and reading Christmas stories was unforgettable.

These are my tips for the best St Nicholas day gifts for kids that will make the Christmas season even more wonderful.

10 Beautiful St Nicholas Day Gifts for Kids

1. Playing St Nicholas Games Together – Surprise Gift Voucher

A very special surprise awaits in the St Nicholas stocking or on the St Nicholas plate: a special afternoon of games with your best friends. Just like at a child’s birthday party, you can play special games to mark the occasion: exciting Nicolaus games for children. From Father Christmas sleigh races to Father Christmas memories, you’ll find the best Father Christmas games on Abenteuer Freundschaft.

Even if the game afternoon cannot take place on 6 December, there are also free instructions for very special Advent games for children at Abenteuer Freundschaft. Even more free tutorials with special Christmas games for kids can also be found on Abenteuer Freundschaft.

2. Special Biscuit Cutters and Biscuit Ingredients

Baking biscuits together is a must during the Christmas season. For all the kids who are already looking forward to baking biscuits and who love it, you can make this year’s biscuit baking a very special event for which you give the ingredients on St. Nicholas Day!

Get fancy sugar decorations for the biscuits, food colouring, special delicious ingredients and special biscuit cutters, children’s corrugated wood, cooking apron and a beautiful children’s baking book. Your child gets to choose recipes from their baking book that you will bake together this year and get practical little things to make Christmas baking extra special this year.

3. Pull and Create Candles Together – Candle Craft Kits

Pull candles together or create Christmas candles yourself. Both are incredibly fun and children can fully develop their creativity. As a Santa gift, the child will then receive a set with everything you need to draw or make candles.

You can buy everything you need in craft shops or on the Internet, for example at amazon. If you buy a product via one of the affiliate links in this article, you support us without it costing you more.

These are my recommendations:

4. Create Your Own Christmas Tree Ornements Together

Paint, glue or fill with original content: Christmas tree baubles leave a lot of creative room for design. Making Christmas decorations together awakens the anticipation of Christmas and is one of the best ways to enjoy the Advent season together. Especially when something completely new is on the agenda: making your own very special Christmas tree baubles.

Depending on the age of the child, you can use plastic balls or papier-mâché balls that are unbreakable, real glass balls or ceramic balls. When decorating and designing, you then need the right colours and glue and glitter, stickers or glass paints. On amazon, for example, you can find inexpensive sets with everything you need.

5. Special Craft Kits for Christmas Decorations and Christmas Tree Ornaments

Sewing, embroidering, gluing, painting, scratching, blotting: the most beautiful Christmas decorations are individual and homemade. Besides Christmas tree baubles, children can create so many beautiful things. The craft sets for embroidering, sewing, scratching, painting or building contain everything you need.

6. Picture Books, Colouring Books and Read-Aloud Books at Christmas Time

There are stories that belong to the Christmas season – read aloud, read by oneself, listened to as an audio book or coloured in a colouring book. Stories inspire the imagination and when it is dark outside and the candles shine cosily, a book suitable for Advent is one of the most contemplative St Nicholas gifts for children.

7. Exotic Fruity St Nicholas Day Gifts for Kids from the Occident

Physalis, dragon fruit, pomegranate, kumquat, lychee, persimmon, pomelo – these fruits are now available in all major supermarkets – but for most children they are anything but commonplace! Together with apples, local nuts, cashews and macadamia nuts, they arouse curiosity to taste something excitingly new from the distant world, are healthy and taste deliciously unusual.

8. Christmas Carols and Radio Plays

A CD of Christmas songs to listen to and radio plays are the least time-consuming gift for parents on this list.

9. Christmas Movie Watch With Hot Santa Chocolate and Christmas Cinnamon Popcorn

There are many great Christmas movies or films that fit the Christmas season that make a nice Santa gift for children. Particularly suitable are films with a Christmas theme, fairy tales, films set in winter or at Christmas time and so-called family films.

These are a few tips:

10. Activity Together – Experience Voucher

Going to the Christmas market with the whole family, a stroll through the Christmas-lit pedestrian zone after dark with hot chestnuts and a little something as a Santa gift, going to the cinema together or to a special indoor playground with bouncy castles and great courses. The key word here is to do something unusual together during Advent, where the child is the centre of attention and the family enjoys the time together.

Which St Nicholas day gifts for kids do you like best? Abenteuer Freundschaft offers lots of ideas for Christmas games and Christmas crafts with children and inspiration for finding gifts! There are also many different activities with children to discover on the leisure ideas portal. It’s worth a browse! 🙂

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