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24. March 2017 - Anika Semmer

10 Spring Things You Can’t Miss This Season!




Spring at last! Blossoms, warm days, sunshine – and it’s high time to enjoy this beautiful season to the fullest. Get out of the house and try at least one of these spring things.

In spring, nature awakens. Birds are chirping, trees are in blossom, the temperature is just right and there is hardly a more beautiful time of year for excursions into the countryside with friends or family. And even for city dwellers there are great things to do to really enjoy spring. Which of these 10 spring excursions do you like the most and do you think heralds the arrival of spring?

10 Spring Things That Put You in a Good Mood

1.Soak up the Sun in a Café or Beer Garden

When was the last time you met a good friend in a café? When the weather is nice, you can sit in the warm sun, drink a latte macchiato or cappuccino like in Italy and talk about God and the world. And let the spring sun shine in your face.

Now the beer garden season begins and attracts not only hearty Bavarians to pretzels, Weißwurst breakfast and the first Maß outside. Cheers spring! 😉

2. Picnicking in the Park

Blanket up on the grass, stretch out and picnic together in nature. When picnicking outdoors, without stockings and shoes, with birdsong and delicious snacks and conversation, winter is already forgotten. This is also a great weekend getaway for families, where the kids can let off steam.

3. Go For a Bike Ride

A rightly classic spring outing: get your bike ready for the warm half of the year and organise a little bike tour. Enjoy nature together and cycle to an attractive destination, for example a good restaurant, a picturesque ruin in the forest or a place with a beautiful view of the countryside. Cycling along blossoming fruit trees and meadows, you will experience spring from its most beautiful side!

4. Walk in the Forest and Pick Wild Garlic

In shady forests, but also in many parks, wild garlic is now growing and experiencing a renaissance in the kitchen. Whether as a vegetable, spice, for sauces, soups, dips or pesto – wild garlic can be used in many dishes and is easy to collect for hobby cooks and nature lovers.

But be careful when picking – because wild garlic is often confused with the leaves of the poisonous lily of the valley and autumn crocus. An important sign of recognition is the typical garlic smell of wild garlic, which is produced when the leaves are rubbed.

5. Excursion to the Barefoot Path

Smells, colours and the tickling of blades of grass on your feet. You can smell, taste and feel spring. If you enjoy walking barefoot across a meadow, you should definitely try a barefoot trail now. All winter long you are wrapped up warm from head to toe – so it feels even more great to walk barefoot through a spring meadow. This is also a particularly great spring experience for children.

6. Open Balcony and Garden Season

Hang the lanterns on the balcony railing and get the barbecue out of the cellar! As soon as the spring sun is fully shining and it’s warm enough, open the balcony season with spring barbecues! Get in the spring mood by unpacking deck chairs, hammock and garden set and eat outside with friends and family in beautiful weather.

7. Bring the Splendour of Spring to Your Balcony & Garden

You can buy spring flowers, herbs and plants everywhere now. Take your partner or the whole family of kids on a trip to the hardware store and buy everything you need for gardening. Planting spring flowers, fragrant herbs and vegetable plants will bring spring to your balcony.
The fun of urban gardening – gardening in the city is just being rediscovered. Even those who don’t have a balcony or garden can join in community gardens in big cities, in Berlin for example in the Prinzessinnengarten or in the Allmende-Kontor on Tempelhofer Feld.

8. Try Out a New Ice-Cream Parlour

What would you like: Feta pumpkin, strawberry basil, matcha or still classic chocolate and vanilla? Spring is the best time to try a new ice cream parlour and why not try a few new flavours? After all, spring is the time of new beginnings, perfect for discovering new things with all your senses. And that goes for the taste buds, too, of course!

9. Discover Something New Together in Your Own City

How well do you really know your city? Banish the spring fatigue and go on a discovery tour – or treasure hunt – together with family or friends.

There are great special city tours where you can feast, solve mystery cases, experience the Middle Ages or get to know the side of the city hidden underground, for example. And in spring, of course, the open air season and the flea market season begin. You can find information about what is on offer in your city on the internet on your city’s website.

Everyone who likes adventure will love geocaching. You go on a treasure hunt together, solving tricky riddles with the aim of lifting the treasure. Not only great fun for families with children – also an exciting experience in pairs or with a small group of friends.

10. Make a Good Friend Happy

Spring is the season of feelings, and not just the proverbial springtime feelings we show our partner or someone who might become one. With the spring sun also comes the desire to spend more time with all the people who are important to you – the ideal time, therefore, to show even our closest friends what they mean to us.

That’s why you should give a good friend a big spring treat and surprise her/him with an outdoor activity together. Take a hike with time for conversation or a trip to the high ropes course or climbing park. If all this is too sporty for you, you can also go out on Sunday mornings with a picnic basket and fresh bread rolls and take your best friend to the park. Special experiences bond, preserve friendship and show a great person how important they are to you.

These 10 springtime outings didn’t stop there: we have more tips for springtime activities. Abenteuer Freundschaft also has new ideas every week for activities with friends, family and partners.

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