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What are we doing today? Everyone has asked themselves this question at some point. We're about to deliver 101 answers!

What Are We Doing Today? #1 - 101 Ideas for Awesome Activities and Excursions

What are you looking for? Action, wellness or something totally weird? With these ideas, everyone will find what they're looking for.

75 ideas for activities for kids at home

Activities for Kids at Home – 75 Creative, Cool and Fun Ideas

Playing, crafting or building? Your home offers everything for children except boredom!

Romantic ideas at home to make time together special

10 Romantic Ideas at Home That Every Couple Should Try – Part 1

These ideas tell you how to spice up your relationship with a hot pinch of love, passion and eroticism without much effort.

Romantic picnic for two - by the sea or a special place

10 Adorably Romantic Picnic Ideas to Make It Unique

Delicious snacks in the most beautiful nature - The best tips for a tempting picnic for couples.

Father's Day trip - father and son on a bike ride

Father’s Day Trip – 23 Ideas for Extraordinary Activities

23 exciting ideas for Father's Day trips that men should definitely try!

Observing animals on a night hike

Night Hike – 12 Exciting Challenges for a Nocturnal Adventure

At night there is a completely different atmosphere than during the day. Everything seems much more mysterious. This is how you enjoy an nike hike the most.

10 Romantic Activities in Berlin

10 Romantic Things to Do in Berlin (Not Only) For Summer

Idyllic islands, secluded spots, breathtaking views - you'll find them in Berlin, too. Hot tips from a Berliner by choice.

Many tasks at out outdoor game in the forest are about collecting something.

Outdoor Game in the Forest for Adults – Pure Fun With Tasks

A fun forest game for adults who love the forest.

A list with things to do in spring with 101 activities

101 Things to Do in Spring – The Ultimate Bucket List

Whether it's picking flowers or eating the first ice cream of the year - with these tips, real spring fever comes to life.

Easter games for kids - Easter egg run

5 Easter Games for Kids That Make Easter the Most Beautiful Feast

The most beautiful Easter games around the egg from Easter egg obstacle course to Easter boccia.

The 10 best things to do on May 1

10 Best Things to Do on 1 May in Germany

Walpurgis Night, a tour in a handcart or a party? The 1st of May cries out for something great to do!

The fruit season calendar reveals when what is ripe

Fruit Season Calendar – What Grows When?

Picking fruit and berries together is possible almost all year round. Here you can find out what you can pick and when.

Spring Activities to Enjoy Spring Even More

Spring is upon us, beckoning with lush green grass and colorful flower meadows. When the sun smiles, it’s finally time to go outside and do one of the beautiful spring activities and drive away winter for good. The watchword is: get out of the house and get active, because spring has incredibly much to offer!

And if the weather is rainy after all, that’s still no reason to mope. Spring is also the time of new beginnings and the ideal time for making wood behind the arrow, to fight the inner couch potato and to try out exciting things to do with friends indoors. There’s plenty to discover in the Leisure Ideas Finder at Abenteuer Freundschaft.

Spring Activities That Celebrate Spring

Since ancient times, people have celebrated the rebirth of the year in spring: nature blossoms and seeds sprout after the long winter. So there are spring festivals all over the world in different cultures: in Iran the ancient Persian spring festival Nouruz, in India the Holi festival, the festival of colors and for the Celts it was Beltane, the equivalent of which is known as Walpurgis Night. So there are also spring festivals all over Germany like the dance around the maypole and of course Easter!

But spring can also be celebrated wonderfully with spring activities that uphold the small pleasures of spring: the first ice cream in the sun, walking a barefoot path and feeling the fresh grass under your bare feet, and enjoying the blossoming of nature in the park, garden or countryside on hikes and excursions. And spring also marks the beginning of the much-awaited swimming season!

Spring activities for kids like crafting are a great way to get in the mood for this beautiful season.

Spring Activities in the City

While spring activities in the countryside focus on the awakening of nature, there are many more recreational activities that are available in the city. It’s just the right temperature to go on excursions outside for which it would be too warm in the summer: boat trips, kayak tours, and discovery tours of your own city – there are still no swarms of tourists that populate the streets in the summer.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft, in addition to concrete experiences, there are also many creative ideas for implementation and many best ofs with suggestions for leisure activities for spring in Berlin and other regions of Germany.

The Leisure Ideas Finder of Abenteuer Freundschaft

Most of the ideas for leisure activities with friends, family or partners at Abenteuer Freundschaft are not location-specific. However we currently already offer many regional suggestions for leisure activities in Berlin and the surrounding area, as well as some for other regions. And we are working hard on offering more and more regional leisure ideas throughout Germany in the long term. In order to find just the right leisure activities, we provide a three part filter search since our relaunch in early 2019, the so-called Leisure Ideas Finder, which helps you to find the right idea for every day, fitting the occasion or your current mood.

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