Sports for couples - the best 5 sports that are on trend

25. March 2017 - Anika Semmer

Sports for Couples – These 5 Trendy Sports Are Twice the Fun!


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To do sport together motivates, connects and is simply more fun. The best sports for couples makes you fit, gives you countless hours full of adrenaline highs and good humour and brings you even closer together.

Morning at 5 o’clock in the middle of Berlin. On a green area a couple circles each other, he swings her effortlessly into the air, she almost seems to float. The two move as one, it looks a bit like dancing, a bit like circus acrobatics. And I can see from afar how much fun they have together and how well they harmonise. That was my first encounter with the sport of Contact Impro.

Some sports are simply made as sports for couples. Contact Impro is just such a sport: you train your muscles, practise movement coordination and improvise acrobatic figures together in teamwork with your partner. And in sporty dance, you let yourself be completely involved with the other person and their body, you communicate physically with each other.

This is the focus of this and 4 other trend sports, which are perfect for couples and which weld you even closer together as a team.

Sports for Couples Are Good for the Relationship!

For most people, everything is more fun when you don’t do it alone. When you do sport together, it means that you pull together, spur each other on to peak performance – or simply don’t give up and achieve your goals. And doing sport together as a couple is also good for your relationship! Because you spend time together, reach milestones together, are happy about progress and successes together and grow together as a team.

The Best Sports for Couples – 5 New Trend Sports

Varied fitness & sports are very trendy. This means there are wacky new sports and equipment to train with every year that are worth trying out.

These 5 trendy sports can only be done as a team – you need your partner for that. Some of them offer vigorous fitness training, others are rather recreational sports where fun is in the foreground.

1. Contact Improvisation


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Contact Impro(visation) combines dance, acrobatics and movements from different martial arts of the world. It is a contemporary dance style without prescribed movement patterns or figures as in classical couple dance, for example. Everything here, as the name suggests, revolves around body contact: there is always a point of contact that is not static but rolls or glides.

For beginners, it is worth getting tips from professionals at jam sessions, festivals or courses – then you will progress very quickly in this sport for couples. Many cities also offer jam sessions for free improvisation outdoors or indoors – usually free of charge! Here you can also find free video tutorials.

What do I need?

Sportswear, music if you like & above all fun with movement and improvisation.


2. Crossminton


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Faster and cooler than any other ball sport with a racket – that is Crossminton. Crossminton was invented in Berlin and is now a real trend sport worldwide. The new sport consists of a combination of well-known elements from tennis, squash and badminton and you can play it almost anywhere.

You play crossminton on a court and face each other as you know it from badminton – but without a net. Crossminton is played with special rackets reminiscent of squash rackets, which are used to hit a speed ball. Speedballs are more stable in the wind, fly further and faster – the rackets give the ball even more speed.

You can play crossminton anywhere where there is a reasonably flat surface – just set up your own court outside or go to a sports hall if it’s raining. If you want to play at night – equipped with light bands or neon colours, the crossminton night variant Blackminton is the right place for you. Since the sport is so popular, there are also offers for tournaments and clubs in many cities.

What do I need?

Crossminton rackets, speedballs, sportswear and sports shoes

3.Pair Training With the Sling Trainer

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Sling training is a new trend for workout with a partner. You can train the whole body, every muscle, with the help of your own body weight, your partner and the sling trainer. These flexibly attachable straps can be hung from trees outside in the park or simply between the door and the door frame at home. Now you hang yourself and do exercises together with your partner.

Sling training is an ideal sport for couples who want to get fit and train the whole body, whereby it is also particularly good for the back. Sling training is now also used in physiotherapy and offered in some fitness studios.

What do I need?

Sling trainer, sportswear.

4. Partner Yoga

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Yoga can be quite strenuous and require strength, and fortunately has finally lost its image of being a women-only sport in the West. In partner yoga, you get on the mat together and perform positions that require your partner – so you’re really doing yoga together, not just side by side at the same time.

Partner yoga is a still young style of yoga that is about finding the path to the true self together. In doing so, you strengthen your bodies together, break down inner barriers and deepen your inner connection.

For beginners, it is definitely worth attending a partner yoga workshop or course so that you can also perform the positions correctly. Partner yoga can be done very well at home or outdoors in nature and you can access numerous YouTube videos and video instructions on the net.

What do I need?

Yoga mat, seat cushion, yoga pants and shirts, for some positions also blocks and straps. And whoever wants singing bowls and incense sticks.

5. Climbing and Bouldering


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Climbing is not only something for passionate mountaineers but is also a trendy fitness sport. Secured by a partner, you climb peaks together (or a climbing wall in the hall) and achieve personal bests. When climbing, you train your entire body, learn to trust and rely on each other and build up self-confidence.

There are now climbing gyms that offer indoor adventure worlds for climbing and abseiling, so-called bouldering. All climbing gyms have trainers and help for climbing beginners. A plus: in this sport for couples, with stamina you will progress quickly and celebrate your successes together.

Climbing in the mountains has long been considered a sport for daredevils and individualists – with enough practice and safe skills, outdoor climbing is a real adventure for two that will thrill any outdoor sports couple. Without good climbing skills, however, you should first learn the basics in bouldering or only go climbing in the mountains with an experienced professional.

What do I need?

Climbing shoes, harness, climbing rope, belay device, locking carabiners – everything can also be rented in bouldering halls. For outdoor climbing, you also need equipment such as helmets, express slings, chalk and chalk bag and, of course, know-how.

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