Escape Game Ski Hut at Cat in the bag in Berlin

9. September 2018 - Anika Semmer

Escape Room Ski Hut at Cat in the Bag in Berlin - A Wintry Fairytale


Action & Trips


A snowstorm is raging. As if by magic, there is suddenly a small ski hut. But as soon as you’re inside, the door closes and strange things happen in the Ski Hut at Cat in the Bag.

The door clicks shut. It’s dark – I can barely see my hand in front of my eyes. Then some shadowy outlines: Rocking chair, walls, snow and the ticking of a clock. Only 60 minutes to escape. Tick tock.

Bringing light into the darkness – that is the big mission in the ski hut at the Escape Game provider Cat in the Bag in Berlin from the first minute to the last. The setting of this Escape Game is somewhat reminiscent of a fairytale and is perfect for families and as an introduction to the fabulous world of Escape Games. But that doesn’t mean it’s child’s play to solve all the puzzles and tasks and escape from the enchanted ski lodge!

For whom is the Escape Game Ski Hut at Cat in the Bag worthwhile? In this experience report you will get a clear idea of whether it is interesting for you. And it’s spoiler-free without giving away any game-relevant info.

Note on transparency: As experience testers for Abenteuer Freundschaft, we were allowed to play the Escape Room Ski Hut at Cat in the Bag for free. However, this review is unpaid and represents our honest opinion.

The Escape Game Testers

Berlin, high summer, 30 degrees – let’s go to the ski hut! Our team of testers consisted of two women and two men. Two of them had already played two Escape Games, but none in Berlin. The other two Escape Gamers were the usual Abenteuer Freundschaft testers and brought a lot of experience with them.

The Puzzles and Tasks in the Ski Hat at Cat in the Bag

Entrance to the Escape Room Ski Hut at Cat in the Bag

Into the mysterious parlour

The ski hut is not embedded in an epic story. The scenario is quite simple: snowstorm, the ski hut offers rescue, the door closes and we find ourselves in the dark and don’t know what to expect at first. So it’s not a story-driven escape game, but thrives on searching and finding the puzzles, combining inconsistencies and the “aha” effects when a sesame seed opens as if by magic.

And there are many strange things to discover in the hut if you look closely. Many of the tasks and puzzles are original and imaginative and can be solved well together. However, there are definitely more challenging tasks, dexterity and close observation are just as much in demand as logic and clever combinations.

Since the big goal is to find a way out of the ski hut in 60 minutes, we were often left with question marks on our faces and asked ourselves: where do we go from here? It’s worth taking stock every now and then and considering which strange clues still point to a mystery and which puzzles are still unsolved.

Facilities and Atmosphere

Miniature landscape in the ski hut at Cat in the Bag

A ski lodge in a ski lodge? Mysterious!

Flickering light dances over artificial snow and Christmas decorations. As soon as you enter the ski lodge, you’re immediately out of everyday life, out of summer, out of Berlin. This is due to the clever move that it is dark in the Escape Room at the beginning, because the brain immediately switches on and searches for a source of light, wants to recognise, discover, see!

What you recognise in the semi-darkness first creates question marks and arouses your curiosity. And then you’re right in the middle of the story of the ski hut and everything except the mission to take a closer look at this enchanted place and escape is forgotten.

The hut is atmospherically furnished and reminiscent of a fairy tale. We almost got into the Christmas spirit.
There are no shockers or spooky surprises here – Cat in the Bag’s ski lodge is a family-friendly escape game with a fairy-tale, enchanted feel.

Our Opinion and Conclusion

Escape Game Ski Hut at Cat in the Bag - the 4 testers

Our team in the ski hut at Cat in the Bag

Lovingly designed and coherently implemented puzzles are the heart of an Escape Game that takes us into a fairytale winter world for 60 minutes. In this ski lodge there are some strange things to discover and many puzzles to solve for which you need logic – but grabbing, touching and trying things out is just as important.

I quickly lost my sense of time completely – and really immersed myself in this Escape Game. Because in Cat in the Bag there is no electronic clock in the room on which time visibly runs backwards. The game master also only answers if you radio him via walkie talkie and ask for tips, unless time is very short. This helped me to immediately leave everything outside the Escape Room behind and enjoy the time completely.

The other experience testers were also very positively taken with this Escape Room and praised the tasks in particular.

“Very varied, lots of different puzzles and even sporty action at the end – definitely worthwhile.”

Fiona, 31

Recommendation – Who Is It Most Worthwhile For?

Unicorn in the Escape Room Ski hut

A rather unusual hunting trophy…

The Ski Hut by Cat in The Bag is a thoroughly family-friendly Escape Game without shockers and horror, which relies on an enchanted atmosphere and logical surprises. It is therefore also playable for children alone – but since some of the puzzles are challenging and you have to form chains of combinations, for example, it is advisable to take at least one adult with you to the hut.

In terms of difficulty, the ski hut is neither too easy nor too difficult and, with its well thought-out puzzles of various kinds, is also a great introduction to playing Escape Games.

We played the ski hut in high summer – there was no real ice and we didn’t have to wear a winter coat, but it still felt like winter. Richtig großartig müsste das Escape Game in die (Vor)weihnachtszeit passen und ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass es an den Weihnachtstagen komplett ausgebucht ist. Laut Anbieter ist die Skihütte dann zusätzlich noch weihnachtlich geschmückt – meiner Meinung nach ein super stimmungsvolles Erlebnisgeschenk für Familien in der kalten Jahreszeit.


Fairytale-like, atmospheric Escape Game of medium difficulty, which is super suitable for families and the Christmas season!

The Ski Hat at Cat in the Bag Berlin – Facts

  • Website: Unfortunately not longer existant anymore
  • Adress: Cat in the Bag, Chauseestraße 15, 10115 Berlin
  • Opening hours: by arrangement and booking
  • Phone: 0157 71573781
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of players: 2 – 4
  • Playing time: 60 min
  • Price: € 68 – 88,00 per group (depending on group size)

If you are interested in this fairytale Escape Game, we recommend the fantastically colourful and fabulously puzzling Escape Game Alice in Smartland. This family-friendly Escape Game takes you on a hunt for clues to Alice’s dream – we thought it was great.

Discover even more experience tests from many Escape Rooms in Berlin. There’s also inspiration for gifts and leisure ideas for activities with kids, friends and your partner.

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