Test your knowledge of science fiction films, science fiction books and everything about the genre in the Sci Fi quiz.

11. June 2021 - Alexander Schmidt

Sci FI Quiz - Much to Learn You Still Have, Young Padawan! | Quiz


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Test yourself, your friends and family in the Sci Fi Quiz! What do you really know about laser swords, aliens and time travel?

2017 is a damn good year for us science fiction fans! Because this year, more hotly anticipated science fiction films are coming to cinemas than we’ve seen in a long time: Ghost in the Shell as a live-action adaptation, the new Star Wars installment, the new film in the Alien series, the new part of Guardians of the Galaxy, a promising sequel to the cult classic Blade Runner and the sci-fi comic adaptation Valerian – The City of a Thousand Planets. And that’s not all by any means! The perfect time for a Sci Fi Quiz to get you in the mood!

The genres and motifs of science fiction are numerous: space opera, time travel movie, alien invasion, out-of-control artificial intelligence, portals to other dimensions and galactic battles, to name a few. If your eyes start to light up now too, you’re clearly a sci-fi fan and chances are at least some of your friends (or family members) share this passion. So tune in before your next cinema visit or movie night like we did at home with our Sci Fi Quiz! 🙂
You can download the complete Sci Fi Quiz with all questions and answers as a free PDF at the end of the article!

Master Yoda’s Sci Fi Quiz – May the Force Be With You!

1. The books The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau and The War of the Worlds, which have been filmed several times, are considered great classics of science fiction literature. Who wrote them?

a) Jules Verne

b) Charles Dickens

c) Orson Welles

d) H. G. Wells

2. Star Wars is without doubt the most successful, best known and best loved science fiction franchise ever. How many of the 7 episodes released so far were also directed by George Lucas, the creator of the series?

a) Only one film, the original Star Wars (later Episode IV)

b) For 3 films, namely the original trilogy

c) For 4 films: Episode IV and later Episodes I-III

d) In 6 films, all except Episode VII

3. In which classic film do ape-men gather around a huge black block that looks like a large domino?

a) The Thing

b) 2001 – A Space Odyssey

c) Planet of the Apes

d) Time after Time

4. In which film does the hero have to swallow a red pill to realise his reality is pure illusion?

a) Matrix

b) eXistenZ

c) Tron

d) The 13th Floor

5. In the Star Trek universe, the clever scientist Mr. Spock is half human and half…?

a) …Andorian

b) …Deltans

c) …Vulcan

d) …Caitians

6. This year sees the arrival of Valerian – The City of 1,000 Planets, a film adaptation of a French Sci Fi comic book series first published in 1967, 50 years ago. The director is Luc Besson, who has already given the genre a classic, namely…?.

a) The Fifth Element

b) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

c) RoboCop

d) 12 Monkeys

7. Time travel can lead to a lot of problems, not to mention a lot of paradoxes. What problem does Marty McFly cause in Back to the Future on his first trip to the past?

a) He accidentally prevents the time machine from being built, causing it to disappear and preventing him from travelling back to the future initially.

b) His teenage mother falls in love with him instead of his father. He must bring the two together to secure his own existence.

c) He saves John F. Kennedy’s life in the assassination attempt in Dallas, but in doing so indirectly triggers World War 3.

d) He sleeps with his grandmother and thus becomes his own grandfather.

8. Probably the scariest alien being is the Alien from the Alien series, which continues this year in Alien: Covenant. What is not one of the characteristics of this nasty creature, also called a xenomorph?

a) Aliens have completely black, pupil-less eyes

b) The shape of an alien’s head is elongated

c) Alien babies nest in the thorax of humans

d) Alien blood is highly concentrated acid

9. Considered one of the Big Three of American science fiction literature, Isaac Asimov. Even today, his 3 Laws of Robotics are often quoted. Which one is not one of them?

a) A robot must always obey the orders of its owner, even if these contradict other laws.

b) A robot must not injure a human being or cause harm through inaction.

c) A robot must obey the commands of a human being, unless this would result in humans coming to harm.

d) A robot must protect its own existence, unless doing so would cause harm to humans or cause it to disobey a human’s command.

10. What was the name of the first German science fiction series on television?

a) Ijon Tichy: space pilot

b) Alpha Alpha

c) World on a Wire

d) Space Patrol Orion

11. Which is the longest-running science fiction series in the world to date?

a) The X-Files

b) Doctor Who

c) Star Trek

d) Twilight Zone

12. Many science fiction books and films paint a bleak future in which much of humanity suffers from the conditions of society or oppression by those in power. What is this socially critical sub genre also called?

a) Apocalypse

b) Dystopia

c) Cyberpunk

d) Hard science fiction

13. In 1988, a Japanese science fiction anime also had great international success. What is the name of the cult classic in which the teenage member of a biker gang develops superpowers as a result of a failed government research project?

a) Akira

b) Cowboy Bebop

c) Neon Genesis Evangelion

d) Ghost in the Shell

14. Hollywood master Steven Spielberg has made films in almost every genre, as many as 6 science fiction films! In which of the following do no aliens appear?

a) Close Encounters of the Third Kind

b) E.T.

c) Minority Report

d) War of the Worlds

15. Which American writer is considered a master of paranoid science fiction and wrote the originals for Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly and The Man in the High Castle, among others?

a) Frank Herbert

b) Robert A. Heinlein

c) Arthur C. Clarke

d) Philip K. Dick

You can find the correct answers here in the PDF version of the Science Fiction Quiz.

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