Romantic Places in Berlin – Experience Berlin Romantically

10 Romantic Activities in Berlin

10 Romantic Things to Do in Berlin (Not Only) For Summer

Idyllic islands, secluded spots, breathtaking views - you'll find them in Berlin, too. Hot tips from a Berliner by choice.

On Valentine's Day in Berlin there are many possibilities for romantic activities

Valentine’s Day in Berlin - 10 Tips for Romance in the Capital City

A Berliner reveals which places and excursions are his insider tips for soulful moments in the capital city of Germany.

Romantic Places in Berlin – Togetherness in the Capital

Poor but sexy. Ok, Wowi’s saying about the metropolis on the Spree is acceptable, but that Berlin is supposed to be romantic? Two Berliners give some insider tipps about the most romantic places in Berlin at Abenteuer Freundschaft.

Or is it? Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, from tourist crowds and permanent parties, from hipster idylls and mocha cafés, there is indeed romance to be found in the capital. At the latest, anyone who glides along the Landwehr Canal with their sweetheart in a kayak at sunset and sees couples cuddling on the banks will realise: Berlin has heart and plenty of room for romance!

Newlyweds will find romantic spots all over the city and, of course, there is romance on the water in Berlin. Venice is considered the Italian city of lovers – and Berlin has even more bridges to offer with plenty of room for  confessions of love and big words.

Time for Romance!

Mixing a good dash of romance into a relationship cocktail full of everyday life and familiar surroundings is an underestimated way to surprise your long-term partner. By romantic experiences it is possible to conjure up the butterflies and heartbeats of the initial infatuation and at the same time create memories as the basis for a newly rekindled relationship. These are the moments when couples take time just for each other and when you realise again why you love each other so much.

Discovering Romantic Places in Berlin

Tulips in bloom in the Britzer Garten! Showers of pink blossoms on the Spree! In spring, the capital shows itself romantic and comes up trumps with its many great parks in Berlin and palace grounds, avenues of cherry trees and its secluded riverside spots. In a relationship, two people are in the same boat – and every couple who wants to experience romantic places in Berlin actively and romantically has plenty of opportunities to do so on a wide variety of raft, canoe, kayak and boat tours.

Those who come from the mountains may smile at Berlin’s highest mountain, the Kreuzberg – actually more of a hill. In fine weather, it offers a view over the capital at sunset in the evening, which, combined with a picnic or a glass of sparkling wine, makes your heart race. And there are many more places and secret spots for romantic things to do in Berlin where everyone can experience that Berlin can be romantic.

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