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4. January 2018 - Anika Semmer

10 Romantic Ideas at Home That Every Couple Should Try – Part 1




In everyday life, romance often comes far too short. Unfortunately! We have thought about a few romantic ideas at home, how you can spice up your relationship with a pinch of love, passion and eroticism without much effort.

When and how did you last provide romance at home? Whether freshly in love or in a long relationship – the time for two always needs a shot of romance. The good news: you don’t have to spend a lot of money for that – in fact, you don’t even have to leave the house!

Home may often feel like everyday life, especially for couples who live together – but you can easily change that! For example, by taking your sweetheart out of the old familiar with a surprise, try something completely new, show him again why you two are such a damn good team and how hot it can get between you… 😉

And for newly in love there is nothing more exciting than exploring boundaries, discovering new passions in each other and getting even closer. Passion, eroticism, excitement, palpitations, sensuality – every couple wants to experience as much of it as possible in their relationship to feel lots of happiness hormones!

In this article you will find 5 romantic ideas at home, ranging from creative couples game to the pampering program and every couple in search of that certain tingle should definitely try.

There is a article with romantic ideas for couples, it’s all about the other great thing besides love: food! With our tips for fancy romantic picnic dinners and decadent breakfast brunches, you’ll make sure the old adage about love (you know the one) holds true. 🙂

10 Romantic Ideas at Home That Every Couple Should Try

1. Pamper Your Sweetheart with Wellness

Romantic ideas at home are not always easy to find. Here are 5 tips for more romance at home.

Romantic ideas for home – pampering night

Cell phones and laptop stay off (yes, really off!!) and you turn the bathroom into a spa. Distribute (scented) candles, tea lights and aroma sticks, buy a fragrant bath additive made of essential oils (this stimulates hormone release) and lay out nicely folded bathrobe and fluffy towel. Play relaxing music that she / he likes.

Tip for the clueless man: You achieve a great surprise effect if you ask a close friend for advice beforehand, which hair and face mask, she would recommend to you for your sweetheart and then buy it. There goes frau das Herzerl auf… 😀

While your sweetheart / your beloved relaxes in the hot bath with a towel roll in the neck, bring her / him a glass of ice-cold champagne or red wine and a bowl of iced fruit cut into bite-sized pieces. Or instead of alcohol, just a delicious ice-cold smoothie.

After the bath, you can go one better and finally drive away the stress of the day with a massage. Use a good massage oil and massage your neck, arms, legs and back. If you now give your sweetheart a voucher for a partner massage course, she/he will certainly never forget this wellness day.

2. Romantic Atmosphere on a Nostalgic Date

Ok, ok – you love each other and you are completely sure of each other’s love too. That’s beautiful! – but also quite a killer of the tingling excitement you have in the getting-to-know-you phase, where anything is still possible and you’re anxious with palpitations that the other person is pining for you as much as you are.

In order to make your partner’s eyes shine as brightly as they did in the flaming initial phase of infatuation, a longer relationship often requires nerve-wracking deliberations. But fortunately, you can play a trick on the feeling of habituation!
The trick is a nostalgic leap back to your early days! At the beginning of a relationship, the atmosphere on a date with your crush is charged with desires, surprises and feelings – and it’s precisely this atmosphere that you need to conjure up again.

Unfortunately, you can’t put yourselves in a time machine, but there are other ways and means. For example, do what you did on your first real date at home: get the same movie you watched back then, prepare the same food (or have a really good caterer deliver it as a surprise), dim the lights, have your music playing, and have a stack of nostalgic photos ready. Enjoy and laugh about the best and craziest experiences and indulge in romantic nostalgia.

3. Time for Great Feelings During a Romantic Game

How often do you talk about your feelings? What does your partner love most about you? In the early days of a relationship, you usually still talk about feelings a lot, pay attention to little things, get to know each other. At some point you know each other so well that this becomes (supposedly) superfluous – unfortunately! After all, what could be better than hearing from your partner what he loves most about you…, how he imagines the future…, what dreams haunt his head, etc.?

The couple question game is all about that: you get closer, find out the other person’s thoughts and will surely be surprised about one or the other answer. What could be better than noticing that there is an incredible amount that you can still discover and get to know (even about your long-time partner)!

4. Fulfill a Heart’s Desire as a Surprise as One of Your Romantic Ideas at Home

There is this one thing that your sweetheart is already dreaming of. And it doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive. Just listen and pay attention to what he’s particularly raving about right now. A new album, a movie he’s dying to see, or just coming down and relaxing (see tip 1).

Then think about how you can best stage the wish as a romantic surprise. Maybe with a fun Post-it scavenger hunt through the apartment, which in the end leads to a plate with your sweetheart’s favorite food, under which in turn two concert tickets for his/her favorite band are hidden.

A surprise within a surprise within a surprise, so to speak! 🙂

5. Organize a Theme Night as a Surprise

A slightly crazier romantic idea for home, but garntiert in the memory remains, is a theme night as a special surprise for your sweetheart. Think about a theme that suits your partner or would please him – for example, Mexican, erotic, adventurous, etc., order matching food or cook it yourself (the more loving variant), also get the appropriate music and a movie. Of course, you also dress appropriately for it.

About an hour before your sweetheart comes home, send him a text message asking him to dress appropriately for the theme night – and give him the chance to bring a surprise of his own. The more creative, personal and original the more romantic – because it all shows how important your partner is to you and creates an evening together that is truly special.

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