Romantic vouchers for your girlfriend are best made by yourself, e.g. in the shape of hearts.

3. February 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Romantic Coupons for Her – 52 Adorable Ideas for Suprises




The best gifts to your sweetheart come from the heart and are personal and creative. These ideas for 52 romantic coupons for her will ensure relaxation, well-being and heart fluttering.

“Diamonds are a girls best friend?” Those days are long gone and the phrase was never really true. Because the surest way to score points with the lady of your heart with a gift is to give her attention.

Bla bla bla… you think, I already know enough of such phrases, but nevertheless she expects me to give her something for her birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. And that should, in the best case scenario, knock her socks off and prove my love to her.

Exactly! But that’s not a contradiction, because what’s the best way to give someone attention? By organising the most amazing things for your beloved that are just right for her tastes, by being there for her and taking things off her hands, and most definitely by presenting her with a gift that is just right for her.

Self-made romantic coupons for her have on the one hand the charm that they show that you have really put some thought and effort into it. On the other hand, you usually get something out of it, because doing nice things together is not only fun, but also an essential part of the cement of a good relationship.

However, when choosing the things for which you write vouchers, you should always focus on what she likes and what she enjoys 😉

The Number of Coupons

The number of vouchers can also vary: It can be a voucher for one big thing, such as a trip together. Or a gift box with several smaller vouchers, e.g. as many as the number of years you have been together. It is also popular to give a number of vouchers that she can use all year round, for example 12 – one for each month. Adventure Friendship also has a DIY guide for 12 dates in a box with voucher templates to print. If you want to really make an impression, you can also create 52 romantic vouchers for your girlfriend. A voucher every week for a year and thus a proof of your love – who wouldn’t fall for that?

First and foremost, it is important that the vouchers are personal and tailored to the person receiving the gift. But there’s nothing to stop you from getting a large portion of inspiration: here are our tips!

52 Romantic Coupons for Her

  1. I invite you to a real candlelight dinner in a fine restaurant of your choice.
  2. We’ll go to a lake and I’ll row you as long as you want and wherever you want.
  3. Movie night with your favourite films (yes, for once also romantic comedies).
  4. I serve you breakfast in bed.
  5. At least 30 minutes of massage
  6. I go shopping with you and you get to choose an item of clothing that I give you as a gift.
  7. We go horse riding together!
  8. A snow hike – afterwards we’ll stop at a cosy inn.
  9. A road trip without a fixed destination, you decide when we turn off.
  10. A concert of your choice
  11. We go dancing
  12. Partner floating – we treat ourselves to a floating bath
  13. I serve you for a whole day
  14. An evening for two in nature and we watch the sunset together.
  15. Power training together
  16. We go to the cinema – you decide the film
  17. I accompany you somewhere I wouldn’t otherwise go.
  18.  A sauna and wellness day
  19. I clean your whole flat. You decide what I wear 😉
  20. I’ll tell you a little secret…
  21. You will learn a big secret from me…
  22. Partner photo shoot
  23. A visit to the theatre and we get really dressed up
  24. A picnic in the countryside – I’ll take care of everything!
  25. Take to the skies – a balloon ride
  26. We’ll eat ice cream until we burst
  27. A wine tasting
  28. A chocolate workshop
  29. We’ll go to a museum or exhibition of your choice
  30. A trip to the climbing garden
  31. We’ll attend a dance performance
  32. A ride in a really old Yank sleigh
  33. Joker – you have one wish free!
  34. A night in a luxury hotel
  35. We go to the casino and gamble for the big time
  36. We’ll go to the swimming pool together
  37. Stargazing together
  38. I’ll strip for you to “You can leave your hat on”
  39. For one hour I’ll be your slave and obey you.
  40. I’ll pick you up spontaneously somewhere by car (if it can be done somehow).
  41. A short trip to the country or to another city.
  42. An evening of cuddling with wine and music
  43. We let ourselves fall – tandem skydive
  44. A foot massage
  45. I’ll teach you to ski
  46. I’ll plant flowers on the/your balcony
  47. We’ll go to karaoke and I’ll sing what you ask on stage.
  48. A dinner experience – whether it’s a crime, comedy or spooky dinner, you decide.
  49. If you use this voucher, I’ll give in once, although I disagree 😉
  50. A bike tour with a tandem
  51. I bake your favourite cake (I do my best!)
  52. Grow old together once

Still looking for more ideas for romantic coupons for her? At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find many more ideas for romantic experiences and beautiful activities for two that you can also turn into vouchers. We would love to have you like our Facebook page and Instagram!

The idea with the coupons sounds great to you, but you have neither time nor talent to craft? An alternative for those in a hurry is to buy ready-printed vouchers:


Good luck with your gift voucher! Hope she’s blindsided! ?

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