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Wedding Bingo




Wedding bingo is an entertaining wedding game for guests and perfect for creating a good atmosphere and nice conversations in a playful way. Each bingo card shows different characteristics or things that a person is or has done. The first person to complete a row shouts “Bingo” and wins!

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This wedding bingo is the perfect icebreaker at a wedding with many guests who do not know each other beforehand. With this amusing wedding game, guests will engage in conversation with each other in a playful manner.

Each bingo card contains characteristics or things in different arrangements that a person has done before, does regularly, or that connects them to the bridal couple. The goal is to engage in small talk with as many people as possible and, like in classic bingo, be the first person to complete a row. When “Bingo” is called out in the banquet hall, the guests have already gotten to know each other a bit better, laying the foundation for relaxed conversation and a good atmosphere at the wedding.

What’s Included

Wedding Bingo printable

What you get with the Wedding Bingo printable

  • 50 different bingo cards
  • 3 blank pages for self-designed bingo cards with your own ideas

What You Need

  • Printer
  • Pens
  • Good mood

Age: 16-99

Number of Players: 5 – 100

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