5. February 2024 - Alexander Schmidt

Halloween Find-the-Guest Bingo




This Halloween find-the-guest bingo is the perfect icebreaker for a Halloween party. Each bingo card features different characteristics or things a person is or has done that are Halloween themed. Just buy it, print it out and have fun! 😉🎃👻🦇

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Who believes in ghosts? Who owns a black cat? And who is wearing the same color as you at the Halloween party?

These and other questions form the basis of this original bingo variant. The goal is to find among the other guests at a Halloween party those who match the given statements on the respective bingo sheet. The first person to complete a row on their sheet shouts “Bingo” loudly and wins.

The Halloween Find-the-Guest Bingo is perfect for a playful introduction to the guests and sets the mood for celebrating the festival of grinning pumpkins, ghosts, and spirits!

What You Get

Halloween Find the Guest Bingo printable with 2 game versions

What you get with the Find the Guest Bingo printable

  • 10 different bingo cards
  • 6 blank bingo cards
  • Halloween-themed design

What You’ll Need

  • Printer
  • Pens
  • Enjoyment of playing bingo and good mood!

Simply purchase, print, and start playing! 😉

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