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This Conundrum-Quiz is an entertaining party game, ideal to liven up a family celebration, birthday party or any other occasion.

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The conundrum quiz is an entertaining party game that is all about conundrums. Included are 27 question cards with joke questions to print out and cut out and just as many answer cards to fill in with the correct answer. Plus, of course, a sheet with the answers.

This quiz is ideal as an ice-breaker or to break up a party. It’s best if the guests form several teams and each team gets the answer cards or answer sheets to fill in. In each round, you can then hand out the respective question cards to the teams, so print out the question and answer cards as many times as you think there will be teams or players.

As the quiz master, you of course have the answer sheet and can therefore resolve each round. There is also a field for points on each answer card. You can also set different levels of difficulty for the conundrums beforehand according to your own assessment and distribute them accordingly to the teams that have guessed the solution correctly.

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