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Bride or Groom – Wedding Game




“Bride or groom?” – The classic wedding game is available here in a beautifully designed version as a PDF to print out!

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It might be the most well-known wedding game of all: “Bride or Groom?”. In this game, the bride and groom are asked a series of questions that revolve around who between the two does something, is better at something, or is something. Simultaneously, the couple votes on this, traditionally by raising the corresponding shoe.

In this version of “Bride or Groom?”, both the bride, groom, and guests can express their opinions by simply marking on the printed sheet who said what.

What’s included

Wedding Quiz

What you get with the Wedding Quiz printable Bride or Groom

  • Sheet with 20 questions
  • Blank sheet for custom questions
  • 2 formats (ISO 216 and US Letter Size)

What else you need

  • Printer
  • Good mood

Age: 5-99

Number of players: 2 (the bride and groom) or all wedding guests

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